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My name is Bobbi and you could call me an enthusiast on all things golf. I have been playing the game of golf for 37 years now. I love everything about golf when everything comes together on the course that is, and I want to share things that have helped me with my game.


I was born in California and raised in fridged North Dakota. Don’t get me wrong, North Dakota was a wonderful place to grow up. I was taught good values and morals and still live by those values and morals to this day. When the summer of my freshmen year in high school came around, we moved to Colorado. This was by far the most influential move of my life. I got a job the next summer at the Municipal Golf Course in town, and well my love of the game of golf started. I got my first set of golf clubs during this time. Almost every day I golfed, mainly because it was free and that I would rather be golfing than doing anything back then. Well life went on this way through high school, then reality set in. I had to go out and get a real job and get ready for college and the rest of my life, marriage, children, etc. I guess to shorten this story up, I never lost the love for golf and still golf quite often to this day.womans golf swing

I also passed on the love of the game to my son. My son went to the Golf Academy in San Diego, California. We both are always trying to better our game and experience in the wonderful game of golf. I have always been interested and somewhat obsessed with finding ways to make my golf game better.

I have been invested in honing my skills to over compensate the mental things that sometimes get in my way. I have tried skills challenges and training exercises and the ones that I have here on my website have worked the best for me.

The game of golf starts with your golf swing. Think about it, the first thing you do is tee up your ball and SWING. This is why once you have the swing that best works for you, it simplifies the game and makes your experience more fulfilling and keeps you wanting to come back and play over and over again.


My mission is to help people get the gratification of having a swing that works for them and to have the golf experiences be good, no great. I invested my time to help the Golfer in you have the best swing and achieve the goals you set for yourself. You know what I mean. Pick a handicap you want to be at and lets work to get you there.

I will also try to answer any questions you might have, not just about your golf swing, but on anything that relates to golf. In my posts I want to review things from what to wear to achieving the perfect golf swing.


Well I guess the overall goal would be for you to enjoy the game of golf like I do and to be aware that there is always ways to improve your golf swing and hopefully this website will help you to do just that.

All the best,



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  1. Wow, what an amazing detailed website. Everything you need to know about Golf. Your one stop source. Despite the fact that you are an avid player for many years. Who better to receive valuable advice from, then from a seasoned veteran. I love mini golf. Then I tried Golf and found out how much I royally suck at it, But it sparked a flame of interest in me to become great one day. Now I look forward to playing soon. Once I slay all the scrubs that keep challenging me in Mini Golf and make them kneel before their slayer, then I will move into the big leagues. So I will be visiting your website soon enough. Again, amazing website. Happy holidays.

  2. Hi Bobbi, What an interesting website and popular subject. I will re-visit in order to get more advice. The perfect golf swing is the Holy Grail for every golfer, and difficult to find. Thanks Alan

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