TaylorMade Golf-Ladies Kalea Putter/ Review

TaylorMade Golf-Ladies Kalea Putter Review, this is a rather new product (putter) from one of the world’s leading brands in golf TaylorMade, so right there is a huge thumbs-up, but Let’s get in to this club and how Kalea has made this especially just for the lady golfers out there.Kalea Putter

I want to give an honest review, so I will be letting you know the good and bad of this putter and I hope it will help you in any decision process that you might make.

My first step here is to tell you a little about what this putter is about and what it can do for your short game (putting).

The listing price is a little high right now, but I think because it is a new product and it will come down most likely, but it is not that far out of reach with the other putters out there. Price $149.99 with Free Shipping from Amazon, this product ships from and sold by GolfDirectNow, very reputable company.

About The Kalea Putter

This putter only made for right-handed golfers with a shaft length of 32.5 inches, perfect for most women golfers. Kalea is the first complete line of ladies clubs from TaylorMade and as far as I am concerned, if TaylorMade is going to back them, the product is Awesome. They do not want to ruin their reputation in the golf world, so they are not going to back anything that is not up to snuff.

The club is light-weight and generates more club head speed, low kick, slim tech. Shafts. This will help with controlling the distance of your putter, which will make for a more accurate putt.

Customer Reviews

Like I had said earlier, this product is new and the bad thing is I could only find one customer review, but the good news is that they rated this putter 5 out of 5 stars and had this to say about the putter. “Great Product-Fast Shipping”. There is not a lot of information out there about this product(putter), but from the one person who took the time to leave a comment it is an amazing one with 5 out of 5 stars and the shipping was fast, usually with in 2 to 3 days from what Amazon is reporting.

My Thoughts/ Conclusion

My thoughts on the TaylorMade Golf-Ladies Putter is that this is a relatively new product from Kalea, but being as they are associated with TaylorMade this gives the product some legs to work with. I know that TaylorMade would not promote any product or product line that is not totally meeting all the high standards that they set for all their other golf products. The most interesting aspect of this Kalea Putter and I am sure more golf items to come is that it is strictly just made for the lady golfers out there. That makes me all warm and fuzzy inside.TaylorMade Golf Banner

If you want to wait until further information is available on this Putter, that is perfectly fine, but from what I can tell by the little of information that I did find on this. It is made with the highest standards and is backed by one of the worlds leaders in golf products, this is most likely going to be the best-seller soon.


1) TaylorMade- Well known and respected golf brand

2) Kalea- just for ladies-love that

3) Length- 32.5, great length for most women

4) Light-weight, which generates more club head speed, makes it easier to control putts.

5) Low kick- slim shafts


1) Might be a little pricey, but still reasonably priced compared to other putters on the market

2) Only made for right-handed golfers.

3) New, not a lot of information out there- not always a bad thing though

I hope you have enjoyed this review and If you have any questions or just want to leave a comment, please do below and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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How To Hit Your Golf Irons

Today I thought I would share some tips on how to hit your golf irons-smoother, farther and with more accuracy than you did before. The difference between hitting your Driver and hitting iron shots, is like night and day.

Let’s get right into it. You are gonna want to take your club back nice and low, while keeping your posture in mind, with slightly bent knees, and a slight bend in your waist. On this shot you want to use your whole body turn to SMASH IT. Hitting down slightly on the ball at impact, you will most likely be taking a divot here. This is to be expected when hitting a full iron shot.golf set up

You do not want to help the ball go up, but a sweeping down motion when hitting with your long irons. Take more club than you think, because when you take a divot (and you should) it will cost you a few yards-so Club Up!

Set your stance a little closer to the ball as the irons are a lot shorter than any of your woods, fairway and Driver.

Take a full sweeping back swing, across and then down on the ball, and then follow through with a great hold finish. Do not try to push up the ball the club, if hit right will do the work for you.

First Drill For Hitting Your Irons

Step up to to ball with your weight dispersed 50/50-Place ball in the middle of your stance. Take the club back with a shorter back swing with your spine angle behind the ball, which will make your back swing shorter. You also want to be shorter on follow through, this should help you keep your head still and no movement, so your eyes are on the ball impact. Keep eyes on the ball until after your follow through which will also be a little shorter. Make sure to feel your weight shift from the middle between your feet, and this will allow for you to shift from one foot to the other during your swing.practice swing stance

This is a good drill for keeping your stance and your feet narrow. Line up 4 or 5 balls on the range (depending on the room you have) and approach the ball with a narrow stance and remembering your slight bends in both your knees and waist. Moving quickly along to each ball hitting the individually, keeping all the mechanics in your head and focusing on just hitting the ball with a full swing and remember it is alright to take a divot. You want to repeat this drill up to five times with 4 or 5 balls in each round. This helps to create the muscle memory that you want when you go to the course to play.

Second Drill For Great Iron Shots

In order to get the concept of hitting downward on the ball when hitting iron shots is key to getting the skin you want on the ball and to create lofty on the ball. During your back swing have the shaft of your club straight in the middle, and during impact with the ball it should lean slightly forward and then come through with a full follow through.

Take a 2×4 and put your club head against it-slowly start to press-up against the 2×4 and you will feel your club slightly leaning forward during this aspect of the drill. This will give you the feeling of where your body needs to be before and during impact with the ball.2x4 When you get the sensation of how it should be-simply slide over to your golf ball on the ground. Hit the ball trying to replicate this lean forward before and on impact. Repeat this drill, first using the 2×4 and then hit the golf ball. The hands need to also be slightly ahead of the club head for this to be a great iron shot. Practice this drill at least 10 times, this will log into your muscle memory for the course.

Third Drill Is Right Hand Off After Impact

This drill is going to be exactly like it says in the header. After setting up and hitting the ball, right after impact let your right-hand go and then follow through with swing and of course if you are left-handed, let your left-hand go. This should give you the feeling of controlling the shaft and also feeling the lean into the impact of the ball before and after you hit the ball. I would perform this drill about 20 times to log it into your muscle memory, always focusing on the mechanics that we have gone through in last 2 drills as well as this one.Releasing right hand

This also a drill that I practice in the garage, with just your golf club, you do not want to hit a golf ball in or around your house. I always focus on leaning in to the swing upon impact and feeling the control; after, by letting go of your right hand and keeping your left-hand as straight as you can. This not only builds muscle memory but MUSCLE.

I do this drill in the off-season (winter) all the time and where ever I have enough room to swing a club. I might be a little of a fanatic when it comes to golf, but it is a huge part of my being.

Look At Some Golf Iron Sets Through Amazon

Now it is time to look at some golf iron sets that are of the highest quality and very reasonably priced through Amazon. The Brand names are very well-known and I have worked and or purchased from all of these companies before and will continue to.

The first set of golf irons I want to talk about is:

(1) TaylorMade Golf AeroBurner HL Iron Steel Regular Flex, 4-PW/AW, Right-HandedTaylorMade AeroBurners Irons

* Price: $299.98 with Free Shipping Iron-AW

* Low CG For Higher Launch and Great Feel

* Set Composition: #4

* Up to the limit Cor Face Design, maximizes ball speed

* Optimized higher lofts and CG placement for consistent powerful shot making throughout the set.

* High MOI head design delivers forgiveness and stability

(2) Callaway Men’s X Series 416 IronsCallaway Mens X series irons

* Price: $344.97 with Free Shipping-only 8 in stock left

* Right and Left-handed

* Configuration #4 iron-PW/AW

* Distance in an iron set- the technology you need to hit long shots with your irons

* Classic Callaway look and feel

* Forgiveness for Consistency-easy to hit straight and get the ball up in the air

* Callaway Steel Uniflex Shaft plays between a regular and a stiff flex

(3) Wilson Golf-Staff D200 Irons (8 iron set), #4 iron-PW/GWWilson irons

* Price: $255.96 with Free Shipping

* Right-handed only-Shaft: Steel, Flex: Uniflex

* Speed Sole Technology creates a thin face-to-sole transition, yielding a Driver like CT of 234. This cut-out allows the iron face to flex especially lower where most impacts occur, for external distances.

* The right light Technology, which uses the limited available mass to create a balanced, solid feeling club, allows distance players to swing faster with same effect.

* Weight Pods, heel and toe weight pods provide a large sweet spot and more forgiveness, a satin finish on the pods, show where the weight is positioned on the exterior of the club head.

* Premium components, recoil technology within the stock, UST Mamiya Elements Chrome Graphite Shaft optimizes the spring effect and promotes the most efficient energy transfer from butt to tip, to maximize ball speed and reduce ball dispersion.

(4) Cobra IR King F7 CL BK Steel Stiff #5 Iron-GW, Golf Iron Set, Right-handed and Left-handed cobra golf irons

* Price: $419.00 with Free shipping

* Shaft: Steel or Graphite, Flex-Stiff, Regular or Senior

* Configuration: #5 Iron-PW/AW

* Power shell face more distance, more forgiving and more precise. A thinner, stronger face and sole structure delivers our large sweet zone ever with higher ball speeds and explosive distance.

* Zone weight-is satirically removed from the center of the club head and redistributed around the perimeter of the face and lower and further back

* One length set-makeup, constant length irons have been re-engineered for 7 iron

* Progressive Spin Technology-V-Grooves on the 3-6 irons, to reduce spin, U-Grooves on the 7-PW to optimize wedge-spaced groups on the GW and SW to produce extra spin for shots around the green

* 100% CNC Milleo Face and Grooves-CNC Milling improves groove structure and created to deliver maximum spin and trajectory throughout the set.


I hope that I have given you a few pointers on some drills that work for me. I have drills that you can do on the range and some that you can do from home. If you haven’t realized by now, I am all about practice, practice and more practice and then get out there and play. This will keep your swing in the best possible shape for when you hit the course.Practice swing

I also have a list of 4 of the best-selling iron golf-sets around, with top ranked brands that we have all heard of and trust. If you would like to purchase any of these sets, just click on the links for the club sets that best fit your style and brand.

If you have any questions or just want to leave a comment, please do below, and I will get back with you as soon as possible.

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About The Perfect Golf Swing

This is an article about the perfect golf swing and what we need to do to achieve the swing results that we want. Today I want to go through a couple of different drills and tools that can help you get to that perfect golf swing and keep it through the golf season and into the winter months.gol swing

Swing Plane-What is this?

It is the vertical angle between the plane created by the golf club-heads’s geometric center during the bottom portion of the swing arc. This position is looked at from knee-high on the down swing to knee-high on follow through swing.

Finding Your Correct Swing Plane

Finding the correct swing plane for yourself is going to be different for everyone. You have to judge your height-what club you are using-If it is a Driver, the swing plane will be lower, and if you are using an iron of course the swing plane will be higher.

Poor swing plane will cause you to not only lose ball control, but also will cause you to lose power in your swing. This could cause you to lose10-15 yards off of distance on every club that you hit full swing.finding swing plane

It is very difficult to determine your own swing plane, but back in the day when we had video cameras, you could set them up on the range or what I used to do was get a friend or family member to hold it and video tape my swing. After getting the footage and reviewing it, by taking where the impact of the club-head to the ball and draw an imaginary line up through your torso, this is the way that I used to determine my swing plane.

You also want to watch the video back and look for your arc from your back swing knee to your follow through knee, this will determine your arc angle.

This is old school, it worked but it was a lot of work back in the day. Let’s take a look at a product where you can watch every practice swing that you hit and get the swing plane immediately without rewinding and going back through video.

Live View Golf Camera

What is Live View Golf Camera? It is a specialized camera that allows you to practice your golf plane swing independently, with no one manning the camera, it has digital swing mirror technology.

This camera has live stream video, with a 3-hour battery life, and wireless operation. Real time swing overlays shown from the free downloadable app.live view golf camera

It is compatible with Android, IOS and Amazon Kindle, the price for this amazing camera is a little pricey at $185.00 plus $4.77 shipping, but if you have the financial means to get one, it is definitely worth it.

Golf Impact Ball Mens Swing Plane Training Aid

This swing plane training aid only costs $37.90 with free shipping so it is a great aid that teaches you to use your arms, shoulders and torso in harmony to get the perfect swing plane. This swing trainer also comes in 3 different sizes. Small (juniors) medium (ladies) and large (men’s). This aid not only helps out with your Driver, but every club that you hit down to a chipping wedge, or pitching wedge and even your putter.impact ball

This is a simple and easy golf swing plane aid that works with every aspect of your game and will not break the bank when purchased.

Practice Harder And Smarter

When practicing on the range and working on your swing plane, take a practice swing first just like you would if you were on the course, before you deliberately hit your shot. I have mentioned this before in other articles that I have written, but it is such a huge part of creating and hitting the perfect plane and this will lead to the perfect swing with power and accuracy.

The range is where these practice techniques that you have learned are to practiced time and time again to create the muscle memory that you need for the course.golfer at the range

When practicing at home during the off season-take a bag (duffle bag or something similar and fill it about half full of clothes) and place it in front of your swing impact on your swing plane. You also want to lay another golf club down to where your feet will be right behind the club. This will keep you from moving your feet during your swing. You want to take a full swing making sure to hit the duffle bag in the middle, you will know if you pull a shot, the bag will turn in, and if you hit it good, the bag will go about 1 inch to the right, just because you are unable to follow through to lift the bag up. You want to make sure that you are swinging full watching your feet and keeping those hands still. This drill will increase golf swing speed and accuracy after getting your swing down. This is a great winter drill that I do all the time.duffle bag

You of course do not want to use a golf ball during this drill.

How To Play Well On The Course

First thing before you hit any shot on the course is you want to stand and get that imaginary line or picture of the shot you want and need to hit. The best way to do this is by standing behind the ball and looking at the line and visualizing the shot.visualizing your shot

Next you want to go and set up at your golf ball, with the line or picture you just visualized still in your head and just by thinking about nothing else but the line hit the ball. You don’t want to think too much about all the mechanics and techniques that you have been practicing on the range, you will rely on muscle memory and if you have practiced the shots that you should time after time on the range, you will hit the swing plane and the perfect golf swing. This is what we call playing and practicing harder and smarter.


Let’s see, we went through a couple of things to work on to get the perfect golf swing. We covered the practice trainer aids for your swing plane is a great teaching aid that will truly help you along your way to getting the perfect golf swing. When practicing on the range it is best to work harder and smarter on every practice swing that you take. The range is a place to build on your skills by doing some drills that will help with the technical parts of golf and then when you get to the course your muscle memory will take over if you have done the work.

If you have any questions or just want to leave a comment, please do below and I will get back to you as soon as possible. Have a great day and

Keep Golfing,







What Is A Ball Marker In Golf

What is a ball-marker in golf and what is it used for? This is what I want to share with you today. Even though it is such a small part of the game of golf, it can be very important to know the rules and also the etiquette that goes along with ball-marker’s.ball-markers

The definition of a Ball-Marker in golf is as follows:

“A small flat object that is placed directly behind a golf ball before it is lifted from the green, identifying a players position.”

This sounds simple enough, Right? Well it is, but their are some simple things to remember when marking your ball, make sure when you are walking to your ball to mark it, that you do not step in another golfers line when they read a putt. What that means is you do not want foot marks to affect someones putt.

The Rules Of Ball-Marking

Do the rules specify what should be used to mark your ball on the putting green? well, NO!  It is considered inconsiderate to mark your ball with a large ball marker or something that could be distracting to your fellow golfers. If a fellow golfer has a large or shiny distracting ball marker and is interfering in your putt reading, you have the right to ask them to move the ball-marker either one or two club (usually Driver) lengths to the side of the mark, so that you have an undisturbed putt. This is the standard and the Etiquette of the game is that everyone follows the same rules, even if just playing with friends on a weekend.

The Rule Is Written As Follows:golf rules

” The position of the ball to be lifted should be marked by placing a ball marker, a small coin, or other similar object immediately behind the ball. If the ball-marker interferes with play, stance or stroke of another player, it should be placed one or more club-lengths to one side.”


Etiquette Is The Key To Ball-Marking

Golf is a game that without Etiquette when playing it makes it hard for everyone, this has been the standard since the first 13 rules of golf came out in 1744. These rules even though we have many more today are still the standard by which we play today. So everyone uses etiquette when playing it makes it more enjoyable for everyone.

When marking your ball in golf and it is in the path of another golfers ball, you must take out a club (usually a driver) and move your ball to the side by one or two club lengths, to not impede on the person who is reading a putt or getting ready to putt.getting ready to mark his ball

The Etiquette part of this is to be courteous to your fellow golfers and they should do the same for you. Another Etiquette based thing you should do is to make sure that you have a ball marker for one thing, and make sure that it is not to big or flashy to distract your fellow golfers. When I have been golfing and I do not have a ball-marker and you might have coins, the best coin to use is a dime. Your ball-marker should not be bigger than a quarter in size, so keep this in mind when shopping for ball-markers.

Penalty For Accidently Moving Your Golf Ball On The Green

As of January 1st, 2017, If you accidentally moved your golf ball as you were setting up to putt, the rules now say that this is no longer a penalty.

If you accidentally move your ball or marker, you have to replace them in the same spot as they were previously and this will not result in a Penalty. In the past before January 1st, 2017, this was considered a one stroke penalty.golf ball on green

Her Is The New Rule, 18-2, 18-3 and 20-1

” When a player’s ball lies on the putting green, their is no penalty if the ball or ball marker is accidentally moved by the player, his partner, his opponent or any of their caddies or equipment.

The moved ball or ball-marker must be replaced as provided by Rule 18-2, 18-3 and 20-1.

This local rule applies only when the player’s ball or ball-marker lies on the putting green and any movement is accidental.

NOTE: If it is determined that a player’s ball on the putting green was moved as a result of wind, water or some other natural cause such as the effects of gravity, the ball must be played as it lies from its new location. A ball-marker moved in such circumstances is replaced.”

Different Ball-Markers From Amazon

When thinking about getting a ball-marker, think about how you want to carry it. If you wear a hat when you golf, you might want to get a ball-marker that clips to your hat.

Most golf gloves these days come with a ball-marker on the glove wrist or on the other side of velcro that hooks the glove together. This truly does give you easy access by just clicking it off when you need it and clicking it back on the glove when you are done.

You also may just have a ball marker that goes in your pocket, this is also easy access for marking your golf ball.

have here is a list of Amazon Ball Markers:

1) Giggle Golf Bling/Putt Now, Wine Later Golf Ball-Marker with a standard hat clip. Priced at $9.00

2) NFL Divot Tool Pack With Three Golf Ball-Markers, just pick your NFL team and almost always these are in stock. Price is $11.79-Savings of $5.20, this is quite the deal, u get a divot repair tool as well as 3 ball-markers of your favorite NFL team.NFL Divot tool pack

I have this set of the NFL team ball-markers and divot repair tool in one and I love it. My favorite NFL team is the Minnesota Vikings, so of course that is the ball-markers that I got.

3) New FootJoy WeatherSof Men’s Golf Glove (for the left hand) price runs from $10.99-$15.00 for different sizes.footjoy golf glove

4) Jef World of Golf Gifts and Gallery Inc. Ball Spotters (multi color) for only $3.99. These small ball-markers are a must have in your bag, when you have no other ball-marker with you. I have been their before and they really do work in a pinch.colored golf ball markers



I hope that I have shed a light on what and why we need ball-markers for everyday play as well as tournament play. If you have golf Etiquette ad follow basic rules for ball-marking it makes your golf experience more enjoyable for everyone.

If you have any questions or just want to leave a comment, please do below and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Keep Golfing,







The History Of Women And Golf

I want to share with all the women and men golfers out their that are interested in the History of Women golf a few facts that I have gathered while researching this subject. I hope you enjoy.

The first documented golf play by women was in 1552 when Mary, Queen of Scots (1542-1587) who was an avid golfer, first started the catch name “caddie” her own assistants whom she called “cadets” this turned into the name we all know today as caddie (a person that will assist you on the course). During the reign of Queen Mary of Scots, the famous Links course that we all know was built. In 1552 St. Andrews course was built and the Old course still stands today.Queen Mary of Scots

Mary, Queen of Scots was considered to be “The Mother of Golf”. Queen Mary had a cottage on the grounds at St. Andrews golf course and spent plenty of time either on the course or in her cottage their.

One day while Queen Mary was playing golf her husband was at the cottage and was strangled to death by an intruder and she was charged with murder because Queen Elizabeth I believed if she was not on the golf course playing golf, she would have been able to warn her husband and he could’ve defended himself. The murder charges stuck and Queen Mary spent the rest of her life from 1568 to 1587 in prison until Queen Elizabeth I had her beheaded in 1587.

There is a museum at St. Andrews with a portrait of “Mary, Queen of Scots” “The Mother of Golf” which hangs on the wall for all to see, a little tribute for the woman who basically got women’s golf going.st andrews bridge

When Women Became A Force In Golf: Babe Didrikson

The golfing women of the world truly become a force in the 20th century when we had such power players such as Babe Didrikson, whose given name was Mildred Didrikson, but went by Babe, because when she played play baseball, they said she hit the ball as many times and as long as Babe Ruth did. The name stuck and the rest is history.Babe 3

Babe married a Professional Wrestler named Gene Zaharias, which she added on to her given full name of “Mildred “Babe” Didrikson-Zaharias.

Babes rival on the course was a lady named Patty Berg and the both of them transformed golf and they were the leaders of The Ladies Professional Golf Association for the next decade.

Before Babe became a fixture on the Pro tour the Amateur golfers were the ones to watch, and in the 1947 The Women British Amateur title went to an American woman named Babe Didrikson and the rest is golf history for her.

Babe was born in Texas just like Hogan and Nelson and was only 2 years younger than them both. Babe was an expert of almost all sports, baseball, basketball and the javelin throw where she won 2 gold medals in the 1932 Olympic games, she also competed in hurdles and high jump. The last sport that Babe learned how to play was golf and it was the last one she ever played and was said that it was her true love to golf.Babe 2

Some Other Amazing Women In The History Of Golf

Patty Berg was another pioneer of The Ladies Professional Golf Association. It has been said that even on Babe’s best day of playing golf, she could be beaten by a five-foot-one tiny freckled faced tomboy named Patty Berg. Patty was from Minnesota and at the age of 16, Patty had won The Minneapolis City Golf Championship and one year later she almost won her first U. S Amateur Open, but lost by one stroke, however the next year in 1938 she did win her first U.S. Women Amateur Open Championship.Patty Berg 1

Berg turned professional in 1940 and she won her first professional title in the 1941 Women Western Open. Berg then joined the Marines and was serving during Worl War II and when she came back from the war she won her first Women U.S. Open in 1946.

Babe and Patty dominated women’s golf for the next decade, Patty winning 55 tournaments and of course numerous fans around the world.

List Of Historical Moments In Women Golf

In 1867 the first, women only, golf organization is formed and in 1893-Issette Miller invents the first handicap. In 1950, the LPGA is formed and this is when Babe Didrikson becomes the first lady of golf. In 1978, Nancy Lopez earned both rookie of the year and player of the year of the LPGA.

Karrie Webb is the first Womans Pro Golfer to earn $1 million in a singleKarrie Webb season and in 2004 Michelle Wei is the youngest player to ever qualify for the LPGA and turn Pro, she was only 12 years old.

St. Andrews hosts its first ever women’s tournament in 2007 and in 2012 Augusta has its first female members, just think it was still only a gentlemen game in Augusta till 2012, Amazing,

These are just some wonderful things that has taken effect in Women Golf over the past several decades and in 1552 when Queen Mary of Scots first started the golf legacy that still lives on today.

Women Golf Attire/History

Women golfers in the 1800s played wear long skirts that were a couple of inches off the ground and a simple blouse, this dress was very popular but when trying to swing a golf club it created a problem. It was very hard to swing the club with the blouse being fitted and it was a little tight. The skirt was a full skirt and was not far enough off of the ground to stay out of the way of your swing.1800 women golfers

In 1904 the women’s golf attire was changing, instead of the tight sleeves of a blouse a free-stroke coat which had special sleeves that moved with you during your swing. The raisable skirt was also very popular with the women golfers, these skirts were not as full and they also had a draw string that would raise their skirts up to 8 inches off of the ground. This was wonderful for your golf swing and also the look was very fashionable for everyday wear.

Today however it is customary to wear a short skirt with colored undergarment, or pants with a top that is either sleeveless, long sleeves, and or short sleeves.


The rather short description here that I have written about the History Of Women Golf is just a glimpse of all the history, ups and downs that women’s golf has endured. I want to add that golf has come quite far and also if you think about it, just 6 years ago women were not allowed to play tournaments at Augusta, Amazing how far we have come in some areas and how slow it augusta golf coursewas to break the barriers down in the older courses and their traditions.

If you have any questions or just want to leave a comment, please do below and I will get back with you as soon as possible.

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Links Style Golf Courses

What are Links Style Golf Courses? A links golf course is the type of soil and terrain on which the golf course was built, any rough area between the sea and the land. The word links is from the Anglo-Saxon word “hlinc” which means ridge.links course

The links soil (true links soil) is very sandy because of the dry conditions, with not enough moisture, the grass has short blades with long roots, this wispy long grass makes playing from the rough very difficult even if you have a half descent lie in the rough.

Link courses like I said are very dry courses with firm surface which will usually last all year around, most of the Pro or good golfers prefer to play links courses because of the roll and challenges that the Link courses bring.

There are only 17% of the golf courses in Scotland that are true links courses, which equals about 92 courses in Scotland that are true links courses. Check along the coastlines in Scotland and that is where you will find the true links courses. The most famous of these courses being St. Andrews Old Course in Scotland.

St. Andrews Old Course-Links At Its Finest

This course, St. Andrews Old Course is an 18 hole course, the Par for this course is 72 it is 6,721 yards and of course a true links course, and one of the finest out their, in my opinion the best Links course. The first golf played was 600 years ago and it was here, this course surely has stood the test of time and is still ranked one of the best, and still challenges the Pros today.st andrews bridge

What if you were to play at St. Andrews it would be by far one of the most memorable times in your life. All 18 holes are challenging and great to play the ” Road Hole” which is the 17th hole at St. Andrews is one of the best with a chance to go for the green in the most famous approach shot today.

The 14th hole on this course has a bunker in which they call “Hell Bunker”, I think the name alone explains this hole but I will say that this sand bunker is 10 feet deep and almost impossible to get out of without hitting to the side or backwards if you are tight against the bunker front. This is a bunker that you want to avoid if at all possible.

Worldwide Links Golf Courses

There are only 246 true Link courses in the world today of which 210 are in the British Isles. I want to talk about a few here that are magical in their designs, and the first Course I want to talk about is Muirfield in Scotland.

Muirfield Golf Course is one of the best in the world, it has held The Open Championship on more than 15 different occasions, and has also hosted many other championships both Professional and Amateur.

Here at Muirfield Golf Course where in the 1800s golf was first played. The “Gentlemen Golfers of Leigh” developed the first initial rules of golf, which are 13 rules which have made the basis for the rules that we play by today.Muirfield

Another golf course that I want to mention is Bandon Dunes Golf Course in Oregon, U.S. The game of golf was born and played on this type of Links course with the wind-swept lands where every hole and every shot is to be changed by the windy elements which are ever-changing. The bounce and roll are prominent on this course. The bright colors on other courses with the trees and green fairways and greens, make them beautiful. Links course is not about the beauty as much as it is about the challenges that it brings.Bandon Dunes

South Africa-Only 1 Links Course

The header says it all, South Africa only has 1 Links Corse and it is a good one. Humewood Golf Club in South Africa was designed and developed in 1929 by Col. Stafford Vere Hotchkins, the Colonel’s love for St. Andrews Old Course inspired him to create Humewood Golf Club.

The golf holes on this course run in different directions and are built separate 9 holes that both meet up at the clubhouse in the middle of both nines. This will remind you how Muirfield was developed. This allows for you to play with the wind on one hole and against the wind on the next hole.Humewood Golf Course

The design of this course is a bit longer than the traditional golf course with more Par 5s, with a Par of 76, with 8 Par 5 holes. The course Humewood is considered to be the Colonel’s best and finest works.

Links Courses/Golfers Dream

Links Golf Courses have been the true test of a Professional Golfer for years, and they love playing on these links courses for the elements (usually wind) that these golf courses have. Also, they love the firm greens and fairways which play with a lot of roll. This gives the golfer a chance to go for the greens on some shorter Par 4s on their drives, also on the Par 5 holes they can usually go for the green on their second shot because of the roll the ball gets on this kind of terrain and soil.St. Andrews 17th

This is all good, but if you hit your drive into the rough, it is so difficult to get out of the bladed long rooted grass that you could easily swing 3 stroke advantage and or disadvantage, for that matter, on one hole.

My suggestion for anyone gets ready to play a Links course is that you need to keep your golf ball on the fairway and out of the rough.


I have to say that I have never played on a true Links course but it is definitely on my bucket list for things that I need to do before I take the “big dirt nap” if you know what I mean. My favorite choice would be of course St. Andrews just to look at the 17th and 18th holes and remember some Opens that I have watched on this course, wow amazing.

Understandably the Link courses are preferred by the Professional Golfers. These Courses might not have the bright greens of the grass and trees of other none Links courses golf, but they are magical in their own way-with the wispy winds that seem to always be blowing.

What if you have any questions or you just want to leave a comment, please do below and I will get back with you as soon as possible.

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Callaway Golf Shoe Review

I want to do a review on one of the brands of golf shoes out there today that really has cemented its name in to golf history with being ranked one of the best brands selling golf equipment today.callaway golf store

Callaway has numerous golf products and some of them you can find here on my website, but today I want to talk about Callaway’s rather newer golf shoe on the market. The Callaway W omens Solaire Golf Shoe, before I get into the review of this golf shoe, lets go back and look at the history of when and how the golf shoe came to fruition.

Golf Shoes-History

The earliest spiked golf shoe reference was back in 1857, this was a reference from the Golfers Manual in a Scottish publication; Some better or novice golfers were wearing “small nails or sprigs” on the bottom of their shoes so that they would not slip on the slippery surface of the grassy golf courses. In 1891 the separate screw in spikes came out, they were more comfortable for the golfer, however they did chew up the greens. This however is still true this day, but in the late 1900s, when the grounds keepers were complaining that the spikes were terrible on the greens and it was very hard to manage them properly,  golf shoes started changing.

Today most of the courses will not allow for metal spikes on the course, I know where I golf in my town they do not allow metal spikes only plastic spikes are allowed, because of the greens being damaged so bad by the metal spikes.different golf shoe spikes

The golf Pros now days prefer plastic spikes to metal spikes 3 to 1, but there are still quite a few of the professional golfers who are stuck in their ways and do not want to change to plastic spikes. When the Pro Golfers are in theses huge tournaments and playing for millions of dollars, I feel that it is the fair thing to do by having plastic spikes as to not tear up the greens for the groups behind you.

The year that the plastic spikes truly came to fruition was in 1997, however some Pro golfers and Amateur golfers (if the course they play on will allow that) still stuck in their ways and prefer to use metal spikes, but the numbers are dropping.

Callaway Womens Solaire Golf Shoe

The Callaway W omens Solaire Golf Shoe is a very clean and nice looking shoe that comes in either gray or pink in numerous sizes from size 6 to 11. They are made with textile synthetic with a rubber sole. Opti-vent mesh upper 3-D print, and Dura rubber spike less out sole with multi-directional traction lugs. Opti-vent mesh liner for breath ability and heat management with 5MM EVA sock liner.callaway womens solaire golf shoe

Customer reviews rate this golf shoe with 4 out of 5 stars, with 12 different customers who also wrote out their reviews, and I want to share a couple with you.

1) ” Insoles are a bit flat and hard but a set of arch supporters from the local retailer worked like a charm.” This person rated the golf shoe 4 out of 5 stars.

2) ” Pretty nice shoe, no complaints…had to re-order because of sizing.” This customer rated the golf shoe 4 out of 5 stars.

3) ” Nice Shoe ”  and this customer rated the golf shoe 5 out of 5 stars.

As you can see their are some mixed reviews and the Callaway W omens Solaire Golf Shoe from the research that I have done is a great golf shoe and I would recommend it to anyone looking to get a new pair of comfortable fitting golf shoes.

My Opinion

Summing everything up, the golf shoe is almost mandatory to wear if you plan on playing good golf without slipping during your swing, and or digging in when in the sand trap. I do have to admit that I have had to golf in tennis shoes a couple of times because I forgot my golf shoes on one of those spur of the moment, “Lets go golfing” decisions. When wearing tennis shoes I slipped on almost every shot that I hit besides my putts and I do have to admit that I did not play all that well that day.

The Callaway W omens Solaire Golf Shoe in my opinion is a good golf shoe for the price of $34.00 to $72.03 this is due to the different sizes and colors of the shoes. The gray shoe runs a little more. I do not have anything else right now, but if you have any questions about this golf shoe or just want to leave a comment, please do below.

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How To Play Fairway Golf

I don’t know but if you made it to this page, you might have trouble hitting your fairway wood- Yep the 3 wood is the culprit of so many topped balls on the fairway and I guess off the tee box.fairway wood

Fairway woods are played the same way that you would play your irons off the fairway. Instead of hitting the ball on your up-swing like your would with your driver, we want to hit down on the ball as we would with our iron shots.

Where To Address The Golf Ball On The Fairway And The Tee Box

When on the fairway we come up to the ball to address it for your shot. This is huge when hitting your 3 wood off the fairway, we want our stance to not be fully towards the front foot, but a little back and not all the way to the middle of your stance. This will give you a better chance of hitting down on the ball and not trying to lift the ball, the club will do that.

Try to get a stance that is on a flat spot, this helps the ball to come off the club evenly when you hit your shot. When hitting a fairway 3 wood off the tee box, your do not want to tee the ball up very far at all, in fact if the tee box is in good shape, I would not tee the ball up at all. This is where you want to make sure that a flat spot on the tee box which is large enough for your stance and that your hands need to stretch out to the ball. fairway wood off tee box

After going through your stance when hitting a fairway shot, it is the same, but your can create your own stance, which will be little bit away from the front foot and in between the middle of your stance towards the front foot, place the ball. This will give your the better chance of having the club do the work it is meant to do.


Topping Fairway Woods-Let’s STOP!

We typically use a 3 wood when we have hit a bad tee shot, and we need to make up the distance to the green with a fairway wood such as a 3 wood, or if your want to go for the green in two shots on a Par 5 hole.

Anytime that your are looking at a shot that is over 200 yards from the green is a good time to use a 3 wood.

What happens when your hitting your 3 wood as hard as your can and your arms buckle and tighten because you want to swing so hard. The grip that you have on the club falls behind the club-head and you get stuck on your back foot. When this happens there is no way that you don’t top the ball. I have done this so many times, it is so hard to count them, but I have learned that if  stretched out with your hands towards the ball to make contact with the ball, it helps tremendously.

Our body should shift weight to the back foot in the back swing and then back to the front foot for following through swing. Also do not swing 100% but more like swinging power of 60-80%, this allows for the arms to stretch out to the ball and the shifting of your weight to take place, and letting the club do the work for you.golf stance with 3 wood

Why Can I Hit My 5 Wood And Not My 3 Wood

Many people;e have asked me, why can I hit my 5 wood and I cannot hit my 3 wood, when I hit the 3 wood, because I needed the distance that the 3 wood should give me, I either top the ball or completely miss hit the shot? Well let me see if I can help with this issue that many golfers are having hitting their 3 wood.

Your stance is key to having a good shot, your 3 wood is rather long, and is just a little shorter than your Driver. So your have to allow for your hands to stretch out during your swing. This aspect of the swing is very important to hitting a good 3 wood shot. The 5 wood is not as long as your 3 wood, so the stretch to the ball is shorter and has a more comfortable feel to the shot.

Do not lean back in your stance to get your 3 wood to go into the air, this will always turn out bad. Try to get the best stance and stretch your hands through the ball and finish your shot, making sure to hit down on the ball and not try to lift it. The 3 wood will do that work for you. This will be the 3 wood shot you crave so bad, if your just fix a couple of aspects of your swing.follow through

Taylor Made Men’s AeroBurner Fairway Wood

Taylor Made makes on of the best 3 woods out there. The shaft is graphite and the flex is either, regular, senior or stiff. This 3 wood has a 15 degree loft on the club for the perfect fairway wood shot.

It has a new aerodynamic shape with a shallow face raised center crown and new hosil fin.

The sweet spot and spin are increased by the new Speed Pocket this club has. New Matte white finish black PVD face and linear AeroBurner crown graphic makes alignment easy.

This club is priced at $113.93 with free shipping and handling through Amazon. If your have the Amazon Rewardsd Gift Card, your will get $50 off instantly and only pay $63.93.Taylor Made Fairway Wood

Wrapping It Up

I hope that some things that I have discussed today will make it a little easier to hit your 3 wood either from the fairway or from the tee box. I want to make sure that when hitting your 3 wood, the most important thing your need to do is allow for the distance from the golf ball to stretch your arms in to your swing not allowing your grip to go ahead of your club head. You should allow for your body to feel the weight on the back foot during your back swing and have that weight shift to the front foot on your follow through. Hit down on the ball, making contact with the grass and the ball at the same time and make sure to follow your swing through.

If your have any questions or just want to leave a comment, please do below and I will get back to your as soon as possible.

Keep Golfing,