How To Improve A Golf Swing

I want to talk to you today about some simple things to improve your golf swig on the course, not just on the range where most of us hit our best shots, this is especially true about my drives on the range, I usually kill them.get in to golf

This is great that we are hitting awesome drives on the range but I want to make sure that we ultimately take those practice swings to the golf course. The simplest drills are what is going to make your swing more consistent and with more speed, and accuracy, which will lead to distance.

One Simple Golf Move

The one simple golf move that I am talking about is getting your hands in to the right position upon impact of the ball. When your hands are in the correct position and your swing is nice and smooth, this is when today hit the Bomb drives on the range. I want to tell you a simple thing you can do when practicing on the range then take it to the grip with glove

Right-handed golfers, your right hand is going to be flat and on impact it will be bent slightly in. The left wrist will be bowed slightly upon impact with the ball, that’s it, pretty simple right, well if you are not doing this, which most golfers are not then it will take some practice to master this grip through the swing process. Of course for left-handed golfers, everything is reversed.

Professionals are doing this when they make impact with the ball. This sounds simple and it is, but most of us golfers are not focused on where are hands are when we make contact with the ball.

Remembering that the best way to train the brain is to have this exact hand placement on impact with the ball. This takes some practice with focus on hand placement upon impact of the ball, repetitive swings the right way will go in to your brain and then in to your muscle memory.

Amazon’s Indoor Golf Swing Trainer

The Indoor Golf Trainer has been around for a while through the golf company: Golf Swing Right Nowswing trainer

This product is PGA endorsed, it states on Amazon that it will take off 4 strokes over 18 holes. I am not sure about this statement but I to like the product and it has helped me in the winter to maintain my swing, so when spring comes and I am ready for the season I will not have to start from scratch. This product also has a 90-day guarantee.

The Indoor Swing Trainer is in stock and the price for this is only $49.87. Th Indoor Swing Trainer will help you speed up your swing to increase club head speed which will give today more distance on your golf shots. This product is approximately the same weight as your golf club so that it feels real when today are practicing your swing.

Here is a list of thing that this swing trainer will to for today:

1) Its Addictive: Once this product is in your hands, today will have trouble putting it down. Feels like a real golf club.

2) Quality: Designed for everyday use with a 2-year guarantee in case it breaks, they also guarantee this product will reduce your handicap within 30 days or your money back.

3) Power and Distance: The timing of your swing is yours and that is what makes you unique, but this club will work with any swing and will not over correct anyone swing.

4) Indoors: Exactly what today need for winter when the snow is on the ground and you are not even able to go to the golf range to practice.

5) Consistent Swing: It will take your game to the next level and will help you find your own path and tempo for your perfect swing.

Golf Drill On The Range

Do not be a mindless golfer when practicing your golf swing and golf shots. What ever skill you are working on that day at the range, stay focused and mimmick the feel and technique of the skill you are working on.bucket of balls

The first drill I want to talk about is visualizing a golf course that you know very well. If the first hole calls for a Driver- Hit the driver with focus on what direction the hole in your visual brain says is the right way, or if you need to have a draw shot or just hit it down the middle.

The next shot is usually a 7 iron, Hit the 7 iron using the same technique with the visualization of the shot, if sometimes you also hit a wedge on this hole to the same exercise with this club as well as the other two.

Do this for 9 holes or 18 holes, I guess it depends on how much time you have to spend on the range, using the corresponding clubs that you would normally hit on that hole and to it the same way as I explained a little earlier.


Drills For Hitting Your Drive Consistently

When practicing on the range just with your Driver-there is a drill that I want to go through. This drill is great to use when at the range before you go and play a round that day. The first thing that you want to do is work up to the big Bomb drive. This drill, you will need 5 golf balls and of course your driver

Line the balls up perpendicular to you and hit the first ball ( using the technique of slightly bent knees and waist and hitting off of your left toe), using a slow club head swing hit the ball only 100 yards.

For your second swing you will want to use a little more swing power and hit it 125 yards out on the range, and for your third shot, you want to use a little more swing power and go for the 150 yard marker. Your fourth shot, today once again use a little more swing power and go for the 175 yard marker.

Finally, on your fifth and final swing, you want to use your full swing speed and power to kill this shot and hit the Bomb Driver that today want to hit on the course. This is usually the last skill that I will practice before I go and play a round of golf.


I just wanted to share some drills that I to before I play that round of golf where I want to be able to hit long and straight shots that I have practiced on the range. The Indoor Swing Trainer is a wonderful product to increase the speed of your swing and to gain a more consistent swing, always maintaining your golf stance and position. When I practice with the swing trainer, I imagine that it is a real golf club and that I am visualizing the swing and the swing pattern, while working on consistency.pencil golfer

If you have any questions or just want to leave a comment, please to below and I will get right back to today as soon as possible.

Keep Golfing,






Hybrid Golf Clubs For Women

Usually the clubs that you will enjoy hitting time after time and the clubs that you go to in a pinch, will be a hybrid club. The hybrid club was built to hit off the fairway with ease and also a great club to hit when in the rough, because the gliding path that this club takes when you swing it. However, if you have never hit a hybrid club before, these clubs need to be practiced at the range before you go to the course.hybrid club

One does not go from hitting fairway irons to hitting hybrid clubs just like that, you truly do need to go to the range and work on hitting these clubs off the rough, in a bad lie, etc. These clubs are wonderful but you have to know how to hit them as well. Saying that, these clubs are not hard to hit, but different from your fairway irons for sure.

One of the first things you want to do is pick which irons you want to replace with the hybrid clubs, then you will have to match with the corresponding hybrid clubs, like if you want to trade in a 3 iron for a hybrid, the hybrid club you would choose would also be a 3, or a 3H.

What Is The Difference When Hitting Hybrid Clubs

. I guess here is where I am going to tell you women out their that hitting a hybrid club instead of your 3, 5, and or 7 iron is a lot easier, once you have practiced on the range with the hybrids. I think I am speaking for every woman out their when I say that hitting long iron shots from the fairway or worse yet from the rough it is no easy task and takes a lot of skill and strength to do so.

Hybrids a while back were known as “rescue clubs” the name fits what the hybrid club still does, which is rescue you when you are in the rough or just have a bad lie on the fairway.rescue club

The hybrid club combines both of the characteristics of an iron and a fairway wood in to one club. They have a shorter shaft, smaller club head and more loft than an iron or a fairway wood. This allows for a more controlled and accurate shot because of the face of the club has a defined and bigger sweet spot. You will get loft, so less run from your ball after it hits the green. These clubs are also easier to hit because they glide along the ground and you do not have to hit down on them as you would for an iron shot. Less strength yet more club head speed and power from this club.

Hybrid clubs are numbered the same as your irons, if you want to replace a 3 iron, you will want to get a 3 Hybrid club, which is a 3H.

Callaway Hybrid Clubs For Women

Callaway is one of the top brands in golf out their right now. When I say that Callaway makes a great set of Hybrid clubs for women it is the truth. I really enjoy my 5H Callaway XR, it is one of the best clubs that I have ever used, it truly has saved me many strokes from being in the rough and able to get out in one shot. Unlike a 3 iron or even a 3 wood from the rough, you do not get the loft that you get with this hybrid club.CALLAWAY XR

I will not promote any product on my website without thoroughly investigating the product or purchasing the product before I promote it on my website. I just want you to be aware of that. This is why I really feel confident in the Callaway brand and most all that they make and sell.

Amazon offers a Callaway Golf set for $364.67, you can get this wonderful golf set for yourself or if you men out their that are reading this post want to get the woman in their life something that will get them outside to exercise and have fun days with their friends, or even play golf with you. This is the golf set you want to get. Here is a list of some items in this wonderful bag:

1) Titanium shaft driver

2) Very forgiving fairway wood, built for long flying high fairway shots

3) Hybrids/irons/wedges, stainless steel hybrids and irons

4) Putter-Precise face milling design for accuracy and distance control.

5) Last but not least you will get an amazing Callaway golf bag which is lightweight, modern look, convenient pockets, tee holders and an easy to carry back strap

Amazon also has a promotion if you purchase anything over $25 the shipping and handling are free.

Callaway Women XR Hybrid

There is only 15 left in stock with this club. I also have this club in my bag, The 5H, has a 25 degree lofts. This Callaway hybrid club comes with a next generation Forged Hyper Speed Face Cup, which of course gives you more distance and forgiveness with this club.CALLAWAY XR

This style of club also comes in two other Callaway hybrid clubs that Amazon has, which are the 4H with a 22 degree loft, and also they have the 6H 28 degree lofts. I have not tried either one of these clubs yet, but I am sure that the quality of these clubs is comparable to the 5H, 25 degree loft clubs that I have.


Rock Bottom Golf

These products are shipped and sold by Rock Bottom Golf, which is a wonderful Golf Store who offers discounts on most of their products such as the Callaway XR Hybrid/ 5H.

Rather than going to Rock Bottom Golf and purchase from them, I have found that their is a few glitches in the payment system. This is why I would rather go through Amazon, which I know has taken care of the easy payment and shipment part of your purchase.


Women when looking to replace your irons with either a new set of clubs or just replace your irons with hybrid clubs. I have given you some links to take callaway golf bagyou to Amazon where you can purchase the whole set or just one or two hybrid clubs for your bag. The 4H, 5H, and 6H, that is made by Callaway are the best-selling hybrid clubs out their today. I don’t know about you but I am getting older and have been losing some of my strength that it takes to hit my irons, especially out of the rough. This is why I went and purchased the 5H XR from Callaway, it has made a huge difference in the way that I am hitting out of the rough and or just hitting from the fairway. The hybrid clubs are once again very forgiving and with the forged face cup you get more distance from your club.

If you have any questions or just want to leave a comment, please do below and I will get back with you as soon as possible.

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Regripping Golf Club Instructions

The golf grip is a vital part of having a golf club that will work up to its full potential.

The way to tell if your club needs re gripping is if they are worn or just slippery when hitting the club. Trust me when I say when hitting a golf club that has been re gripped is like hitting a new club all together. You will feel the difference immediately. After re gripping your clubs, you will notice that you will not need such a tight holding of the club that you were doing before you re gripped your clubs. The slipping or moving of the club in your hands will STOP, after re gripping your grip is bad

You should re grip your clubs about every 18 months or so. This is based on if you are a regular golfer, which is 3 to 4 days a week, also on where you store your clubs will be a factor on when you will need to re grip your clubs, another indicator is the kind of elements that you play in will determine how often you need to re grip your clubs.


Can I re-grip My Own Clubs?

The answer is YES! . To have your clubs re gripped I will explain how you can re grip your own clubs, which will save you money instead of a golf store or a golf clubhouse, pro shop re grip them will cost quite a lot more. There are golf re gripping kits that I will get in to later in this post that will help you do this from the comfort of your own home and for the fraction of the price.

What You Need To Regrip Your Golf Clubs

When re gripping your clubs you want to make sure that you have the right tools and materials, and time in order to take on the task of re gripping your golf clubs. You also want to find a place that is big enough to do the job and a place to put the clubs when done, so that they can dry all the way. Here is a list of the materials you will need to perform this task:hooked knife

1) The new grips that you will be putting on your clubs

2) A bench vise to grip the club, so it does not move when working with the club

3) Double-sided grip tape

4) A golf tee

5) A rubber shaft holder to cradle the shaft while it is clamped down in the vise

6) Grip tape scraper

7) Grip solvent with squeeze bottles

8) Scissors

9) Hooked blade-utility knife

10) A cloth or old rag

11) A container to catch the solvent

This probably seems like a lot, but once you get going on the project, you will realize why you need these different items in order to re grip your clubs the correct way from home.

Step One

We want to remove the old grip from the club. By holding the club under your golf gripsarm, and up to your arm pit, which will give you a better grip. The grip of the club should be in front of you. Placing the hooked blade on the grip and cutting away from your body you will cut the old grip off. Always make sure to have a safe work environment, making sure that their is no one standing in front of you or to the side of you when cutting the grip away.

You also want to remove the old grip tape that is glued onto the shaft. This might also take some scraping and scrubbing to remove all the tape from the shaft. Use the squeeze bottle solvent to remove all the residue that was left on from the last time that your golf club was re gripped or gripped for the first time.

Step Two

Apply the new grip tape-place golf club in to the vice grip- giving you enough room to work so that you can apply the grip tape to the club. DO NOT over tighten the vice grip, because it will damage the shaft of your club. Then apply the double-sided grip tape to the length of the grip-wrapping it around the shaft or going up and down the shaft, leaving about a 1/2 inch of tape left over. After thoroughly wrapping the shaft, you now want to remove the backing off of the tape on your club and the overhang that is left the 1/2 inch is to be put inside the shaft at the bottom of the club.

Step Three

Apply the solvent to the new grip making sure that you have a drip pan underneath as to not get solvent everywhere when applying it to the grip.

Without hesitation push the new grip over the grip tape-this should be done golf tapeas quickly as possible as to not allow the solvent to dry before you get the grip on the full length of the grip. When pushing a slight turning the grip on the club, you will come to the end of the grip and then you will want to check alignment of the grip to the club. If the alignment is slightly off, twist the grip to align the club and the grip.

You have finished your first re gripping of your first golf club and now you just have to repeat until all clubs that you are doing are done.

Complete Golf Kit For Regripping Golf Clubs

The golf kit for repairing golf grips is from Wedge Guys Grip Kit, this is Professional quality includes 2″ by 10″ grip tape strips, solvent and vice clamp, this is enough to re grip 15 golf clubs.

This amazing kit sells on Amazon for just $12.99

The Wedge Guys Grip Kit is made in the U.S.A. with professional quality and has everything you need to re grip up to 15 clubs. They also offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee for 30 days after purchase.

If you already have some of these items at home, Amazon also has individual items that they will sell to complete the kit or tools that you have at home. They have a rubber vice clamp for $5.99, grip tape for $5.99 and golf grip solvent for $6.99 As you can see by the prices it is cheaper to buy the kit, but if you just need a vice grip to complete your golf grip repair then one of these individual items will work for you.



new golf grip

In conclusion re gripping your golf clubs at home is a project, but not that hard to do if you have the right tools and materials needed to complete the full task of re gripping all the clubs that need it. This gives you a chance to do this at home.

I have used the Wedge Guys Grip Kit and I have had no problems with their product at all. If for some reason I did have an issue, remember the 30-day guarantee that they offer with this re grip kit.

If you have any questions or just want to leave a comment, please do below and I will get back with you as soon as possible.

Keep Golfing,






Mental Aspects Of Playing Golf

Coming from a golf background, I always heard the statement. “Golf is 90% mental and 10% skill”. This statement might be slightly exaggerated, however it does bring to light that the game of golf truly is a thinking game as well as a game of skill.

Taking a look at a long ball hitter who can hit the ball 300+ yards, but is spraying the ball out of bounds with a wicked slice, and every time the golfer does this, he or she is getting frustrated and won’t let it go. The next shot that the golfer hits is most likely going to be a duff or another spray shot, or just not the shot that they had intended to hit. This is called the mental aspect of the game of golf and how it will affect your game.

There are so many comparisons that I could make on this subject, but I want to let you all know how we can learn or teach ourselves how to fix the mental aspect of our game. I totally understand the mental part of the game playing a role in the outcome of how you play that round of golf that day and every day if you do not work on how to fix this part of your game.

I’ve been there before hitting a bad shot, then throwing somewhat of a tantrum and either throwing my club down or just stomping around and not letting it go. I’ve been working on this aspect of my game and I continue to work on this. I do not throw tantrums, and or throw clubs anymore and maybe I can help you do the same, by just sharing a couple of things that work for me.


Visualizing Your Shot Before You Hit It

Visualizing your shot before you hit it does not take any physical skill, but it is considered one of the most important and powerful tools you will have when playing the game of golf. I cannot think of any Pro Golfer who would say any different, some golfers will even go through the motion with their drive on the tee box, and will point with their club where they want to hit the shot coming up for them. This is what I call truly being in the zone and only thinking about the shot ahead of fairway from the tee box

Your eyes have to see the shot and your swing has to make the shot, but your brain is the important piece to all of this. The mind tells you how to hit, where to hit and when to hit the ball. The brain will recall all the muscle memory from, practicing the shot on the range, to hit the shot that you have visualized.

The brain knows the difference between a simulated shot without contact with the ball and hitting a real shot with contact on the ball. This is done by stimulating the muscle memory when you are ready for the physical swing of the shot that you have visualized. Simply thinking about the action or shot, your brain activates the exact muscles and muscle memory that you will practice on the golf range to perform the physical shot.human brain


Clear Path To Hit The Ball Through Visualization

I am hoping that you have seen the shot tracker on T.V. when they show after the ball is hit the path that the ball made off the tee box. This imaginary line that is vivid to the brain is how I visualize the shot that I want to hit and the path that I want my ball to fairway with water

Practicing these visualization shots pregame on the range is a good way to get use to this kind of muscle memory that will turn in to physical skill on the course. Repetitive visualization is going to be a huge game saver as well as a physical repetitive skill that you are making contact with the ball.

When you find the path that you want to hit the ball-while also thinking, do I need a draw shot here or do I just want to go straight at it-the weather elements will also play a role in the shot you want to hit, such as wind and how this will affect the ball flight, when thinking and visualizing all this (which only takes a couple of seconds) it will help you to make a decision if you want less loft on your drive in to the wind lets say.

When you are finally ready to hit the ball, you will have a better chance of completing the shot you desire if you have laid out the path, flight and distance you want your ball to go. This is a scientific fact that visualizing the path of anything and the mind will definitely try to tell the muscle memory and muscles how to perform whatever it is that you are visualizing.

Warm Up Drill Before Hitting Your Golf Shot

If you are like me I have my favorite golf course that I play at all the time when I know the course so well, that I know the certain clubs that I use for each tee box, from the Par 5s to the Par 3s. I also will go through the fairway shots that I will usually hit when playing a round of golf at my favorite course. Having this knowledge when warming up on the range go through the routine of visualizing the certain holes and using the clubs you would normally use on each hole. Practice hitting that draw shot on the dog-leg holes or that 3 iron off the tee on your favorite Par 3 hole, etc. This simple drill will help with your mental and muscle memory when it comes to playing your round of golf at your favorite course that daygolfer looking down fairway.

Golf The Mental Game On Amazon.Com

The paperback book and or kindle book is a great book which really delves in to the mental and psychological aspect of playing the game of golf. This book will go in to detail about how and why the mental aspect of the game can be a game changer, for the good or the bad of a golfers game.the brain

Remember when I mentioned the old statement that golf is 90% mental and 10% skill, well even if it is exaggerated slightly this book will tell you how to work through your mental game in more detail than I laid out for you here today. Please check it out if you suffer from mental game blues. Here is a link to get the book “The Mental Game Of Golf: A Peak Performance“. Price for paperback is : $14.58 and for kindle it is $7.95.


If you have any doubt about the mental aspect of a golf swing has to do with playing a good round of golf. It means that if you let your mental game go astray and not stay focused on every shot and have your brain visualize the shot before you hit it. Most likely you will not perform the shot that you need.

If you have any questions or just want to leave a comment, please do below and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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Beginner Golf Rules And Etiquette

I was looking back at all my posts and realized that I need to put something out there about golf the standard rules and etiquette for the beginner golfer or weekend golfer. The rules are a part of the game to make sure that everyone is enjoying their round of golf that day and that they have the best experience.4 golfers on the green

The rules and etiquette of golf that I want to go over are very simple and it involves, slow play and why we avoid this in are group. Fixing divots and maintaining the golf course as you play through, and so the golfers behind you have a great experience.

The rules and golf etiquette that I want to go over with you today are slow play and why we should avoid this in our group. Fixing divots and maintaining the course for the golfers behind you. Keeping the greens and or putting surfaces divot free and also clearing the sand after we hit out of a sand trap or bunker.

Range Practice Before Your Round

If you want to go to the range to practice hitting a few balls before your round of golf, this is not only suggested by myself but will help with your swing control on the course. The only thing about going to the range and ultimately the putting green for practice is that you need to plan on the time that it takes and make sure that you come early enough to get all your practice shots in and not be late for your tee time. The tee times are set the way that they are for a specific reason and I will get more in to that another day.golfer at the range

While at the range you want to hit all the clubs in your bag that you will use on the course. I start by hitting my low irons first and working my way up to my fairway woods and my driver, not forgetting about my sand wedges and or my pitching wedge.

The best result for a well played round of golf is to not hit a thousand balls but to only hit 4 or 5 balls with each club as to not leave your golf game on the range or get to tired to have consistent swings.

After hitting balls on the range do not forget about the putting green and knocking down a few putts there. While on the putting green make sure that you set up for different putting distances and also different slopes such as down hill putts and up hill putts. This will give you a better feel for the greens on the course. Most all golf courses have the same grass growth and cut the putting practice greens the same as they would for the greens on the course, so when you practice your putts make the realistic, with whether you will have slow roll or fast roll on the greens.

Slow Play-Let The Group Behind Play Through?

The answer to this question is usually YES. I will explain, in professional golf, players are penalized for slow play after first being warned of their slow play. This could mean for them that they will lose a stroke if they continue with the slow play. On the LPGA tour they have 30 seconds to make a shot, and on the PGA tour they are allowed 40 seconds to complete a shot. For some reason they get the stroke penalty this could be very detrimental to their tourney

When playing at a Municipal Golf Course on the weekend, there is still slow play rules that are in effect. This is that if a group behind you is waiting to hit on a consistent basis, this most likely is that your group is slow playing. I would not let this go on for more than 2 holes without having them play through.waiting for slow play

Before letting the group play through, make sure that everyone in your group has hit on the green and can mark their balls. Marking your ball make sure that you mark your ball from behind and pick it up so that the group behind has a clear green to hit on to.


Fixing Divots And Maintaining The Course

Fixing and replacing (big fat) divots on the fairway and also on the tee box and on the green.

Replacing huge divots on the fairway, after hitting up a big piece of turf, you want to grab that patch of grass and place it in the hole from your shot. Put it in snug and then step down on it so it is nice and firmly in place.taking a divot

For smaller divots that separate and are not in one big patch of grass, you will want to use the sand/seed mix that is most likely going to be on the golf cart. If you are walking it is good to carry one with you or just repair it as best you can. Filling the hole to the top of the hole and then stepping it down and making it smooth for the next golfer is really the true sense of golf etiquette.

When taking a divot off the tee box, there is a different mix of sand/seed that should be around the tee box somewhere and you will want to fill the same way and step down the same way as you did with the fairway divot. Do not use the sand/seed off the cart to repair the tee box divot, this will hurt the grass and possibly kill it.

Finally, lets learn about how to repair divots on the green. The way that we end up with a divot on the putting surface is because of ball flight and the lading of that ball will create an indentation, that will need to be repaired.divot repair tool

The correct way to repair this kind of divot is to take your divot repair tool and going around the edges of the divot, slightly lift up grass and press in towards the middle of the divot, and go around the divot at least a couple of times. After that make sure that you flatten it out with the bottom of your putter and the new repaired divot out and it will look like there never was a divot.

Clearing Sand Traps And Bunkers For The Next Golfer

We of course during our golf experiences we will hit the golf ball in to a sand bunker or trap, so once we hit out we need to make sure that we set the next golfer that hits in this sand trap has a clear trap and smooth surface is able to have a decent lie.sand bunkers around the green

What this means is every golf course has sand bunkers and if there is sand, there will be a rake for the bunker, this will usually be found on the edges of the bunker and not in the bunker. After you hit out of the bunker, immediately get the rake and rake out where the impact of the club and ball were and also rake your foot steps in the sand. This is also true etiquette to set up the next golfer to have a great experience that you just had.

 fairway sand bunker



Wrapping This Up

Golf etiquette and the simple rules that I have gone through in this post for the beginner golfer and weekend golfer are very easy to follow, if everyone plays by the rules and respects the golf etiquette that makes this game so wonderful, then everyone enjoys themselves and has great experiences in the game of golf. Golf Etiquette and the rules that are attached to this first started in the early 1900s when golf became a gentlemen s game ad was mostly for the richest and most sophisticated citizens of the city or town.

Today, however anyone can play golf, but the rules still stand to this day and for the most part, people still follow these rules and have the etiquette it takes to play this game.

If you have any questions and or comments, please leave them below and I will get back with you ASAP. Thank you for stopping by my website and truly if you need or want anything that I do not have on my website just ask and I will look in to it.

Keep Golfing,






Best Golf Tips/Beginners

older golfersOne of the best things about learning how to play golf, it is that once you know how to play and get hooked (like myself) you will be able to play realistically the rest of your life. Football, basket ball and even baseball, when we get older the physical demands that these sports have on our bodies, such as tackling, jumping and even throwing can be hard to do as you age.

Golf, however is a game you can play into your 80s and even 90s without having to run, jump, tackle or throw anything. I don’t know about you but when I am in my 80s or 90s I want to be active and have fun doing so. That is why golf is such an amazing game, so you might as well start now, you will 80 or 90 sooner than you think.

The game of golf can be broke down into 3 different aspects of the game, and the way I like to practice golf is by practicing my driver (swing) than my irons (swing) and than I practice my putting.

Being as I am writing this for the beginner golfers out there, I want to keep it simple to not overwhelm you and have you not want to play golf because it is too hard. Well it is not.

Instead of going through every club in our bag and how far you should hit them, what I want to focus on is just working on the 3 different swings and clubs in bag

Driving Range Is Where We Start

The driving range is the best place to learn how to golf. This does not mean that you have to take lessons from a Pro Golfer which will cost you between $100 and $500 per 50 minute session. If you have the money and want to do this, it is by far the best way to go. However today we have so many ways to learn how to golf. Of course the internet, learning from a friend or family member (this is the way I learned how to golf. In fact, I learned from my Ex- who was or is a very good golfer.golfer at the range

My ex was not the most patient man but when we played golf together it was truly the best times that we had. It took me about three months of practicing on the range, chipping greens and putting surfaces until finally I felt that I was ready to go and play competitive ( I just mean taking score). My first time out was not that good as you can imagine, but I lived it and I was hooked from than on. I did practice on a par 3 course that we have here in Colorado where I live and that helped me with knowing the slopes of the fairways and the greens.

I guess I better explain what a green, fairway and a tee box are before we go any farther. The Tee Box is where you tee up the ball and will usually hit a Driver, unless it is a short par 3. This is also the only place where you use a tee, the tee box. It is marked on the course. After you hit your driver you most likely will be down the middle and this is called the fairway (the fairway grass is shorter than the rough and longer than the green. That brings us to the putting surface after you hit from the fairway and at some time, end up on the green, which is the putting surface.

It would be best when first starting out if you have someone with some golf knowledge to help and let you know what is wrong or right with your swing. When first starting out do not complicate things by wanting to know everything right away, use the simple golf swing and simple fairway shots as well as simple putting strokes. This will make it easier to learn how to play than we will work on more fundamentals that go into the game of

The driving range is a place to hone in on your swing, with your driver fairway woods or hybrids and your iron shots. We don’t want to work on speed of your swing until you get use to seeing the ball and making contact.


The Driver-Tips To Practice/Beginner Level

W hen starting your first practice session with the Driver- First thing we want to look at is the grip you will have on this club. Right-handed golfers you right-hand will be the closest on to the club head, pointing down the club shaft. Your left-hand will be behind the right on the grip with interlocking of the pinky finger of the right-hand hooking in between the index finger and middle finger of your left-hand. This might feel a little awkward at first, but it will get better the more you practice this swing, it is key to keep the club straight and still through your golf swing.

Your stance should be shouldered width apart with a slight bend in your knees and at your waist when you address the ball. Place the ball on the tee, the tee should just barely go in the ground, just enough sturdiness to hold the ball. You want the ball to be above the club head about 7/8s of the ball size.

You will than bring your club back keeping your left arm (right-handed golfers again) as straight as you can wrap your arms toward your right shoulder, when at you peak, you will start the swing to make impact with the ball, after impact your follow through is the same as taking the club back, . The biggest mistake that most people make is taking your eyes off of the ball. Do Not Move Your Head throughout the entire swing.

This is the easiest way to explain it for me, I just hope that I have not confused anyone.

Practicing With Your Club Irons Or Hybrids

These shots are basically the same as hitting your Driver, but you want to come down on the ball more because you do not have a tee to elevate the ball for you. Hitting off the tee box is the only time that you get to hit off the tee. These iron and hybrid clubs are shorter so you will want to get a closer, but still the same knee bends and slight bend at the waist. , you want to come down on the ball more, You still want to use the same aspect as far as taking the club back and your follow through, but on impact of the ball, always keeping your head still and your eyes on the ball through the whole irons

Iron and hybrid shots will also take practice before you will be able to hit each club the distances of each club on a consistent basis, this helps you to pick which club to hit on the golf hybrids

Putting Tips For Beginner Golfers

Putting in golf is most likely the one aspect of the game that will cost you more strokes per hole, if you don’t practice your putts and reading the greens, such as slopes and up hill and downhill putts. Knowing if the greens are running slow or fast, well I once again got carried away and I do not want to overwhelm, so I will just explain about strokes.

The strokes that I am referring to are the number of shots it takes you to get from the tee box into the hole. Of course, we want to do this in as minimal amount of strokes as we can. So when you add up the holes and how many strokes you had for all 18 or 9 holes than that is your total. Every hole has a Par score (the amount of strokes that is expected to go from tee box to hole) now a par score sometimes is very hard to reach at the beginning and even when you have golfed for a while. Don’t worry about scoring when you first begin.

I do not want to get much in to detail about scoring, remember it took me 3 months before I even played for real on a golf course.

Back to your putt stroke, we want to also keep this simple, you can tweak you putt stroke later after you get comfortable reading greens and how the putter works. Place the ball in between your legs just as you do for all the other shots or swings, than you want to have a slight bend in your waist and a slight bend in your knees as you address the ball. You want to use a slightly loose comfortable grip with the right-hand being the lead and the left-hand right behind the right. Make sure that your grip is on the grip and not running down the shaft of the club.putting green

I know that the first couple of times you will either hit it to far or to short, this is normal and with practice you will get to know the surface and if it is slow or fast. These 3 strokes and swings are the first three things I want you to practice on the range and on the putting practice greens. Remember, Practice, Practice and more Practice.



This is just a glimpse of how to start practicing and soon playing the game of golf. I talked about practicing with a friend or family member, so that they can help you with what possibly you are doing wrong or things that you are doing right.

I will put a couple of links for you to view on golf swings and putting. Hopefully you enjoy them and Let’s get started (all you beginners) by playing (practicing) some golf.

If you have any questions or just want to leave a comment, please do below.

Start Golfing,






Exercises Increase Golf Swing Speed

The art of simple golf is to exercise to increase golf swing speed which will lead to better scores and ultimately having more fun. In this article I want to focus on the drills and exercises that The Art Of Simple Golf has to offer. This will help you on the range when practicing the shot before you go play for real on the course.Practice swing

The exercises and or drills we will be going over today are as follows: Full Swing, Short Game (Putting), Increase Distance, Course Tips and Fitness. I want to share with you The Art Of A Simple Golf Swing and how to get one within weeks of practicing some or all of these drills and exercises that we will go through.

Drills And Tips For A Full Golf Swing

In this exercise we will focus on how to practice at the Driving Range to improve your golf swing and your scores, now isn’t that what we all want?

The thing I want to go through today is to not only take one drill to the range to work on, but take 3 or 4 different drills to work on, hitting 15 to 20 balls on each drill or exercise, this will allow you to gain different body mechanics and it helps with different muscle memories for different shot types.Golf Mechanics

The first drill I want to go through with you today is The Shallow Out Plain drill. Keeping left arm straight with a light grip on the club with the right hand as well, this of course will be vice versa for a left-handed golfer. Guiding the club with a shallow out and forward at the ball on the range, focus on your stroke up to impact without hitting the ball. Then practice at a moderate pace, connecting with the ball, than move to full swing after practicing the other 2 drills first, aiming at a target this time, this will lock in the muscle memory and help you perform an easy simple consistent golf swing.

This technique can be viewed in its full entirety at this link: Click Here!

Short Game- Drills And Tips

Here is a good tip when practicing you putting from the comforts of your own home. You will need a full length mirror, with some tape on the mirror to indicate the middle of the mirror. Standing across from this mirror in the middle of the mirror you want to have a view of the ground and your feet and Practice Puttingthe ball.

This exercise will help you identify if you are moving your head excessive, moderate or not at all during your putting stroke. While bent slightly at the knees and at your waist in a comfortable stance. Keeping one eye on the ball and one eye on the mirror watching for head movement when rocking your shoulders on the back stroke and forward on the impact and follow through of your putt. Using the pendulum swing motion, keeping head straight, waist straight, legs and feet straight, only thing that should be moving is the rocking of Perfect Putt

Increase Distance

To increase distance with our drives we want to stop hitting sky balls and hit the ball further, here is a short drill or guide to help you.Practice swing

The first thing that everyone who hits sky balls does is come in at the ball to steep of a decline, so by over compensating this decline one has a tendency of hitting under the ball which of course creates a sky ball. Most golfers who do this tend to tee their ball lower and lower-this will help for the most part, but overtime you want to fix your swing instead of adjusting the tee. Also, with a steep angle attack you are losing a lot of yardages.

You want to with this exercise tee the ball up about 7/8’s of the golf ball above the club when club is resting on the ground in your stance. This means that you have to ascend at the ball to hit the face of the club on impact with the ball.

To practice this drill you want three tees, one golf ball and driver. Place one ball on the tee, one tee 10 inches from your ball that is on the tee in the ground farther down than the ball on the tee and one tee in the ground about 10 inches from the ball on the tee, leaving this one up a little more than the back tee.

You want to vision the club hitting the tee on the back, than impact on the ball and on your follow through you want to go slightly above the tee. I recommend practicing this without hitting the ball at first, just the three tees. Then gradually move into doing this drill with ball in play. This seems probably a little hard to follow, so if you go to the link that I have here at the end of this paragraph it will show you how it is done in real time. You will find this on the video, Stop Sky Balling The Drive And Increase Distance. Click Here!

Course Tips

Perfect way to play better golf and have fun on the course is to have shot challenges.

This ultimately means to challenge your self to 2 possible shots. Placing 2 balls on the fairway, sizing up what is in front of you. Let’s say that you have a shot that is about 250 yards to the pin. There is also a green side bunker on the right side, a creek that runs down the fairway and up by the green on the right side with a row of trees behind the creek and the green that slopes downhill from the back of the green. There is also a bunker off to the right side of the green.tight spot on the course

Looking at this shot, trusting the shot most likely will give you the best outcome or the one that will keep you out of danger. The straight shot if hit right is the way to go, or you could do a safe fade from right to left, taking the hazards out of play for the most part. Both of these shots will have to be hit right to have any success, but if you miss on the right it is bad news, so the fade is the easier way to go, but I would challenge myself and go for the straight shot. You want to find an intermediate point and just trust your full swing with the straight shot as well as the fade shot.

We are just going to hit both of these shots with the 2 balls on the fairway, being as this is practice play. This is the challenges I want you to think about when practicing on the course and of course not slow playing if anyone is behind you, let them play through, just the etiquette of golf.

To watch a video on this exercise, please click on the link and than go to How To Play Better Golf / Have More Fun On The Golf Course With Shot Challenges Video. Click Here!

Fitness-Ready For Golf

This is a warm up golf swing to get the best results with speed, consistency and power in just 3 minutes.

This warm up will prepare the body for the swing by making it easy, relaxing and comfortable as a golf swing should be. To many times we start our round all tense and don’t exercise. We than try and hit good shots and most of the time, you sell yourself short and these good swings don’t happen. Loosen up with this easy 3 minute drill before your round and I promise you that your swing will feel and be easier and consistent, let alone relaxing and comfortable.

I do not want to go over this drill, but I would like for you to watch the training video by hitting on the link and than going to Best Unique Golf Swing Warm Up That Creates Speed, Consistency And Power In 3 Minutes. Click Here!


This is one of the best training that I have tried. They are easy to do and have the best results that we are all wanting to do in the game of golf. This will help you improve your golf swing, challenge you to use your imagination on shots and basically make you a better player all around. All while having fun.

If you have any questions or just want to leave a comment, please do below in the Comment section and I will get back with you ASAP.

Keep Golfing,







Golf Sweaters For Men

Who to judge the best golf sweaters for men, but a woman. That’s right, women in my opinion have a great fashion sense when it comes to dressing their man for that Saturday round of golf.Greenbrier

I used to pick out my man’s attire for the day of golf and he always looked very good, matching and everything. If your man wants to pick out his own outfit that is also good, but you know men that your woman will have an opinion on the outfit you wear before you leave the house.

The thing I think of before I leave the house to play a round of golf: First-I check the weather to make sure it is not going to rain and or how windy it is going to be. Second-I think what will I need to take with me in my golf bag. If I know that it could be a little chilly with some wind gusts, I am going to make sure that I take a sweater and or light jacket with me for this round of golf.

The reason I wanted to write about golf sweaters for men is when I golf with my brother he is notorious for forgetting a sweater or jacket and he ends up being cold and miserable throughout the round.Golf Sweaters of Today

I also want to add for the women who are reading this please if you have a man that you know who plays golf take a look at these sweaters and a couple jackets that I have listed for you through Amazon.

Callaway Sweaters

1) Callaway 2017 Men’s Golf 1/4 Zip Windstopper Sweater, Thermal Pullover

* Size- Large

* Price-$69.31

* This Sweater Pullover has 6 different colors- Black, Peacoat, Provence,Quiet Shade, Silver Lining and Tango Red

* Sizes these come in are: small, medium, large, x-large and xx-large, the price quoted for this was for a large size,

prices may vary for different sizes

* Contrast Coloured Collar, 4 way stretch wind stopper

* Callaway Tour Logo on the sleeve

* Provides a layer of thermal comfort for the cold weatherCouple with Scotlands Golf Attire

2) Callaway-Waffle Fleece 1/4 Zip Layer

* Prices range from $39.95 to $49.99 in accordance with the size you choose

* Sizes are: small to x-large

* 100% Polyester

* Insulated Fabric to handle the cold and keep you comfortable

* Long Sleeves

* Callaway Tour Logo on Sleeve

* Colors this fleece comes in are: White, High Rise Heather, Palace Blue Rock, Heather Tango Red, Buff Yellow

Oakley Mens Sweater

1) Oakley Men’s Gridlock Pullover Sweater

* Prices range from $27.99 to $79.95

* Sizes- small, medium, large, x-large and xx-large, the price is specific to the size of the sweater

* Colors this beautiful sweater comes in are: Blackout, Blue Indigo, Ozone and Stone Grey

* Hydrolix wicks- keeps moisture away from your skin, which will keep you dry through the round

* 98% Polyester/ 2% Cotton

* Regular Fit, ImportedGreenbrier

adidas Golf Men’s Sweater

1) adidas Golf Men’s Adi 3 stripe crew neck sweater

* Prices range from $33.74 to $141.17

* Sizes are: small, medium, x-large and xx-large

* Colors for this sweater are: black, mid gray, rich green, ST ark slate

* Soft rich, cotton-nylon sweater blend

* Crew neckline

* Engineered heather 3 stripe branding on right bicepPayne Stewart

2) adidas Golf Men’s Range Hybrid Sweater Jacket

* Prices range from $30.69 to $39.99

* Sizes are: medium, large, x-large and xx-large

* Colors for this sweater are: Mineral Blue and Stone

* Full Zip Sweater Jacket

* Weather proof with wind and rain

* 97% Polyester/ 3% Fleece

Why To Keep A Sweater/Jacket In Your Golf Bag

Now that I have given you a couple of different options for different brand name sweaters/jackets, the question is why do we golfers wear sweaters? I think back in the day when Pro Golfers and the game of golf was considered a gentlemen’s game and it was classy to have a sweater, sweater vests, and sometimes just a clean look to your golf attire. Looking back through the years golf originated in Scotland, where it gets very windy and chilly, to help deal with these elements of weather, Golfers started wearing sweaters and knickerbockers (knickers) or short pants that ended below the knees, shirts with starched collars and neckties were also worn, along with study shoes and tweed caps. This sweater fashion started in the early 1900s around 1918 or so .Knickerbockers

The sweaters and jackets that we have these days are very weather proof and wind resistant and most all have between 93% to 100% Polyester for this purpose. We know as golfers that the weather will change on you very quickly. Here in Colorado it will literally be raining on the other side of the street, maybe 20 yards away from where you stand, so cool to watch but when this wet cold weather happens when playing golf it presents quite the problem, but so easily fixed by putting on your golf sweater/jacket and blocking those windy, chilly elements.

In the early 1900s the golfers distinguished themselves by wearing formal outfits, this formal attire was brought into the game of golf by the affluent men in the towns and cities. This is also when golf was gaining popularity not only with the affluent people but with the middle class people as well.


The list of different brands of sweaters/jackets for golf have a wide variety of different styles for you to check out in more detail by clicking on the different links through this article.Ben Hogan

Water proof Polyester sweaters and jackets, some 1/4 zip, some pullovers and some that are full zip up. The items that I have listed are all made with the highest quality of Mostly Polyester and nylon that you can get. The comfort of these items far surpasses the days of wool sweaters and jackets that will way anyone down, let alone when you are trying to swing a club while golfing.

Wrapping all this up for you, I really enjoyed going back to the days when golf was first born in Scotland in the early 1900s and by the 1920s, golf attires started to change and become more of a gentlemen’s game, in which the golf attire also changed with the times. Now days the quality is extraordinary.

I hope you enjoyed this article and that the information given was not to boring and maybe even a little interesting. If you have any questions or just want to leave a comment, please do below.

Always Golf,
















Best Distance-Golf Ball Review

The best reviews of golf balls and the distance they get, along with the best-selling golf balls for distance out there. Doing my research I have come up with a list of a few golf balls that do get the best distance. Going through some of these balls, I have found that they are also selling these golf balls on Amazon as well as in Pro shops. However, it is definitely cheaper to get these longer distance balls for less price on Amazon than you would pay at any Pro shop.Golf BALLS

I would like to share with you the top picks on my favorite long distance golf balls and maybe you could give a couple of these balls that I will be listing a try, and see if you feel the same way that I do. I also want to let you know that I have created a list from best to the worst picks and I hope this will help you with any questions or decisions about the type of golf balls that have the longest distance to them. This list is the longest shot distance of golf balls on the market today.

Bandit Maximum Distance Golf Balls

Original price on this set of 12 golf balls was $30.00, but now is listed at $24.80, which is 17% off and a savings of $5.20Bandit Golf Balls

* Dupont Lithium Surly Cove

* Delivers Incredible Performance

* Strikes the maximum balance of distance and performance

Amazon free shipping on any orders of $25.00. Being as you have the savings of 17% off listed price. You could purchase some other great items such as tees and or divot repair, ball markers, etc. This will take care of the shipping price and you will get added items that you always need.

These golf balls are not as expensive as the brand name golf balls that I will also be talking about in this review. Understanding that these golf balls are especially made for long distance, they are also a well-rounded golf ball with great roll and accuracy with putting and your short game.

This ball is rated 4 1/2 stars out of 5 for long distance and performance for a golf ball.

Volvik Vivid Golf Balls

Listed price for one dozen vivid white golf balls is $29.99 which will also include free shipping with Amazon

* Bright vivid color increases visibility in the air and on the ground

* Slower to medium swing get a more explosive distance created by Power


* Better accuracy off the tee box with increased control around the greens-spin rate on the green is optimal, stop and

spin control

* Putting line is more accurate for distance putting

The Volvik Vivid Golf Balls are my second choice for long distance golf balls of the tee boxes and from the fairways. It might surprise some golfers that my top 2 picks are not any of the well-known brand names that everyone knows, such as Titlist or Callaway.Golf Balls Review

I also like the vivid color of this golf ball, it is easy to see coming off the tee and in flight.

The downside to this golf ball is that it does not have the prominate divots on the ball as other golf balls have. This does take some getting use to when putting, but the more you practice with this ball putting the easier it will get.

This golf ball also has a rating of 4 1/2 stars out of 5 stars for distance and control of a golf ball. Golf analysts say that 81% of the golfers who have used this ball gave the ranking of 5 stars. The rest of the 19% is spread out as such: 4 stars 10%, 3 stars 5%, 2 stars 2% and 1 star with 2 %. These are very strong numbers for a very nice distance golf ball.

In Conclusion

I have played with two golf balls numerous times and I feel that even though they are not brand name golf balls, they out rank any other golf balls out there for distance and control on and around the greens.

The Volvik Vivid Golf Ball is a little harder to get use to, but once you get the putting mastered it is a wonderful golf ball and I love playing with it.

The Bandit Maximum Distance Golf Balls, are my top pick for longer distance golf balls. This golf ball has the structure that makes it the top selling long distance golf ball out there. The other really good reason I have picked this ball as my #1 pick is the price is so very reasonable for a dozen balls.dozen golf bandit balls

I hope that you have learned a little something about long distance golf balls and my top 2 picks. I will have a couple of links put on the golf balls that I have listed if you care to purchase one or both of these extraordinary golf balls.

If you have any questions or just want to leave a comment, please do below and I will get back to you as soon as I can.






Why Do You Wear Golf Glove

So many people have asked me, why do you wear a golf glove? My answer to them is you don’t have to wear one, but it will be most beneficial to them if they do. I will give you some good reasons why it is a good idea to wear a golf glove every time you golf.

People also ask what hand do I wear it on? How should the golf glove fit? I want to let you know about other benefits that wearing a golf glove will give ball, golf glove

Why Golf Glove Is Recommended

I want to first let you know that the golf glove is not a requirement, but it is highly recommended for golfers of all ages and skill levels.

The golf glove is usually worn on the lead hand- the one facing the target or the hand at the top of your grip. What this means is if you been a right-handed golfer, you will wear the glove on your left hand. If you are left-handed golfer, you will wear the glove on your right hand.

Some golfers choose not to wear a glove at all on the short iron shots around the green, that takes a great fell to get the right shot done, also when putting, which allows you to feel the club better in your hands so that your not so tight on the club. On both of these close shots on or near the green you want the most precision shot as possible, so it is best to take the golf glove off for these shots.

The main purpose that most golfers use the golf glove is for the grip that they get. The glove also will protect from callouses and blisters forming. I am not saying that it will stop all the callouses and blisters, but it does help. Some golfers want the weather resistant golf gloves. You will pay a little more for these but the benefits will definitely out way the cost in the long scheme of things.

Proper Way To Fit A Golf Glove

First lets look at golf sizing. You will want to measure the circumference of your glove hand (right- for left-handed golfers and left – for right-handed golfers) around the knuckles.

When getting the right fit, you want to make sure that the glove fits very snug golf glovesand tight, most all gloves come with the breathable, stretch ability that allows for these tight fits. When applying the glove on to your hand, make sure to work the glove down your fingers.and on to your thumb and palm, remembering the snug fit that it takes.

The different categories are men, women, boys (junior) girls (junior) which also has different sizes from small to extra large in each category, some will also have petite and extra, extra large. If when wearing a glove you want the snug tight fit and will all these categories and sizes you will be sure to find a glove for yourself.

Top Selling Golf Gloves On Amazon

There are many kinds and brands of golf gloves on the market today. I am going to share with you a list of some of the best out there and they are definitely my favorite picks. You cam get cheaper golf gloves but like anything else you pay for what you get. You want to look at the quality of the glove, because without the stretchable leather and breath ability of the glove, it just won’t work the way it was intended to work. Here is a list that I put together in the 4 categories of Men, Women, boys, and girls golf gloves.

Men’s Golf Glove, My Top 2 Picks

1) Callaway Men’s Dawn Patrol Golf Glove, Large Size, left-handed

a) All leather construction, great feel and fit-very durable

b) breathing holes on fingers, thumb and hand

c) Adjustable closure, thin a light secure fit.

d) Moisture absorption, cotton terry cuff.

e) Price- $13.40

2) Nike Men’s Dura Feel Glove, Large left-handed

a) Synthetic leather panel on back of hand for breath ability and range of motion, also has holes in fingers.

b) Stretch fabric throughout glove

c) Adjustable angled tab closure for a great fit and support.

d) Genuine leather on palm and thumb for a great fit and grip.

e) Price- $10.99womens golf glove

Women’s Golf Glove, My Top 2 Picks

1) Taylormade Women’s Ribbon, Left Hand, Medium Gray

a) AAA Cabretta leather palm of hand.

b) Custom fit by stretch Lyrca panels

c) For breath ability, perforated and engineered

d) Ergonomic pull tab

e) Price- $13.99

2) Callaway Women’s Dawn Patrol Golf Glove, small, left-handed

a) Great feel and fit with all leather for durability

b) Perforated on palms, fingers, and thumb, increased breath ability, with moisture reduction.

c) Adjustable tab for secure fit

d) Cotton terry cuff and moisture absorption

e) $12.98

Girls (Juniors), My Top 2 Picks

1) Paragon Golf Girls Rising Star, left-handed Golf Glove, White-Pink, smallgolf gloves

a) Ranges in price from $6.00 to $11.55

b) Synthetic leather for flexibility

c) Lyrca inserts for comfort and durability

d) Three sizes, small, medium and large for junior girls. Both right and left-handed

2) Zero friction junior compression fit- synthetic gloves, one size fits all

a) All weather synthetic palm, smooth synthetic micro-fiber back

b) Maximum gripping with digitized palm fingers

c) Tee and ball marker- detachable

d) Solid gripping- enhanced breath ability

e) Price- $12.95

Boys (Juniors), My Top  Pick

1) Callaway X-Junior Golf Glove, medium, left-handed

a) Prices range from $6.98 to $29.99

b) Synthetic leather palm- grip in all weather conditions- very durable

c) Nano mesh- comfort with flexibility

d) Expandable elastic tab, for a wide range of hand sizes.




To wrap all this up- My opinion is when wearing a golf glove- either as an adult man, woman, boy or girl. It helps with your grip to keep the golf club steady, helps with slipping grip in all the elements of weather that we get caught playing in.

There are numerous brands on the market today, but I have made this a little easier for you to find them by just hitting on the links that I have provided for your convenience.

The prices that I have here been a lot cheaper than buying any kind of golf glove from a Pro shop at your local golf course.

If you have any questions and or just want to leave a comment, please do below and I will get back with you as soon as possible.

Keep Golfing,