Nancy Lopez-The Golf Legend

Young Nancy LopezNancy Marie Lopez- ( Born- January 6, 1957 ) is a retired American Professional Golfer. She became a member of the LPGA Tour in 1977 and won 48 LPGA Tour events, including three Major Championships.

Nancy was the first woman to be awarded the Frances Quimar Award, she also has won Player of The Year 4- times in her career which ended with her retirement in 2008 after not making the cut in her last tournament she played in, scoring a 76.

Amateur Career Of Nancy Lopez

Nancy won the New Mexico Women’s Amateur at age 12 in 1969, and The U.S. Girls Junior in 1972 and in 1974, at age 15 and 17, respectively shortly after graduation from Goddard High School in Roswell, New Mexico, she played in The U.S. Womems’s Open as an Amateur, first in 1974 and again in 1975 where she tied for second.

As a collegiate freshman in 1976, Lopez was named All – American and Female Athlete of The Year for her play at the University of Tulsa. That year she won the Association of The Intercollegiate Athletics for Women ( AIAW ) National Collegiate Golf Championship and was a member of The U.S. Curtis Cup and World Amateur teams. Lopez left college in her sophomore year and turned Pro in 1977. Then she was the runner-up again at The U.S. Women’s Open.

Nancy Lopez-Professional Career

During the first full season on the LPGA Tour in 1978, Lopez won 9 tournaments, including five consecutive. She appeared on the cover of Sports Illustrated in July 1978, won The Vare Trophy for the lowest scoring average, LPGA Rookie of The Year, LPGA Player of The Year and was named The Association Press Female Athlete of The Year- All this happened in 1978-Hell of a year if I say so myself.Nancy L

Nancy won another eight times in 1979 and won multiple times in each year from 1980 to 1984, although she played half season in 1983 and in 1984, due to the birth of her first child.

She came back playing full-time in 1985, which she posted five wins, five seconds, five thirds, she won the scoring title, the money title, The Player of The Year Award and was named Associated Press Female Athlete of The Year for the second time. Not a bad comeback after having a baby.

Lopez only entered in four events in 1986, when her second daughter was born, but came back with multiple wins in 1987 through 1989. Three times each in 1988 and 1989 and once again won Player of The Year honors in 1988, Nancy then had her third daughter in the 1990s and in 1992, she won twice, after that she continued to play short schedules from 11 to 18 tournaments through 2002, then in 2003 cut back to just a half dozen or fewer events a year.Ray Knight

Nancy was inducted into The World Golf Hall of Fame in 1987. She was a member of The United States Solheim Cup team in the 1990s and captain of the team in 2005. Lopez retired from regulation tournament play in 2002 and attempted a return season she played in 6 tournaments, missed the cut each time and only broke 80 in three of the 12 rounds that she played. In 2008, she played in three events, with her lowest score of 76, and she never made the cut, however Nancy was inducted into The Georgia Sports Hall of Fame in 2002.

Personal Life Of Nancy Lopez

Lopez was married twice, first to Houston Sports Caster, Tim Melton from 1979 to 1982, shortly after her divorce, she married Major League All-Star, Ray Knight, he was at that time a member of The Houston Astros. In October. 1982 in Pelham, Georgia. They were married for 27 years and have three daughters together.

Since 1986, Nancy has hosted, The Nancy Lopez Hospice Golf Classic at The Doublegate Country Club to raise money for the Albany Community Hospice, returning yearly, even after her divorce from Rat Knight in 2009.History of Nancy Lopez

She now lives in The Village Florida, where she hosts an annual golf tournament to benefit the charity ( Adventures In Movement ) or AIM, an organization that helps the mentally challenged, visually impaired, hearing impaired, physically handicapped and other children and adults with special needs. Nancy has hosted the tournament since 1981 and also serves as a National Ambassador with the AIM, along with Baseball Hall of Fame, Joe Morgan.

LPGA Tour Wins For Nancy Lopez

LPGA Tour Major Championships ( 3 )

Other LPGA Tour wins ( 45 )

1) Feb. 26, 1978 Bent Tree Classic 289 (+1)

2) March 12, 1978 Sustar Classic 285 (-3)

3) May 14, 1978 Greater Baltimore Classic 212 (-7)

4) May 21, 1978 Coca Cola Classic 210 (-3)

5) May 29, 1978 Golden Light Championship 277 (-11)

6) June 11, 1978 LPGA Championship 275 (-13)

7) June 18, 1978 Bankers Trust Classic 214 (-5)

8) Aug. 6, 1978 Colgate European Open 289 (-7)

9) November 12, 1978 Colgate Far East Open 216 (E)

10) March 11, 1979 Sunstar Classic 280 (-8)

11) March 255, 1979 Sahara-National Pro-Am 274 (-16)

12) May 6, 1979 Women’s International 282 (-6)

13) May 20, 1979 Coca-Cola Classic 216 (-3)Nancy 4

14) June 3, 1979 Golden Light Championship 280 (-8)

15) June 24, 1979 Lady Keystone Open 212 (-4)

16) August 5, 1979 Colgate European Open 282 (-6)

17) September 30, 1979 Mary Kay Classic 274 (-14)

18) March 30, 1980 Women’s Kemper Open 284 (E)

19) June 29, 1980 The Sarah Coventry 283 (-9)

20) September 1, 1980 Rail Charity Golf Classic 275 (-13)

21) March 8, 1981 Arizona Copper Classic 278 (-14)

22) April 5, 1981 Colgate-Dinah Shore 277 (-11)

23) June 28, 1981 The Sarah Coventry 285 (-3)

24) March 21, 1982 J&B Scotch Pro-Am 279 (-5)

25) November 7, 1982 Mazda Japan Classic 207 (-9)

26) February 6, 1983 Elizabeth Arden Classic 285 (-5)

27) April 10, 1983 J&B Scotch Pro-Am 283 (-6)

28) March 4, 1984 Uniden LPGA Invitational 284 (E)

29) August 19, 1984 Chevrolet World Championship Of Women’s Golf 281 (-7)

30) May 19, 1985 Chrysler Plymouth Classic 210 (-9)Nancy L 2

31) June 7, 1985 LPGA Championship 273 (-15)

32) July 7, 1985 Mazda Hall Of Fame Championship 281 (-7)

33) August 11, 1985 Henredon Classic 268 (-20)

34) September 8, 1985 Portland Ping Championship 215 (-1)

35) February 8, 1987 Sarasota Classic 281 (-7)

36) September 13, 1987 Cellular-One Ping Golf Championship 210 (-6)

37) February 7, 1988 Mazda Classic 283 (-5)

38) April 17, 1988 Al Star/Centennial Hospital Classic 210 (-6)

39) May 15, 1988 Chrysler-Plymouth Classic 204 (-12)

40) May 21, 1989 Mazda LPGA Championship 274 (-14)

41) July 30, 1989 Atlantic City Classic 206 (-10)

42) September 24, 1989 Nippon-Travel MBS Classic 281 (-7)

43) September 23, 1990 MBS-LPGA Classic 281 (-7)

44) May 5, 1991 Sarah Lee Classic 206 (-10)

45) September 7, 1992 Rail Charity Golf Classic 199 (-17)

46) September 13, 1992 Ping Celluar-One LPGA Golf Championship 209 (-7)

47) July 11, 1993 Youngstown-Warren LPGA Classic 203 (-13)

48) April 27, 1997 Chick-Fil-A Charity Championship 137 (-7)


I don’t know how she did all of this and still had time for her family and friends, raising her 3 daughters, of course with then husband Ray Knight. What a wonderful career Nancy Lopez. You are the reason why I got started in golf back in the 1980s. Thank you for that and I would not know what to do if I couldn’t play GOLF.Nancy Mom

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4 Replies to “Nancy Lopez-The Golf Legend”

  1. That is crazy that she won 9 tournaments in a row. No one has ever done that, man or woman. She was a great LPGA player. She accomplished a lot in her career while on tour. How young was she when she won her first event? Did she ever play in a PGA event?

    1. Thank you Paul for the comment, Nancy is and was the one of the best golfers ever, she is truly why I play the game today. Thanks for the questions. She won her first LPGA Tournament when she was 21 years old and it was The Coca Cola Classic in Jamesburg New Jersey, in a sudden death with JoAnne Carner on the first hole by one stroke.

      As far as your other question, as far as I know, I do not believe that Nancy ever played on the PGA Tour.

      Anyway thanks for your comment and if there is ever anything that you need help with in the world of golf, you just let me know.

  2. She is indeed a living legend, all round living legend at that. I guess she knew what she wanted and she went straight for it .she started off as such an early stage and she has grown to be known worldwide .With all of that, her accomplishments is off the hook, wining nine tournaments in a row wow! She is really a motivation.

    1. Thank you John so much for the comment and Yes, Nancy to this day is one of my favorite golfers and for not her, I would of most likely never picked up golf clubs. Thanks again and have a great day.

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