Stress Free Golf Swing- Reviews

The Stress Free Golf Swing states that it helps the once a week golfer lower there the ball stance

In this review I want to take a look at what this program is and to let you know if the program helps with what it claims to help with and whether it is worth purchasing or comes up a little short.

I want to let you know what some golfers are saying about this system and who is selling this product and for what price and is it worth the price they are asking for what they offer you.

Golf Backswing, Secret From Ben Hogan

Ben Hogan when he set up to practice his swing, he would place a golf ball underneath his back heel of his foot.

Ben thought that he was getting too much weight on the outside of his back Ben Hoganfoot in his golf swing. He also would kick in his knee enough to have it aimed at the target. However, when you do this you need to hold this stance throughout the whole back swing.

This is the reason for placing the golf ball underneath your back foot it will help with the kick in of the “right” knee if right-handed swing and of course reverse for left-handed swing.

This is an easy drill to do when practicing your swing but makes all the difference in the world when performing it on the course. I have gathered one other review besides mine: Review from Jim: ” Hey Jeff, just gotta let you know this new swing is working!!! I’ve been hitting it at least 15 yards longer with my drive after making the swing change. Awesome man! For once something has worked as promised!!!! Keep up the good work. I’ll be on the lookout for more products from you.”

How To Take A Range Game To The Golf Course

This article states that a common complaint given by golfers is that they hit the ball great while at the range, and then when it is time to play on the course it is like it was there first time playing, hacking the ball all over the place.

The reason why the range is so much easier to have great shots is because there are no consequences, for having a bad shot, like you would on the golf course. You only get one try at hitting the shot you need.Golf

What this program tells you to do is ignore the surrounding elements such as bunkers, water hazards, out of bounds and just aim at the target you pick out on the golf course and stay focused until you swing. If you do not practice this way at the range, with picking a target and trying to hit it, then it will not work for you when you get on the course. Practice like you Play.

Golf Swing Speed, Challenge Video

This product claims that after watching the video you could increase the amount of yards by your Drive by up to 40 yards.

The golf swing speed challenge they claim has helped many golfers from different parts of the world, they say you will hit the ball longer, straighter and be more consistent off the tee.

This product also seems to be very helpful in creating swing speed in which we all know creates longer hit drives and with continued practice, more consistency off the tee.

There is a myth that if you try to swing faster, you might get injured. Another one is that you are too old to swing the club faster to generate swing practice

I am 53 years old, I have of course slowed down a bit throughout the years with my swing speed, bu if I keep exercising and practicing like I do, then really you don’t lose much. However, if you try to swing so hard that you end up being out of control and slicing the ball, topping the ball, etc. then you need to slow down and practice your swing on the range, so you can get the consistency we all crave and need in order to plat good competitive golf.

So by keeping a good attitude and keeping in shape (exercise regularly) then you won’t lose much speed, because swing speed does matter how far you will hit your drive.

Driving Myths

We have already been through a couple of driving myths, such as when you get older, you have n o swing speed and that if you swing slower, you will still have swing speed, these are both myths and untrue.

How about the myth about “Drive For Dough and Putt for Show”,  Drive For Dough what this means is if you just crush the ball off the tee without worrying about the direction of the ball, just about how far you hit the ball to impress your friends and golf buddies. The Putt for Show is supposed to be the most important part of your game, well as there is some truth to this. You need a good drive to set-up your approach shot which will then leave you with a closer putt, so performing all aspects of the game are equally important. Either one will lose strokes for you if not practiced and then put into action on the golf course,

Another myth is that you need expensive equipment to Measure Smash factor. Well for me this is simple to discredit and the program is in agreement with me. You do not need to go out and buy a $25,000.00 Swing Impact Speed Tracker, like they have in the golf stores. You instead can purchase a swing speed radar and just take it to the course with you, placing it about 3 feet in front of you on the tee box. Placing it on the ground, and just hit your drives over the device and it will measure your swing speed which then with the calculator on your phone you can do the math to get your Smash Factor.Miguel Angel


Here is a list of the categories that this program or system goes through:

1) Golf Fitness and Health- We all know how important this is with anything that we do, so golf is no different.

2) Golf Improvement- Well I do not know about you but everyone I know needs improvement in some aspect of there game.

3) Golf Tips- Always and forever we need these to keep on top of new ideas, trends, drills and skills, etc. to improve my golf game.

4) Long Game- Absolutely must have a long game in order to perform any kind of competitive score.

5) Mental Game- For myself this is huge, I am always looking for new ways to work on getting out of my head game and just relying on my skills.

6) Product Reviews- This is why I do reviews, to make sure that I am not offering others something that I don’t even believe in. I would never want anyone to do this to me, so I only promote things that truly are helping, not just making a buck. Not cool.

7) Putting Game- I am a true believer in practicing with different putters to see which one best works for you. I would’ve stuck with the same flat edge putter that I started with I would still have the “YIPS” to this day. That being said don’t fix something that isn’t broken.

8) Short Game- Probably the part of my game that needs the most work, always looking to improve this aspect of my game.


This Product (System) Stress Free Golf Swing, in my opinion is worth the $40.90 that it will cost to get this system. I have been through every nook and cranny of this system and I do like the outline of the system and the easy to do skills and challenges that it offers. This truly does offer up what it says it will do, it not only goes through you Drive and putting, which are two very important parts of anyone golf game, but helps with every aspect of the game in its entirety.junior golfer

I guess you want to know what kind of rating I would give this system and I feel that it is well worth a 41/2 stars out of 5 stars rating from myself.

If you have any questions and or want to leave a comment, please do below and I will get back to you as soon as I can, usually within 24 hours.

Keep Golfing,






In Golf, What Is A Handicap? – Why Do We Want One

If you are wondering in golf, what is a handicap, then I hope this article will explain that and a little more. What does it mean? What is the purpose of a handicap? How I get my handicap and who do I register it with?

Well what is a Golf Handicap? In stroke play it is used to calculate a net score from the number of strokes actually played during a competition. This allows players with different skill levels to compete against each other in a fair play manner.Golf Find lost golf ball

In match play the handicap difference between players is determined by the number of strokes, a high handicap player should receive from the lower handicap player. The higher the handicap, the less skill and low scoring rounds the player has.

Official handicaps are administered by golf (country clubs or private clubs) clubs with regional and national golf association, which provides additional peer review for low and very low handicaps.

The Handicap System

Professional Golfers, such as you see on T.V. they are not involved in the handicap system, they have to be scratch golfers or better in order to even become a Professional. There is a lot more that goes into becoming a Pro Golfer, but this will be another conversation down the line .

Amateur golfers who are members of golf clubs are most likely the eligible golfers to receive official handicaps. Payment to the national and regional association which computed in annual fees. There are other systems free of charge, which is available to golfers who are ineligible for an official handicap.

A USGA handicap is calculated by a special authentic formula that calculates how many strokes above or below par a player might be able to play. The player will have to submit the ten best scores out of the last twenty rounds of golf played. This is usually done at the golf clubs where you are a member.

In general the handicap of a golfer is calculated from the scores using the course slope and course ratings (done by the pro shop at your club house) and then the players handicap differentials will be put into the system to retrieve the players handicap.

Handicaps For Tournament Play.

Playing with my golf buddies, out of the four players, we separate in to two groups or teams with two members in each team. I try to pick someone who I know has a handicap that is either 8 strokes or so better than my handicap or worse than my handicap. The cardinal rule is to never select a partner with the same handicap as yours.

The thing that matters is that you want your partner to get strokes on holes where you don’t, and if you are evenly matched, you most likely will get strokes off on the same hole.

Golf beginnerTake a look at 4 ball match play which is a great game to play on the weekends with your buddies. Match Play is when your team of two both drive the ball, as a team you decide which ball to hit next. The one with the best distance and lie. Then you both hit from there and you both decide which is the better shot and hit from that one, and so on and so on. Even on the putting surface. With this in mind you would like for you and your partner to get net birdies- if you both get net pars, then with the handicaps you will most likely pick up a stroke on that hole.

The worst thing that can happen is if both you and your partner were to bogey and play bogey golf for that round- the holes where you get strokes won’t matter much if your opponents are playing together well.

What Is A GHIN?

The Unites States Golf Association or USGA which provides golf players with their GHIN numbers (handicaps). Association and Golf Clubs have to sign up to use these services, which allows their members to post their scores. The system then will calculate handicaps and retrieve handicap information online from any computer.

GHIN. Com is the website home for GHIN Service. This service has been around since 1981 and gets better and better every year. There are more than 20,000 Golf Clubs and 2.3 million golfers using this system. GHIN also has Mobil apps available, this is handy when on vacation and you didn’t or couldn’t bring your laptop to post scores.


How To Find Clubs To Get A Golf Handicap

Establishing a USGA Handicap Licensed to use the USGA Handicap System Index is a simple as becoming a member of a golf club and begin reporting your score.The broadmoor

Becoming a member of a Golf Club (not a Private or Country Club) you just need to go to your local Golf Club who is in association or group such as The Men’s Golf Association and or Women’s Golf Association. Any Association that at least has 10 members that have bylaws and a handicapping committee can apply to be part of the USGA Handicap System. Many of these golf clubs (country clubs) or Private Clubs have their own handicapping system.

When going to your Public or Municipal Golf Course, they might have you join either Men’s or Women’s Golf Association or whatever groups are listed at the course. My Public Golf Course where I am a member, I had to join the Women’s League for this specific course and then establish my handicap through the league and the Public Golf Course, Simple, Simple.

You may also search courses close to you to see if they are licensed to use The USGA Handicap System,

Getting a handicap established in another country one needs to contact the state, provincial, regional or national golf association, which will be able to direct you where to go.

There is NO way to get a handicap established on your own. You have to directly get it from USGA or without joining a Country (Private) Club or from your golf league such as Men’s or Women’s Golf Association at your public or municipal golf course.


In conclusion, It is rather easy to establish your handicap. This can either be done through your Country Club or Private Golf Course in which you are a member or by joining a group of individuals (10 or more people) at the same Public or Municipal Golf Course. The Golf Pros at both of these types of golf courses will help guide you through the process.

Remember GHIN and USGA and using the internet to post your scores- 10 best scores out of the last 2 rounds of golf. You just keep your scores and turn them into the Pro shop.

If you have any questions or comments about handicaps, please leave them below. I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Best Wishes,







My Pick: The Top 5 Golf Course/Resorts In The U.S.

If I put every top golf course and resort in the United States down, there would be at least 75 to 100 that I would be reviewing and talking about. I have decided to just grab a few of my best and tell you a little about them.

I have played golf throughout the United States and have stayed at numerous resorts, but the list that I have for you today is truly the most elaborate places not only in the United States, but the world.

Pebble Beach Course And Resort/ Inn At Spanish BayPebble Beach

For more than 95 years, Pebble Beach, has been celebrated for its amazing golf and resort facilities on California’s Monterey Peninsula. This is a pampered relaxation and luxury phenomenon. The Inn at Spanish Bay and the Lodge at Pebble Beach are a time-honored tradition of superb service and amenities.

Playing the #1 Public Golf Course in America is a once in a lifetime experience, that everyone should experience. Pebble Beach is the prestigious championship pedigree that will host its sixth U.S. Open in 2019 and its fifth U.S. Amateur in 2018.

The history of Pebble Beach is like no other with the hosting of the PGA Tour events since 1947. Number 4 tee is a stretch of seven amazing seaside holes on top of cliffs. Two of the most beautiful holes in golf are also on this course, and #18 with its history of plenty of heroic shot-making opportunities and wonderful, exciting finishes, which will go down in the history of the PGA.

When playing at this course, the butterflies in your stomach, while on the first tee is overwhelming, knowing all of your heroes and celebrity stars have stood in the same spot that you are, and have looked down this wonderful fairway as you are now. What an amazing experience and wonderful memory.

This course has a PAR 72. The total yardage is : 6,828 and designed by Jack Neville and Douglas Grant. This course has been ranked #1 since ranking began in 2003a.

Bandon Dunes Golf ResortBandon Dunes

Another amazing Public Golf Course is Bandon Dunes in North Bend, Oregon.

Bandon Dunes is similar and true to Scotland ancient links. This course focus is on Oregon’s rugged coast, sweeping untamed shores that stretch for miles. Primeval grassy dunes roll to the sea.

There are 5 distinct natural courses that are in harmony along the coast line around the natural environment that Oregon offers.

Overtime you play one of these courses, the elements reveal a new golf experience. The wind swept land on these courses are like no other with every hole, every hazard, every shot defined by nature’s presence, and natural changes in these elements will ultimately change your game. This is all part of the links experience of golf.

Mastery of the ground game becomes more important than the power drive, because of the narrow lean fairways with massive dunes and hearty Pine trees the line these beautiful courses. Wonderful, natural links courses is Bandon Dunes.

Greenbrier (8) White Sulpher Springs, West VA.Greenbrier

The Greenbrier Resort is located among the breath taking Alleghan Mountains. This hotel and spa is a vast getaway. This national historic landmark and award-winning resort has been welcoming guests since 1778. This luxury resort is filled with southern hospitality and charm, they treat you like family.

The Greenbrier is home to numerous golf courses unlike any other in the world, this course was designed by Seth Raynor in 1924 and re-designed by Jack Nicklaus in 1977, where they held the Ryder Cup in 1979.

The heavily wooded course rewards players shape off the tee and with precision approach shots into the green. Creativity and touch are required around the greens with these well bunkered holes.Greenbrier golf course

Sam Snead shot a 59 in the final round in 1959, which he is still the only known golfer to accomplish this in competition. Sports Illustrated called this ” the greatest competitive rounding the history of the game”. There is a plan for another redesign, opening season 2019.

Pinehurst (N.C.) Resort (10)

This resort is an amazing resort and golf course in Southern Pines, North Carolina. This luxury resort, 3 hotels, condos and golf courses that have hosted The U.S. Open and is about 5 miles from Pine Needles Golf Club.

The resort has 8 dining options which include a southern grill and tavern, plus several bars, a spa, a lake, and a gym alongside 9 golf courses.Pinehurst

The Forest Creek Golf Club at Pinehurst is an awe-inspiring golf course, with amazing sceneries and the natural beauty all around the course.

Probably the most famous for the duel between Phil Mickelson and Payne Stewart which lasted 5 hours and something back in 1999. Payne Stewart prevailed with an emotional win of The U.S. Open @ Pinehurst. They were both even going into the 17th hole. Mickelson missing birdie shot, and Stewart drains his 15 foot putt to be up by one. At the 18th Mickelson again misses birdie putt as Stewart makes his to win by two strokes, an amazing finish.

The Broadmoor (12) Colorado Springs, Colorado

This is a Mountain Resort in Colorado Springs, Colorado with six restaurants and two indoor spas, alongside Championship Golf Courses. This resort is a 5 diamond luxury resort with a spirit of adventure.

The Broadmoor Resort has had their doors open for nearly a century. You will receive warm, genuine hospitality and a selection of programs and activities that celebrates the magnificent American West surroundings.

This resort and golf package have been around for. I live in Colorado, so I have been able to experience this wonderful get away, and an amazing couple of days of golf.The Broadmoor

Donald Ross built the first course in 1916 at The Broadmoor which is famous for hosting The LPGA Tour Open Classics.

In 1948 the course was re-designed by Trent Jones, Sr. joined the new 9 holes to the existing 18 holes from 1916 (back 9). These two different designs by different designers creates a wonderful challenging golf course, which opened for play in 1952.


I d on’t have a lot more to add here besides the wonderful resorts and golf courses that are my top 5 picks in the U.S. are magical gift that you need do before it gets to late. Please put at least on of these great resorts and golf courses on your bucket list. If you do, you will wonder and why it took so long to get there.

If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below, and I will get back with you ASAP, usually within 24 hours.

Best Wishes,


Mallet Golf Putters/ Is This The Way To Go?

A mallet putter is more commonly known for more elaborate designs and larger club heads, however the club face is still similar to a blade putter (straight edge putter). The different shapes of a mallet putter are ever-changing, here is a list of a few: Half circle, square back, round back, pants-comfortable

What Is The Best Putter

Today many manufacturers are reducing the amount of shapes in their prospective mallet putter. THANK GOODNESS! now are putting their focus on improving the look, feel and roll from the more compact collections.

There is always a choice to be made between a standard blade putter and a mallet putter. The blade putters are more about the feel of the club and the strong arc to the putting stroke. The mallet putter, however is for extra alignment assistance and much less rotation in the putting stroke.The Putt- Read

Now saying this does not mean that it has to be one or the other for the different putting strokes, but it is about the style ( the look of the putter) and how they best suit you with the weight, and glide they have for you.

My best advice is when shopping for a new putter always test new styles, brands, shapes so that you know the putter that best suits you, than you can move forward and try to get a better deal than they will have at the Pro Shops.

I probably have not answered the question yet of what is the best putter, but I am going to give some more details about different putters in this article so that you can make an informative decision.

What Size, Length Putter Do I Use

The first thing I want to talk about is the mt is one of the most important aspects of golf is the short game, which of course has a lot to do with how good you are at putting, so finding the right putter is crucial to your game. Some people make purchases that are not the right fit at all, but they look good and most likely are very over-priced. Of course this will not be the deciding factor if the putter will work for them or not.

Picking the right putter length is relatively simple for those with traditional pendulum putting strokes. Let us take a look at that:

Assume a regular putting stance with your legs open a little and slightly bending at the waist, letting your hands hang down naturally in front of you towards the ground. While in this stance, have someone (friend, family member, golf buddy, etc) measure the distance from the ground up to the top of your hands. This measurement will be the preferred length of the putting shaft.

The average length of PGA putters is 34″. When holding the putter naturally in your stance, if there is more than 1 inch of putting grip showing above the hands, the putter most likely is to long for you.

Listed above are some simple, easy ways to help you find the putter for you, remembering the only person who is qualified to make this choice is YOU. Knowing the feel, weight, smooth glide of the putter, there is no one else but you to choose the right one, also you want to pick the style, color and over all look, right?Reading a lag putt

Belly Putter/ Better or Worse

What the heck is a belly putter you night be asking yourself. Well the name describes this kind of putter perfectly. The definition of a belly putter is a style of putter which the putter extends beyond the hands when holding the putter, so that when slightly bending in your putting stance the putter shaft or grip end nestles in the belly of the golfer.

The belly putter as it is true for most putters is the feel. For this club, will be the club nestled into your belly and will this allow you to have a smooth glide stroke with your putter. This club will take some practice to get use to the different feel when putting, but once mastered some golfers say that they will never go back to the blade or mallet putters.

I myself had a belly putter for approximately one year, in which I used it off and on, switching back and forth between this putter and my flat edge or blade putter. It was different, but it did help me with the “yips” that I had and what we in golf call the “YIPS”. I do not think that I would have done so well with the “YIPS” without the belly putter.

The belly putter stabilizes your putter and in essence stopping the “yips” after time and practice.

There is also a putter out there that is called The Full Length Putter, this club goes farther than the belly putter and will go as high as your chest. This putter you will also use a different grip than the standard grip for the blade, mallet and belly putters. One hand is taken off (depends on if you are right or left-handed) off the grip and moved up the chest to the end of the grip of the club, and the other will be down on the lower grip as you would with other putters. This club is also measured the same way as the belly putter but instead of stopping at the belly from the ground up, you will want to measure all the way up to your chest.

Amazon’s Top Selling Mallet Puttersmallet putter

I am just going to list these mallet putters in order that they are shown on amazon’s page from #1-#10. These putters will have links that will take you straight to Amazon, where if you need anymore information and or want to purchase a club you can in one click.

1) Acstar Two Way Junior Golf Putter- Rating: 5 stars, Price: $25.09, Hand Orientation: Right and left-handed, Sizes: 25″-29″

2) Ray Cook Golf Silver Ray SR500 Putter- Rating: 4.5 stars, Price: $33.16, Hand Orientation: Right-handed only, Sizes; 34″ and 35″

3) Odyssey Hot Pro 2.0 V-Line Putter- Rating: 4.5 stars, Price: $99.99, Hand Orientation: Right-handed only, Sizes: 33″ to 35″

4) Taylor Made Golf 2017 Spider Tour Putter= Rating: 4.5 stars, Price: $219.99, Hand Orientation: Right and left-handed, Sizes: 34″ and 35″

5) Taylor Made Golf 2017 Spider Tour Red Jason- Rating: 5 stars, Price: $248.97 for 35″ and for 34″ the price is hidden, could mean a heck of a deal. Hand Orientation: right-handed only

6) Taylor Made Spider 05 Counterbalanced Putter- Rating: 5 stars, Price: $99.00, Hand Orientation: Right and left-handed, Sizes: 34.5″ 36″ and 38″

7) Odyssey X-ACT Tank Chippers Putter- Rating: 4.5 stars, Price: $129.99, Hand Orientation: Right and left-handed, Size: this will be standard size for a chipping wedge

8) Intech Golf #2 Poop Putter- Rating- 4.5 stars, Price: $34.16, Hand Orientation: Right-handed only, Size: 35″ only size

9) Odyssey Men’s White Hot RX 2Ball V-Line Putter- Rating: 5 stars, Price: $159.99, Hand Orientation: Right-handed only, Sizes: 33″ to 35″

10) Odyssey Men’s White Hot Super Stroke RX V-Line- Rating: 4.5 stars, Price: $179.99, Hand Orientation: Right and left-handed, Sizes: 33″ to 35″

The list here will give you a wide range of putter prices and styles. I will post a link for a belly putter and a full length putter in the Conclusion Header of my article.

Conclusiongolf course

After reading this article you should have a better knowledge of mallet putters, belly putters and the extended length putters. There is such a huge variety of different styles, types, designs, weight and lengths.

I always like to share my opinion on the putter that I prefer to use most often. I had said ear in this article, I had 3 different styles of putters throughout the years of playing golf. Playing with a blade putter which I probably used the most in my younger years. Today I use a mallet putter and of course I told you about the belly putter for a year or so, which truly helped my “yips”.

Anyway please if you have any questions, or just want to leave a comment. Please do so below in the comment section and I promise that I will get back with you ASAP. Usually within 24 hours.

Keep Golfing,






Starter Golf Bags For Beginners

I want to take everyone back to the beginning, where we all have been with one thing or another. Remember the anxiety and excitement of getting my first starter bag. If I am not wrong, back then my bag came with a driver, 3 wood, 3, 5 7 and 9 irons and possibly a pitching wedge. I do remember having to get a putter that was not sold with this

Times have changed and of course so have the golf clubs that we are using. The beginner sets have a lot more variety and graphite shafts, bigger headed drivers, putter, well they just are better for the price you pay. Definitely get your monies worth.

How about we take a look at a couple different golf bags/including clubs for the beginner golfer. Taking a look at both men and women sets that I feel are the best out there right now.


Men’s Starter Club’s/ My Top Pick

We will start with a great set of clubs made by Callaway

Callaway Men’s Starter Set- This set has 12 pieces, however it only comes in right-handed as of now, but an amazing starter set. Here is what you will get with this starter set:Golf swing club head speed

1) Driver and Fairway Wood

2) Irons/wedges- perimeter weighting, progressive sole width technology for improved control

3) Hybrids designed for versatility and forgiveness for shots that you would usually hit an iron

4) Putter Mallet- T-style alignment to help give you incredible accuracy

5) Standing Bag- The lightweight, durable stand bag comes with five convenient pockets, and an additional cooler pocket, a rain hood and backpack strap system.

The driver and 3 wood: woods have a forgiving sweet spot and a graphite shaft for exceptional distance which also comes with head covers.

Hybrid 5(H) : Designed for versatility and forgiveness, sometimes better than hitting an iron.

Irons/wedges- Your bag will come with 6 to the PW- Perimeter weight and progressive sole width technology for improved control (5 clubs in all).

So all together with this awesome men’s starter set, you will get 12 pieces which include as follows: 9 clubs 2 head covers, 1 bag and this price that I am going to give you is $70.00 off offer, so this means that your price is only $204.97. Amazon also has used sets that start at $142.26 which is also a huge deal.


Women’s Starter Clubs/ My First Choice

Now lets take a look at the set of clubs and bag that I feel is the best fit for a new beginner. The Precise NX460 Ladies/Women complete golf club set. This set includes, a Driver, fairway wood, hybrid, and 4 irons, it also has a putter, of course a bag. With the hybrid clubs there are two sizes it comes in -regular and petite, and these only come in right-handed. Here is list of what you will get:Golfer- woman


Fairway Wood


6,7,8 and 9 irons

PW and SW


Golf Bag

This is great lightweight starter set, includes everything to get you out on the course. Ultra light modulus 100% graphite shaft for all clubs in this bag. Matching deluxe dual-strap golf bag and head covers. You can carry your bag like a backpack, great for those of us who like to exercise while having a great time on the course. These clubs come in two sizes that basically fit 80% of the golfers out there. Standard- 5’3″-5’9″ or Petite- 5’3″ or below.

This started set usually runs for around $249.99 but now you will get this great set of clubs and golf bag with head covers for the low price of $189.99, which is $60.00 savings. Heck of a deal!


Why Starter Golf Sets For Beginners

Besides all the training it tn the game of golf, and the equipment and different tools that a true golfer accumulates throughout their golf days and years. We are looking back at the first starter set of clubs that we had.

I think that the biggest problem that people have when they first start is they do not have the right set of clubs for their level of play. Being a beginner it is going to take a while before specialty clubs and different lofted clubs will even make sense to you.

When first starting out, you will not have the swing mechanics (swing speed), accuracy, and how far do we hit each club in the bag on a consistent level.

While shopping for clubs, getting a good set is almost always determined by your height. The length of the shaft is also a determine factor, if when standing next to it, you do not have to be so far away from the ball. The longer the shaft, the farther your hands are away from the ball, which could cause, mishits, or control/accuracy problems.

This table will show the length of the clubs you will want to get:


Shorter than 5’5″ – 1/2″ shorter than the standard/ Shorter than 5’3″ – Petite

5’5″-6’1″ – Standard/ 5’3″-5’7″ – Standard

Taller than 6’1″ – Over length/ Taller than 5’7″ – Move in to men’s standard length

When first starting out, the beginner golfer should choose clubs with a higher face lofts. This is when the club gets more trajectory and possible distance. It will also create less side-spin which allows for a straighter shot off the tee.

Loft Sizes For Beginners And Their Clubs

Looking at clubs for beginner golfers, you want to keep in mind that the swing speed is not as good as it would be for an advanced golfer. With getting a driver (likely the most important club in the bag) the most desired loft for the average man is 12 degree lofts. When matching a fairway wood with the men golfers out there, it is recommended that you use a 17 degree lofts.

Hybrids are also recommended for newbies because they have a larger sweet spot (like a fairway wood) and are forgiving, which makes them easier to hit.

The women out there the preferred loft of a driver for the beginner golfer is 14 degree lofts. Women struggle with distance, however will usually hit the ball straighter- so this degree of loft will definitely help with distance.

It is usually best to use your hybrids instead of your irons, allows for more control and easier to hit accurate shots.however using you 3 wood off the tee, the recommended loft degree for this club will be 17 degree. The irons that will be most beneficial for women are the 9 iron and sand wedge.

Conclusiongolfing together

I hope this helps out the beginner golfer with some things to think about when purchasing a started golf bag and set. Definitely cheaper to by them together than separately.

Becoming informed of what and why when shopping for your first set of clubs is what I was looking to accomplish. I hope that this article has given you an insight as to what kind of clubs are good to have in your bag, and also why these clubs are good to have in your bag.

This has been fun for me to go back and remember the days when I was first starting out. It was and is one of the more exciting purchases I have made in my life. Knowing what I know now, I am very excited for the new players that are starting up and all the choices they have, and of course the fun they will have in learning game of golf.

If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below. I promise to get back to you ASAP (usually within 24 hours). I have left a couple of links to the two starter sets that are listed above. If you missed them, here they are:

Men’s Callaway

Women’s Precise

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Golf Training For Juniors-Review

The most common and frustrating complaints of junior golfs are:cartoon golf

1) Lack of distance off tee/ hitting long irons into the green.

2) Always tight/ how and when to stretch.

3) Being to flexible/ unable to be steady to generate power

4) Anxiety

5) Fatigue in later part of their round- always wondering when and if they should eat or drink something

6) Pressures/ Peers pressuring, and just being a kid.

7) Lapses in concentration/ motivation

8) When to begin stretch training

9) Complaints of aching joints

10) Pushing to hard/ burn out

Going through these complaints/ questions or frustrations is what Golf Training For Juniors says it can help with.

Junior Golf Fitness/ Is This The Right Thing To Do?

The differences in ways an adult golfer should train, compared to a 13- year- old girl or boy is going to be different in so many ways. Stamina, stretching we Golf Juniorsdo, snacks we eat, etc.

These differences can make or break, building of a career for a Junior golfer. There is an optimal “window of opportunity” to train specific elements of a junior golfer or athlete. These elements are stamina, strength, speed, skill and mobility.

These potentials are tracked not through chronological age, but instead the developmental age of a junior golfer. This system looks at and keeps track of growth spurts and adjust training for these.

Here is a list of some Fitness Exercises that junior golfer should be doing:

1) “Basic Six Movement Patterns”

2) “The Eight Best Warm-Ups”

3) Preventive strategies for staying injury free year round

Nutrition, Game Changing To Juniors

I think as adults we are consistently looking to eat healthier, by watching our nutritional intake we have daily. Most likely the juniors’ in our life, this is the last thing on their

This program talks about nutrition bars and sport drinks, if they are the best for the junior golfer? I don’t want to tell everything about the program but this program also covers how often junior golfers get dehydrated. The just forget to drink water, sports drinks, or anything for that matter.

The program lets a parent know the perfect snack before, during, and after a round of golf for your junior golfer.

This program, relating it to my youngest grand daughter, has helped with her physical growth and internal growth as well. The program not only deals with the physical but the psychological aspect of the game for a junior golfer. The nutritional factor alone has helped my grand daughter with what she eats for snacks, she is choosing the right nutritional snacks and she likes them, not just when playing golf, but for everyday.

Mental Game Strategies/ Huge Part Of The Game

Going back many, many years when I was a junior ( I did not play golf then, but I did play other sports such as hockey. I was of two girls in the league in North Dakota. There was a lot of anxiety and frustration in the way we were treated, the boys did not want to practice with us, but we designed our own practices and the coach would come over and say things like. Why are your here? This is a boy’s sport. I wish back then that we had tools and guides like this program. It could have helped me diffuse the frustration, anxiety and physical limits that I thought girls had.

This program gives your motivation strategies- they really do work. The program creates strategies to reduce breakdown under pressure and teaches procedures to increase consistency of the preparation to play the game of golf.

Pricing Compared To A Personal Coach

Good and bad of going through a training with a Personal Coach or having this program to guide your through all the stages that the Personal Coach would do.

The personal approach of the coach is important, but your have to go at his speed (otherwise your will pay more) your have to go to his location usually and then your will only get about 50 minutes to 2 hours for each session, which is not a long time when training and practicing golf.Golf swing technique

The Renegade Golf Training For Juniors is a product that your can refer to your and your child s own pace. This can be a huge asset when dealing with growth sports, maturity levels of the child. This will give the parent the chance to help with the molding of their child s brain. Thinking about nutrition, what kind of warm-ups to do, of course the exercise program they will be doing. This is a great program that allows your (the parent) to hang out with your junior child and help shape a healthy, happy child.

Taking all this in to consideration. I would definitely pick this system because of the price of only $47, one time fee, which is significantly lower than $100.00 to $250.00 a session that a Persoal Golf Coach would charge.

Conclusion/ Review- Yay Or Nay

Final thoughts on the Golf Training For Juniors system. I find it very interesting and easy to implement in to any juniors’ golfer game routine. This appears to be a wonderful guide that looks at all aspects of the game, like nutrition, exercises- that are beneficial for a junior golfer. The Psychology aspect of the game is huge for anyone. Especially a junior golfer who is dealing with so many other things that life gives them. Their bodies are growing as well as their minds and this can sometimes get very overwhelming.

This program is not only good for the junior golfer, but could be used in everyday things, school, dodge ball, other sports, etc.

If your had to pay for a Nutritionist, Psychologist and Personal Golf Coach, these people would cost thousands of dollars and I don’t know about your, but I just don’t have the money to pay for all that. I would also like to add that your as the parent get to spend quality time with your child through some very important physical and psychological times in their lives, and what is better than that.

If your have any questions or comments about this review, please leave them in the comment box below.

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Golf Drivers-Top 5 Best Selling On Amazon

1) 2017 Cobra Golf Men’s King F7- Cobra Connect/ 5 stars- starts at $198.50

2) Taylor Made Men’s Aero Burner 2016 Driver/ 4 stars- starts at $139.99

3) Taylor Made Men’s M2 460 cc Driver/ 4 stars- starts at $259.85

4) Cobra Men’s King F6 Driver (adjustable loft) / 3.75 stars- starts at $159.97

5) Taylor Made 2017 M2 Men’s Driver 460cc/ 4 stars- starts at $349.99

Now that you have the list, let’s break them down to what they do and how and why they rank as high as they do.Ben Hogan

2017 Cobra Golf Men’s King F7-Cobra Connect

On Amazon this club is ranked #1 for searches and purchases. This is an amazing driver with a graphite shaft. It comes in 3 different colors- black, blue and silver. This club is made for either right or left-handed golfers with a regular, senior stiff and X stiff flex.

This club has extreme carbon fiber crown, which yields a 20% lighter crown allowing for more weight to be redistributed lower and deeper in to the club head, creating extreme distance and forgiveness.

The driver is like 3-in 1, there are three different CG settings in the heel, the back and in the front of the club face, which will give you three different ball flights.

Taylor Made Men’s Aero Burner, 2016 Driver

This club is also made with a graphite shaft, this club only is made for right-handed golfers, it comes in regular and stiff flex. It comes in different degrees of loft, 9.5, 10.5, and 12 degree lofts.

Driver speed means more distance. This club features advanced aerodynamics to driver distance through speed.

The round toe and raised center crown keeps air flow attached longer to reduce drag. Thin face and s increase the size of the sweet spot and flex for maximum distance.

There have been numerous reviews for this club stating “they are smashing their drives” farther than they ever have before.

This club will make a great gift to yourself or anyone else (that you do’t mind losing to) that wants to get the most potential distance from a range


Taylor Made Men’s M2 460cc Driver

The club here comes with a graphite shaft, made for both right and left-handed golfers. The flex of this club comes in, regular, senior and stiff. Loft degrees for this club is either 9.5, 10.5, or 12 degrees.

This club is made to maximize distance and control, hot trajectory is the key to allow the low spin and high launches. The crown allows for 5 to 7 grams of mass to be moved lower on the club head. This movement creates a huge sweet spot and the highest MOI (moments of inertia) in any Taylor Made Driver.

The club is designed for maximum distance with maximum forgiveness well. Taylor Made inverted cone technology and a totally redesigned speed pocket at all impact points across the face of the club.

Awesome club, great loft with little spin, but allows for forgiveness, because of huge sweet spot. Great, Great the ball stance

Cobra Men’s King F6 Driver (Adjustable Loft)

Comes with a graphite shaft. The colors that this club comes in are, black, blue, gray and white. You can also get this club for right or left-handed golfers, with regular, senior, stiff and X stiff flexes.

This club offers true personalized distance, featuring adjustable “front to back” center of gravity technology for dialing in your perfect launch and spin.

Front CG ( center of gravity) position delivers a ball flight with more roll, while a back CG position offers a higher more towering ball flight with great forgiveness.

The re-engineered forged 8-1-1 titanium E9 face is a thickness structure that is lighter, thinner, creating more deflection and a larger sweet zone across the face of the club.

This club has 8 easily adjustable loft settings to manage trajectory and launch conditions, to maximize distance on any course, and for any swing.Golf

Taylor Made 2017 M2 Men’s Driver 460cc

The shaft on this club is Fujikura Pro XLR8 you can get it for right and left-handed golfers. The flexes that are available with this club are: regular, senior, stiff and X stiff. Loft degrees this club comes in are 9.5, 10.5 and 12 degree.

The all new M2 Driver utilizes “geocoustic” engineering, a process of using new geometric applications in order to get the best performance and forgiveness of this club.

The driver enhances-sound, feel, forgiveness and performance. Construction of this club saves in weight and heavy back weight, it also has a deeper more active speed pocket which is 3 times more active than the original M2. This is to increase flexion and forgiveness across the club face and generate high launches/low spin to achieve massive distance.Golf beginner



The 5 drivers here today are all sold on Amazon and they are the top selling drivers as of right now. They are truly the best drivers made right now and of course I will be updating with any new drivers or other clubs that catch my eye and that I would love to share with you.

I would also like to share that my son has the new Taylor Made M2 and he absolutely loves this club, and hits the stink out of his drives. Looking to get either the new Taylor Made M2 for my brother or one of the other clubs here. The fact that any skill level player can use these clubs and they will definitely work for them.
Sure that one of these amazing clubs would make a great early Christmas gift and or a gift for yourself. Hopefully this article was very interesting and helpful to all, and of course if you have any questions or comments, please leave them below.

Through out this article there are some links on the clubs that are listed, that will take you to the Amazon pages where you can purchase a club or get more information on any of the clubs listed above.

Keep Golfing,







Get Out Green Side Bunker/ I Will Show You How

What is a green side bunker? A green side bunker is a depression near the green that is usually filled with sand. The bunkers on the green side are quite a bit lower than the height of the green.tim clark- bunker shot

This tells us that we will want to use a club that will get us plenty of loft in order to get up and out of the bunker. The club most likely you will use is a sand wedge of 58-62 degree loft, to elevate the ball and glide through the sand.

Addressing The Ball And Swinging From The Bunker

The first thing when hitting out of the sand is ball position. Is the ball sitting on the sand, or buried in the sand. Either way we will have to hit the sand first, otherwise you going to scold the ball across the green or hit the ledge in front of sand bunker, and the ball will come right back at you.

When hitting out of the sand line up to the ball, with the ball being slightly to the front of you stance. Do not make the sand you target. The ball will die in the sand or stick in the sand and this is no good. When hitting out of the bunker, make the flag you target. This will keep things less complicated, and force the swing to follow through to the hole.

We also need to make a big enough swing to get the ball to the green and hopefully close to the hole. When hitting from the sand about 20 yards, this seems to be the average for green side bunkers. Some will of course be closer and even farther than the 20 yards stated here. With the flag being close to the twenty yards out, you will want to use a 58 degree lofted wedge, which you will swing about a 3/4 swing back and of course the same for Following through, this will vary with different skill levels, but seems to be the standard for most.

Mental Aspects Of The Green Side Bunker Shot

The mental anguish that goes along with hitting a green side bunker shot, or just a basic sand shot, can be daunting to say the least.

The check list that one goes through when hitting this shot are:golf course bunker

1) Open Stance

2) Open the club face of the club

3) Swing out then in

4) Hit around two inches behind the ball

5) Hit around 1 inch under the ball

6) Make sure to follow through after impact and hold it

Writing these tasks down feels a little overwhelming, just imagine being on the course and having to check all the aspects of this swing. If you are like me, I would be standing there in the sand, unable to even take the club back, brain freeze, I call this.

The “real” way to hit a bunker shot has been told to us by our friends and golfing buddies for years, numerous lessons, watching videos, etc. The truth is the fundamentals behind a good bunker shot is to keep it simple, so that you can accomplish the shot.

Get yourself in to a comfortable set-up or stance, simply focus on hitting the club-head under the ball, clearing you mind of all other fundamental things, and swing the club, hard enough to glide through the sand to lift up the ball. Your muscle memory if you practice this swing will take over, with Following through and finished swing.

This is the basic sand shot, keeping that in mind, there are something that you will have to do to get more height and spin on the ball, if you had a bad lie. For now just focus on getting out of the sand in one shot, then we can tweak the shot we need.

When Your Ball Is Buried In The Sand

Buried lies are very frustrating and will usually lead to higher scores, but this buried ball in bunkerdoes not have to be the case, lets take a look.

The good news about having a ball that is buried in the bunker, is that we now know that the sand is soft, and this will help us with what kind of shot is needed. The important thing about hitting a buried ball sand shot, you going to want to cup in the club face (the opposite of a sand shot just lying on the sand. You are going to hit down on the ball, like you would with a shot in a divot for instance. The ball will come out lower, with no spin and it will run a lot more than a lofted sand shot. Make sure to take all these things in, when hitting the shot.

Just focus on swinging up, then down behind the golf ball and forget about you follow through, this will happen if the focus is keeping club cupped and swing down. Following through will be automatic.

When In The Sand, Use Sand Wedge

The number one thing to remember is to use a sand wedge to get out of green side bunkers. This club is made to create loft and glide through the sand. The ledge on the bottom of the club on the bottom was built for this specific kind of shot, so let it do the hard work for you. Make sure that you have an open wider stance, dig in a little with you feet to keep feet still through the swing. Lean in to the target, having most of you weight on the inside of you front foot. The trailing edge of the club will be the first thing that contacts the sand and will push the ball out.sand wedge

Finally, you do not have to swing the club so hard, this will cause you to lose control of the swing, this will allow the sand wedge to glide through the sand to push the ball up and out on a consistent basis.


Wrapping It Up

Wrapping this up, the best thing not to do is hit the ball in the green side bunker in the first place. Don’t we wish! However, for some reason you find yourself in the green side bunker, use the basic skills we went through here to get up and out. Recap:

1) Wide-Open Stance

2) Dig In Your Feet

3) Use Sand Wedge

4) Hit A Little Behind The Ball

These 4 simple things will allow the sand wedge to do the job, by the glide and scoop that happens with this club. The green side bunker shot is a shot that I practice quite a bit on the range to get the mental, muscle memory for the swing. This will help enormously when out on the course for a real game.

If you have any questions and or comments, please leave them here on my website and I will get back with you as soon as possible.

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Proper Womens Golf Attire

The probing question, what will I wear for golf today? This is a loaded question, because you want to wear the proper golf attire for the weather. There are many things to think about when it comes to the weather and what to wear for the day of golf. Will it be rainy, windy, cool, or just plain hot out. All these different aspects of weather can happen in the fall months, so you will want to keep an eye on the weather and what it will do that day of golf. These are the things that I will look at when choosing what to wear.

Knowing that I am not to cold, not to hot, not to wet, is huge in how you will play that round. Nothing like being on the course and it starts to get a little colder, wind picks up and boom, it starts to rain, and you have shorts or a skirt on and you end up freezing the whole round. This is a game killer and you have a very bad day of golf, not only do you shoot a bad score, but you froze and golf sweaterwere way uncomfortable the whole time. No Fun!

When it is windy and your hair is blowing in your face throughout the round, on every swing, putt, etc. this is also not good, if you only had a hat.

Golf Attire For Fall

I thought to start out, we can look at what is good to wear and have in your golf bag and on your body, for the fall golf months, being as it is already November 1st.

Living in Colorado, the weather in the fall months can change in an instant. I remember it has been a few years ago. I was watching out the window as the sun was shining down, (pretty nice day out) on my side of the street anyway, and right across the street it is raining and raining hard. This lasted about 10 minutes or so, but very strange this weather in Colorado.

Shoes, what kind of shoes do we wear when we know at any instant the weather can change in the fall months. With it being a little colder out the grass is slight wet in the mornings, sometimes up till noon or so. You want a golf shoe that has got a closed toe, not an open toe, like a golf sandal.

Golf pants is most likely the way to go, not unless it is unusually warm out that day for this time of the month. I do not like to have my pants fitting to tight, but a nice comfortable fit. This allows me to be flexible in my swing, which of course is good for my game.

Golf shirts I like to wear a short sleeve shirt, with a lite fitting jacket in between shots. You might be asking, why not wear a long sleeve shirt, which of course you can, but for me, I have more flexibility with my arms and I don’t feel all bound up. I would also carry in my golf bag or wearing a hat or cap.


What Golf Attire Should Be In Your Golf Baggolf shoes

I am going to make this short and sweet!

1) Umbrella

2) Golf Shoes

3) Golf Gloves- at least two pair

4) Golf towel- dry one inside bag

5) Clean dry socks

6) Light jacket or sweater

7) Hand warmers

8) Hat, cap or visor

These are some items that are always in my golf bag. These items may change from time to time but in the fall months these are some major items I like to carry. Throughout the years of playing golf and at one point or another needing one or more of these items, of course I did not have them, and I did not have a very good day on those days. Remember the weather can and will change on you in an instant,

Golf Shoes/What Are The Best Kinds

For the best pair of golf shoes, should have golf spikes on them for better traction-less movement of your feet. This does not mean we get 1 inch metal spikes (like back in the old days) but rubber, good quality spikes, that hold their grip, with less movement of your feet. Make sure that they also fit appropriately, not to tight.

I have always went to the FootJoy Brand, they fit me the best, I also enjoy the way they look, lots of different choices to choose from and the gripping of the shoe itself is outstanding. You might pay a little more for some of their shoes but in the long run of things, they are worth it. You pay for what you get.

Because it is fall, I will stick with the closed toe golf shoe. In fact the only time that I wear my golf sandals is in the summer months and some unusually warm spring and fall months, and definitely not for tournament play.

Golf Pants and Shirts For Fall Play

When looking for appropriate pants for the fall months, I always have to take in to consideration where I live in Colorado, the weather is so unpredictable that when I am shopping for golf pants, I want water resistant, warmer, and flexibility in them. I want to just put it out there that you DO NOT want to wear jeans or jean like material, very restrictive and really looks unprofessional. This is only if you are a serious golfer, and if not, well who am I to judge. Just keep golfing, that the key to all of pants-comfortable

In my golf pants, I want at least 2 pockets, so that I can hold the stuff that I use on the course, such as ball marker, couple of tees, and a divot repair.

The brand I like is the Adidas Golf Womens Fall Weight Pants. They are water resistant and have fleece lining, very comfortable and truly are the pants for the fall and winter months.

Like the golf pants that I wear for the fall months. I also want to wear a water resistant shirt (short sleeved-this is my choice) that is not to tight but fits just perfectly, allowing for mobility in my arms. This will usually turn out to be some water resistant polo shirt and Nike is the way I go. They make quality golf shirts and at a good price.

It does not mean that you have to spend a ton of money to get the best, but you will get what you pay for, just as everything else in life.

Golf Hats, Caps and Final Thoughts

Golf Hats and Caps, of playing golf, I have to admit throughout the years of playing golf on different courses, in different states and towns. I have been an avid collector of hats and caps from these different courses that I have played at. I have also been known to wear golf visors in the warmer months, just in case it rains, it will not be so cold on my ears and hats

My final thoughts are if you dress for success in anything that you do, you feel that much better and it will show in your game. I guarantee it.

One key to having better golf games and golf days is wearing appropriate clothes for the weather that day, remember to keep the items that I listed earlier in your bag at all times, this will help, it always has for me and I had to learn the hard way.

Please leave any comments or thoughts, and as always please ask any questions you might have for me in the comment box.

Stay warm and keep golfing,