The Simple Golf Swing – Review -Taking Off Strokes

This training has helped thousands of golfers improve their golf game by dropping strokes off their handicap up to 7 strokes in 2 weeks. I know that when I read this, my first thought was, yeah right, sure it does. So I set out to prove them wrong, well lets see how that turned out.

How Does The Simple Golf Swing Help You?golf set-up

I have gathered some reviews that some golfers have left on The Simple Golf Swing Website and they seem to be mostly posit. Here is a small list of what some of them are saying:

1) “I swing with better tempo”

2) “I can hit the ball straighter”

3) “Slicing has become a thing of the past”

4) “Hitting irons more consistently”

5) “I have dropped 9 strokes off my game in three weeks”

6) “Golf is fun again”

7) “I have consistency on the fairways”

8) “Makes you think about only the important aspects of the swing-not all the other intricate details”

9) “I am making solid contact on every shot”

Looking at the comments on the website and the ones listed here, because there are numerous, the positive things that people are saying. I summed up that the product simplifies the set-up and makes it easier to have a repeatable swing when making more precise contact with the ball.

Numerous Products

Listed in the catalog section on the Simple Golf Swing Website DVD’s that I have listed below.

1) Simple Golf Swing-Bunker/Sand Shots

2) Simple Golf Swing-How To Hit A Draw

3) Simple Golf Swing-The Drive

4) Simple Golf Swing-The Full Swing

5) Simple Golf Swing-Putting Performance

6) Simple Golf Swing-Short Game

These DVD”s range in price from $47-$72 The Simple Swing Products have helped over 13,000 golfers around the world (I like that it’s not localized to the United States) improve their game. This system is geared to help people of all skill levels ( except for the newbie who has never played golf) because it is easy to comprehend and can definitely be implemented into your game.

The simple Golf Swing offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee, if not satisfied with your purchase of any DVD, you will have 90 days (from the date of purchase) to return the DVD and request a refund. This can be done through Pay Pal or they will mail you a check if that is the way you want to go.

Tips and Secrets

In the DVD”s it will show you simplistic ways to improve your golf swing.

If you are like me, things I need to work on of a good swing, while at the driving range, my golf swing is consistency and straightening out the drive.

With this system they say what needs to be focused on is to hit longer straighter shots, which greatly improves your distance, not just on the drives, but all full swing shots. Well that sounds simple enough. However, at the range going through my routines of the skills that I do. I am hitting straight, powerful shots with consistency, because of the focus I give to my back swing, my follow through, etc. I do this with every shot. When I am through, I usually feel pretty darn good about how I am striking the ball and with consistency. Does this sound familiar, then it happens, maybe that day or the next day when I go out and play a round with friends or whomever. First tee box, tee it up, boom, huge slice almost going out of bounds. “What The Heck!” I then shake it off, I thought I did anyway and I top my next shot. This goes on and off throughout the round. I am not happy, what did I do wrong?Golf Driver Swing Speed and Golf Ball Distance

Watching a couple of the DVD’s and while we are on the range we are truly just thinking about your swing, the stance or approach to the ball, keeping all working parts of your swing in tempo. When we get on the course, however we have numerous distractions, not only do we have to think about swing mechanics, we have a target (the hole or somewhere on the fairway) we are aiming at. How about narrow fairways and the worry of hitting it out of bounds. The lie we have on the fairway could be another distraction. Lots of things going on before we even make contact with the ball.

When Practicing The Simple Golf Swing, the two most important things to focus on is the path of the club and the face angle of your club when hitting your shot. Sounds simple and it is just that simple and the DVD’s in this system will help and guide you.

Why Create The Simple Golf Swing

First of all, let me tell you that the creator of The Simple Golf Swing is David Nevogt, who is very well-known, and respected for being the creator of The Golf Swing This is a monumental achievement in itself, but now he has upped his game with The Simple Swing.Chart of Golf Swing Speeds including Tiger Woods, Dustin Johnson and Bubba Watson

If you keep hooking, slicing, duffing, topping, or just not making good contact with the ball consistently, then this program could be for you.

People have invested money in their equipment, (which it does help to have great clubs and balls) golf memberships, golf lessons and they are still having issues with their game ( the swing mainly) and the game of golf becomes less and less fun to play. This program could work for you.

The Simple Swing DVD”s and the program will help you become a more consistent golfer with your drives, fairway woods, and even your wedges. Remember it doesn’t stop there they also added in a DVD to help with putting, The Simple Swing- Putting Performance. The system works on all things, such as techniques, consistency and the psychological part of the game, which are the elements of a successful swing.

The Good, The Bad and Final Thoughts

Well in this review of The Simple Golf Swing, I do not have a lot of bad things to say about the products they offer. I did notice that this system would probably not be a good fit for a newbie( beginner-never played golf) because this system is somewhat set-up to fix old bad habits and create new and easier habits when swing the golf club. So being a beginner or newbie wouldn’t work without knowing the basics of golf, but please get out there and have someone show you a little and come on back.

In conclusion, I enjoyed this program and what they say it will do for your golf swing. I will give it a big thumbs-up!



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