Body For Golf

Greg NormanToday I want to talk about how important it is to have the Body For Golf to reach your full potential in this wonderful game of golf, the sport and game. I have found that the Body For Golf Program will improve your body and your golf game.

This program by far is the most extensive program that I have done, and it truly does work. In this article I want to tell you about this program and how it can help you not only in your golf swing and game, but also maintain a healthy body, by shaping and toning your golf body.

It was designed by Susan Hill, nationally certified golf fitness expert and past President and Founder of Fitness for She is also a fitness trainer, sports nutritionist, golf bio mechanic, youth conditioning specialist and golf flexibility expert. Susan has also written for Sports Illustrated, Resort Living, and The Junior Golf Scoreboard and has published eight best-selling books on golf.Susan Hill-2

Susan also was asked to work on the LPGA (Ladies Professional Golf Association) tour with Jill McGill and Allison Hannah, and also oversaw the fitness program at The International Junior Golf Academy and she has consulted with the top College Teams, including UCLA.

#1 Secret To Improving Your Swing And Hit Longer Drives

The truth is that the Pros achieve outstanding results because they use fitness and nutrition programs designed specifically for the game of golf. This program will help you understand the real connection between your body and your swing and how to prepare it for a lifetime of play. This is not just to play golf, but to play golf at peak levels. The number one thing that professional and tour golfers have in common is they ALL engage in golf fitness. Tour golfers wouldn’t be where they are today if they didn’t understand the vital connection between their level of fitness and their swing.gol swing

Looking at Gary Player, otherwise known as “The Black Knight.” Gary won nine major championships on the regular tour and six champions Tour Major Championship Victories, and if that is not enough to impress you, he also won three Senior Tour Open Championships on The European Senior Tour. He is now in his eighties and still unstoppable it seems.

The secret of Gary Player is he trains extensively using golf-specific workout routines which gives him those long straight drives that we all crave.Gary Player

Greg Norman is in his sixties, a previous golf champ who is the self-entitled pioneer of golf fitness. Greg trains with cutting-edge workout routines specifically designed for golf. In an interview Greg snarled and said: ” I’m appalled by people who don’t look after their bodies.” He is and was very serious about fitness and specifically golf fitness.Greg Norman

Now lets take a look at Tiger Woods. Tiger was ranked number one in the official world of golf ranking for many years, he has also been one of the highest paid golfer of all time. He had numerous sponsors and of course his golf tour wins and the money that comes from those large purses did not hurt hi financial status. As Tiger is making his comeback after years out of golf (due to back problems and surgery.) The main source of his comeback has been his vigorous training for the perfect golf swing and golf body.Tiger Woods


Here Is What Golfers Are Looking For:

1) Increase Drive Distance by 15 to 20 yards or more, although many would be happy with an additional 10 yards. Just ask a tour Pro how important a couple of yards can change your golf game.

2) Increase Energy Levels so they feel refreshed and ready for the back nine.

3) A lean, strong and flexible body to ensure power and to maximize every shot.

4) The Edge in their golf game so they can be fierce competition for even the most serious golfers. There will always be another level of competition and don’t you want to be ready and prepared for it.

This program has helped thousands of golfers just like you learn:

1) How to dramatically lower your golf score.

2) How to dramatically increase your drive distance.

3) How to get in the best shape of your life which will definitely help your golf game

4) Most importantly, how to blow your competition out of the water in the game of golf.Susan Hill-3

Five Steps To Drop Handicaps, Get Ideal Golf Body

This is the most important thing that we can take away from this program. Isn’t this what we all want achieve by the way. I want to list the Five Steps and if you follow these steps, you will achieve golf greatness and lower those handicap scores and beat your competition on a regular basis.

Step-1-Take Care Of Your Massive Energy Leak

Golfers have one very powerful center of force and it’s called the core.

Your golf swing relies upon core strength, endurance and proper engagement for any kind of reliable distance off the tee. This is just not off the tee, but can affect every shot you make leading to the green. Core conditioning is very important for a golfer because all movements in your entire body stem from the strength in this area.

Wherever you find a weak core, you find a major source of energy leaks in the golf swing. The core is where the bodies center of gravity is located and where force production begins. Most people have a very weak core, and as a result, chronic posture problems. Over time this creates wear and tear on the body. A golfer with a weak core is vulnerable and struggles with efficiency in the swing.

Step-2-Stop Neglecting The Three Vital Body Parts

The top three areas of concern on the body for most every golfer. They are the shoulders, hips and spine. Most people don’t know the right techniques to activate their powerful trio.Golfers shoulder turn

Every great golf instructor will tell you that your body rotates around the spine. It acts like a pivot point, in the golf swing. Without the correct method of shoulder turn, you have very little chance of getting your arms in the proper position in your backs wing, and sadly this limits your follow through.

The Hips-Top players initiate their downswing with the powerful muscles of the abs and hips. Once the desired momentum is generated by the lower body, they use their arm muscles to effectively “fine tune” the swing.

Step-3-99% Of Golfers Don’t Know How To Get Right Posture

Every golfer is continually in search of that elusive feel that the perfect swing. If we have learned anything from years of watching the Professional Golfers showcase their skills in tournaments around the world, is that “The Perfect Swing” varies from player to player. This means that you have to find your perfect swing, which is the swing that works for you.Junior Golfer

One of the most important components of a good golf swing is your posture at the time when you are “addressing the ball”. If you have poor posture, your search of the perfect swing becomes more challenging. Once you learn how to start building strength in the right areas, good golf posture will come easy. Then working on endurance so you can repeat the same winning swing, over and over again.

Step-4-Amateur Golfers, Foods That Hinder Their Game

Poor nutrition affects mental focus and judgment as well as energy management. It could be that the front nine, you are playing good golf, then on the back nine you start feeling sluggish, tired, weak and maybe even a little dizzy. This could most likely be the foods that you have or have not eaten. You will never play up to your true potential if you don’t learn how to eat like a champion with a solid golf nutrition program.

Step-5-Stop Engaging In Workouts That Cause Injuries

Some golfers need a simple stretch routine they can perform a few days a week. Other golfers may need a short duration strength and stretch routine. However, most golfers don’t even know where to start:weight lifting

The golfers who need training the most are not always the “obvious” ones. For ages over-weight golfers have gotten a bad rap. Everyone thinks that when we talk about training, we are only talking to golfers who need to lose weight, well this is just not true. The tall, skinny golfers with tight shoulders who are incapable of achieving peak performance are the ones who also need a good golf training program. Golfers with a history of injuries and problems related to the way they swing the club are also a good fit for some extra training.


Where can you find a program that will instantly bring your golf game to the next level? Right Here: Body For Golf.Golf Swing-woman

Give this program what it deserves, a chance, and as promised by Susan Hill if you do not get the body for golf that you are satisfied with in 60 days, she will personally refund you every penny.

Spring Rates are now available for this program, instead of paying $48, you will get this program for the low price of $37.

If you have any questions or just want to leave a comment, please do below and I will get back with you as soon as possible.

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Nancy Lopez-The Golf Legend

Young Nancy LopezNancy Marie Lopez- ( Born- January 6, 1957 ) is a retired American Professional Golfer. She became a member of the LPGA Tour in 1977 and won 48 LPGA Tour events, including three Major Championships.

Nancy was the first woman to be awarded the Frances Quimar Award, she also has won Player of The Year 4- times in her career which ended with her retirement in 2008 after not making the cut in her last tournament she played in, scoring a 76.

Amateur Career Of Nancy Lopez

Nancy won the New Mexico Women’s Amateur at age 12 in 1969, and The U.S. Girls Junior in 1972 and in 1974, at age 15 and 17, respectively shortly after graduation from Goddard High School in Roswell, New Mexico, she played in The U.S. Womems’s Open as an Amateur, first in 1974 and again in 1975 where she tied for second.

As a collegiate freshman in 1976, Lopez was named All – American and Female Athlete of The Year for her play at the University of Tulsa. That year she won the Association of The Intercollegiate Athletics for Women ( AIAW ) National Collegiate Golf Championship and was a member of The U.S. Curtis Cup and World Amateur teams. Lopez left college in her sophomore year and turned Pro in 1977. Then she was the runner-up again at The U.S. Women’s Open.

Nancy Lopez-Professional Career

During the first full season on the LPGA Tour in 1978, Lopez won 9 tournaments, including five consecutive. She appeared on the cover of Sports Illustrated in July 1978, won The Vare Trophy for the lowest scoring average, LPGA Rookie of The Year, LPGA Player of The Year and was named The Association Press Female Athlete of The Year- All this happened in 1978-Hell of a year if I say so myself.Nancy L

Nancy won another eight times in 1979 and won multiple times in each year from 1980 to 1984, although she played half season in 1983 and in 1984, due to the birth of her first child.

She came back playing full-time in 1985, which she posted five wins, five seconds, five thirds, she won the scoring title, the money title, The Player of The Year Award and was named Associated Press Female Athlete of The Year for the second time. Not a bad comeback after having a baby.

Lopez only entered in four events in 1986, when her second daughter was born, but came back with multiple wins in 1987 through 1989. Three times each in 1988 and 1989 and once again won Player of The Year honors in 1988, Nancy then had her third daughter in the 1990s and in 1992, she won twice, after that she continued to play short schedules from 11 to 18 tournaments through 2002, then in 2003 cut back to just a half dozen or fewer events a year.Ray Knight

Nancy was inducted into The World Golf Hall of Fame in 1987. She was a member of The United States Solheim Cup team in the 1990s and captain of the team in 2005. Lopez retired from regulation tournament play in 2002 and attempted a return season she played in 6 tournaments, missed the cut each time and only broke 80 in three of the 12 rounds that she played. In 2008, she played in three events, with her lowest score of 76, and she never made the cut, however Nancy was inducted into The Georgia Sports Hall of Fame in 2002.

Personal Life Of Nancy Lopez

Lopez was married twice, first to Houston Sports Caster, Tim Melton from 1979 to 1982, shortly after her divorce, she married Major League All-Star, Ray Knight, he was at that time a member of The Houston Astros. In October. 1982 in Pelham, Georgia. They were married for 27 years and have three daughters together.

Since 1986, Nancy has hosted, The Nancy Lopez Hospice Golf Classic at The Doublegate Country Club to raise money for the Albany Community Hospice, returning yearly, even after her divorce from Rat Knight in 2009.History of Nancy Lopez

She now lives in The Village Florida, where she hosts an annual golf tournament to benefit the charity ( Adventures In Movement ) or AIM, an organization that helps the mentally challenged, visually impaired, hearing impaired, physically handicapped and other children and adults with special needs. Nancy has hosted the tournament since 1981 and also serves as a National Ambassador with the AIM, along with Baseball Hall of Fame, Joe Morgan.

LPGA Tour Wins For Nancy Lopez

LPGA Tour Major Championships ( 3 )

Other LPGA Tour wins ( 45 )

1) Feb. 26, 1978 Bent Tree Classic 289 (+1)

2) March 12, 1978 Sustar Classic 285 (-3)

3) May 14, 1978 Greater Baltimore Classic 212 (-7)

4) May 21, 1978 Coca Cola Classic 210 (-3)

5) May 29, 1978 Golden Light Championship 277 (-11)

6) June 11, 1978 LPGA Championship 275 (-13)

7) June 18, 1978 Bankers Trust Classic 214 (-5)

8) Aug. 6, 1978 Colgate European Open 289 (-7)

9) November 12, 1978 Colgate Far East Open 216 (E)

10) March 11, 1979 Sunstar Classic 280 (-8)

11) March 255, 1979 Sahara-National Pro-Am 274 (-16)

12) May 6, 1979 Women’s International 282 (-6)

13) May 20, 1979 Coca-Cola Classic 216 (-3)Nancy 4

14) June 3, 1979 Golden Light Championship 280 (-8)

15) June 24, 1979 Lady Keystone Open 212 (-4)

16) August 5, 1979 Colgate European Open 282 (-6)

17) September 30, 1979 Mary Kay Classic 274 (-14)

18) March 30, 1980 Women’s Kemper Open 284 (E)

19) June 29, 1980 The Sarah Coventry 283 (-9)

20) September 1, 1980 Rail Charity Golf Classic 275 (-13)

21) March 8, 1981 Arizona Copper Classic 278 (-14)

22) April 5, 1981 Colgate-Dinah Shore 277 (-11)

23) June 28, 1981 The Sarah Coventry 285 (-3)

24) March 21, 1982 J&B Scotch Pro-Am 279 (-5)

25) November 7, 1982 Mazda Japan Classic 207 (-9)

26) February 6, 1983 Elizabeth Arden Classic 285 (-5)

27) April 10, 1983 J&B Scotch Pro-Am 283 (-6)

28) March 4, 1984 Uniden LPGA Invitational 284 (E)

29) August 19, 1984 Chevrolet World Championship Of Women’s Golf 281 (-7)

30) May 19, 1985 Chrysler Plymouth Classic 210 (-9)Nancy L 2

31) June 7, 1985 LPGA Championship 273 (-15)

32) July 7, 1985 Mazda Hall Of Fame Championship 281 (-7)

33) August 11, 1985 Henredon Classic 268 (-20)

34) September 8, 1985 Portland Ping Championship 215 (-1)

35) February 8, 1987 Sarasota Classic 281 (-7)

36) September 13, 1987 Cellular-One Ping Golf Championship 210 (-6)

37) February 7, 1988 Mazda Classic 283 (-5)

38) April 17, 1988 Al Star/Centennial Hospital Classic 210 (-6)

39) May 15, 1988 Chrysler-Plymouth Classic 204 (-12)

40) May 21, 1989 Mazda LPGA Championship 274 (-14)

41) July 30, 1989 Atlantic City Classic 206 (-10)

42) September 24, 1989 Nippon-Travel MBS Classic 281 (-7)

43) September 23, 1990 MBS-LPGA Classic 281 (-7)

44) May 5, 1991 Sarah Lee Classic 206 (-10)

45) September 7, 1992 Rail Charity Golf Classic 199 (-17)

46) September 13, 1992 Ping Celluar-One LPGA Golf Championship 209 (-7)

47) July 11, 1993 Youngstown-Warren LPGA Classic 203 (-13)

48) April 27, 1997 Chick-Fil-A Charity Championship 137 (-7)


I don’t know how she did all of this and still had time for her family and friends, raising her 3 daughters, of course with then husband Ray Knight. What a wonderful career Nancy Lopez. You are the reason why I got started in golf back in the 1980s. Thank you for that and I would not know what to do if I couldn’t play GOLF.Nancy Mom

If you have any questions, or just want to leave a comment, please do below and I will get back to you as soon as possible, and remember,

Keep Golfing,






The 28 Putts Scoring Plan


Scott Alfred

This is the surefire way to shoot consistently lower scores faster than you have ever dreamed possible…If you don’t have time to practice. This is an extremely powerful “learn to golf” training product with lifetime member area.

For many years now, teachers of golfers are given 2-3 things to work on at the driving range. Well, Yes!, this does work but what if there was not enough time to go to the golf range all the time.

Here is a way to get the ball in the hole, yet these people who do this practice when they want-where they want-and with whom they want to practice with. What’s more is that they enjoy playing golf by hitting great shots and killing their drives or just “rolling the rock in the hole”. The rock is of course the golf ball. This is just some golf language that I have picked up over the years.

For these golfers, the idea of a swing thought, like: ” I must make this putt”, or ” I hope I don’t 3-putt”, are as foreign as the practice world that they left behind. ( Not suggested by me to leave practice behind).

However, I will tell you it’s the lack of an easy step by step plan designed to focus your attention to those shots that directly impact your ability to score lower,

We all need to know how to get the ball in the hole and save 11 strokes, doesn’t that sound amazing, well this program says that this could happen to you, because it has happened for so many others.putting green

If You Think Your Stuck Scoring In The 90s/ Think Again!

Scott Alfred, Founder and student of the 28-Putts Scoring Plan has answered the question, “How do you teach feel with the putter?” Feel is not something you learn, but something you find within yourself.

When your feel is good, your free to stroke a confident putt, in other words you trust it. The great thing is it’s not technical

It is something any golfer can do. Developing feel for distance control is, “The must have”, skill in golf and will lead you down the path to shooting lower scores. Without feel your game will suffer the consequences, because feel flows from the putter to chipping, the wedge game and all the way to the tee box.

Scott has created an online training program to help students commit to and see the line, feel the shot and stop thinking about the process of doing it correctly. Scott just created the best scoring plan to ;lower scores, something that is missing in modern golf instructions.Practice Putting

Step-By-Step Plan To Help Get The Ball In The Hole

So can this program make you hit the ball like Dustin Johnson-Well n not in my case and most likely not in yours. However, it does not take the power that Dustin has to putt a ball. Can we putt like Dustin Johnson? It is certainly possible because putting is the one skill in golf that anyone can compete with the golf pros out there.

In putting, you don’t have to be flexible, stout or, in top shape to golf like a Pro, you also don’t have to be a low handicapper to putt great.

This program is for golfers at any level. The problem most of us have is TIME. We do not have time to practice, let alone play around of golf most times. Use your time wisely when you practice and don’t forget about the shots that will save you strokes at the end of the day. Like putting, chipping and your wedge shots, these are shots that you can quickly gain and or lose strokes very quickly.

How Many Putts Do You Have In A Round Of Golf?

Well the answer we are looking for is 28 in an 18 hole round of golf. Most average golfers rank in the 39 and above putts for an 18 hole round. If we can get you down to hitting only 28 putts in a round this will save you at least 11 strokes. Thais sounds amazing, right? well hang on it can happen.Putts per round average

Think about it if you have an average score of 90 for 18 holes, you most likely would have around 37 putts per round and about 17 wedge shots under 100 yards and 36 shots over 100 yards. Now Let’s imagine that we can bring down those putts to 28 putts per 18 holes. This would most likely bring your score down to a 70 and your wedge shots under 100 yards most likely would be around 13 and shots over 100 yards would be anywhere from 28 to 29. Doesn’t this sound like the kind of golf that we all want to be playing.

A little known secret about your golf clubs, the putter is one of the most important clubs in your bag. It averages about 41.3% of your strokes that are gobbled up by the club that goes the shortest distance- You guessed it, “The Putter.” A 3-foot putt counts as a stroke as well as a 300 yard drive does and if you are constantly 3-putting on holes- this will raise your overall score by at least 11-strokes

Why 28- Putts? What Is The Significance Of The Number

The best players in the world average 28- putts per round- When Scott set out to decrease his scores, this was the number he had in mind.

Tiger Woods dominated the tour he was the best putter in the world. In 2015, Jordan Speith seemed to make every putt that he looked at from 15- feet and in, Dustin Johnson made an enormous improvement to his putting in his climb to the top. All 3 of these number # 1 ranked Pros have and had one thing in common ( short game and putting was and still is phenomenal).

When we score well the common denominator is putting well while keeping in mind that if you hit only 28-putts per round this is where you want to be.
Putts per round-2015

What Will You Get With This Program

Your going to see exactly how your going to do it- it’s simple once you understand the fundamentals of getting the ball in the hole- you will learn there’s 3 things that you must focus on to save strokes and to keep them off in your 18 hole golf rounds.

1) In- Home training with putting, chipping and wedge game fundamentals.

2) Time saving practice planning at the range or on the green.

3) ” Not thinking” about the process of doing it correctly.

I thought I would show you a comment by Jeff Shelton: User and student of the 28- Putts Scoring Plan.

The 28- Putts Scoring Plan is a keeper and a must read for anyone interested in lowering their score. It addresses every segment of all shots from 100 yards out to the bottom of the cup. It is easy to read and follow with pictures of proper mechanics and smart practicing drills. The explanations are clear and in plain language. Thank You.”

Jeff Shelton

Washington State, U.S.A.


I am so excited to bring this wonderful gift to you golfers out there that want to lower your scores up to 11- strokes. I can’t wait to hear what you have to say about this wonderful program. Please let me know if it has helped you in any way or if it is something you can’t live without, such as me. This book and so much more is geared to lowering your golf scores by bringing in tools to help with your short game, especially focusing on your putting.

If you have any questions or just want to leave a comment, please do below and I will get back with you as soon as possible.

Keep Golfing,






Who Was Sam Snead ?

Samuel Jackson Snead-Pro Golfer (May 27, 1912,-May 23, 2002) was an American Pro Golfer who was one of the top players in the golf world for more than 4 decades. Snead won a record 82 PGA Tour events, including seven majors. He however, never won the U.S. Open, though he was runner-up four times.Sam Snead 1

Snead”s nickname was “Slammin Sammy” and he was admired by many for having the so-call “perfect swing”, which generated many imitators. Snead was framed for his folks image, wearing a straw hat, and making such statements as “Keep close count of your nickles and dimes, stay away from whiskey and never concede a putt.” He was inducted into The World Golf Hall Of Fame in 1974, and received The PGA Tour Lifetime Achievement Award in 1998.

Career Of Sam Snead

Turned Professional-1931

Retired in -1987

Former Tours-PGA Tour and Champions Tour

Professional Wins-165

Number of Wins By Tour

* Tour-82 (first all time)

* LPGA Tour-1

* Others-69 (regular), and 14(senior)

Best Results In Major Championships:

1) Masters Tournament- Won 1949, 1952, 1954

2) U.S. Open- 2nd/ tied for 2nd- 1937, 1947, 1949 and 1953

3) The Open Championship- Won 1946

4) PGA Championship- Won 1942, 1949, and 1951

Achievement Awards:

1) World Golf Hall Of Fame- 1974

2) PGA Tour ( leading money winner) – 1939, 1949, and 1950

3) PGA Player Of The Year- 1949

4) Vardon Trophy- 1938, 1949, 1950, and 1955

5) PGA Tour Lifetime- 1998

6) Achievement Award- 1998


The list that I just went through is long and plentiful and still some stand to this day……Lifetime of SS


LPGA-Sam Snead Only Male To Win LPGA Event

I don’t know if you noticed or not but when investigating Sam Sneas Tour Wins. I noticed that he had on his record 1 LPGA Tour win, hmm. What the heck is this about? Why did a male PGA Golfer play in an LPGA Tournament,

On February 7, 1962, Snead won in a 15-person filed at The Royal Poincian Plaza Invitational that had himself and 14 other players from the LPGA, including, Mickey Wright, Patty Berg, Kathy Whitworth and Betsy Rawls. This was a 2-day, four round events at the Palm Beach Par-3 Golf Club. Snead posted a score of 5-under 211 to defeat Wright by 5 strokes. This entitled him to an unofficial LPGA victory and to this day he remains the only male golfer to win a title on the ladies tour.

Snead also competed in the LPGA Tour Event the year before, but did not fare as well, finishing second and losing to Louise Suggs by two strokes.

Childhood Of “Slammin Sammy”Young SS

As I wrote about earlier, Sam Snead was born May 27, 1912, in Ashwood Virginia, near Hotsprings Virginia.

Sammy was raised on a farm near the small town of Ashwood and as told by his family was expected to be a squirrel hunter, which was a tradition of his school boy friends and peers in Virgina. Sam, however was more into sports and being as he was an all-round athlete while he attended school. Sam liked playing and participating in football and track and field teams.

From what history states, Sam as a young boy played golf with a crooked stick and stones that he had collected himself. The first time he was truly introduced to the game was when he was picked as a caddy at Hot Springs Golf Course. He was 15 when he started this and Hot Springs was very close to Ashwood, where of course Sam and his family lived.

The story goes that Sam and his friends would walk barefoot to the golf course and caddy for Professional Players and get some money for their services. This is how he got hooked on the sport of golf.

Soon after-about four years or so, Sam was working as an assistant Pro at “The Homestead Golf Course”- he was 19 years old, but two years later at the age of around 21 he turned Pro. The year was 1934 and then joined the PGA Tour soon after that and accomplished instant triumphs.

Sam Snead’s First PGA Tournament WinSamsnead 2

Sam Snead won his first PGA Tournament 80 plus years ago and is still the leading tour winner with 165 wins. However, I want to talk about his first tour win which took place January 18, 1936. The tournament was The West Virginia Closed Pro- which was played on the Old White Course at The Greenbrier. This course has had numerous changes since this tournament, but still plays host to The Greenbrier Classic and on The PGA Tour today.

Sam in this tournament shot rounds of 70 and 61 which held up for victory by 16 strokes (the largest margin of victory record) over Clem Weichman.

Next in line with Sam Snead with the largest margin between first and second place is Tiger Woods in 2000 with a 15 stroke gap between first and second place. However back in 1919 J.D. Edgar (Canadian Open), Joe Kirkwood Sr. in 1924 (Corpus Christi Open) and Bobby Locke at the 1948 (Chicago Victory National Championship) had all scored 16 strokes between the first place wins and the runner ups.

There are some phenomenal numbers and Slammin Sammy is still in record books most likely never to be beaten. What a wonderful man and legend of the game of golf.


I suppose you could say that their are many golf legends, but I feel that with his straw hat and equally quirky statements and all around antics on and off the golf course, he ranks very high with me as one of the best ever. He also played golf barefoot in some tournaments early in his career. I don’t know about you but I have tried this and it is not an easy feat to golf in bare feet. I do not suggest that one starts this as part of their golf swing. Really put golf shoes on. Sam grew up not wearing shoes for everyday activities in his childhood and it just kinda took off from their. He would also caddy for Professional Golfers in his bare feet, I do not know if he could not afford shoes or he just loved to feel the grass on his feet.Sam Snead Straw Hat

You can just imagine how good he would have been today with all the modern technology of golf clubs, shoes, gear, lessons, balls, etc. at his reach. Even without all the new modern technology that goes into golf these days, Sam still has records that could stand the test of time, they have so far anyway. Sam will always be a legend and a true champion in the world of golf in my mind anyway.

If you have any questions or just want to leave a comment, please do below and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Keep Golfing,





How To Play Business Golf

Do you want to be successful in business and be able to play golf at the same time. Then this is the right place for you to be. I want to bring to you an information-packed eBook which is LOADED with everything you need to know to succeed in Playing Business Golf. This book was developed for everyone of us that want to fit into the business world. Just go and play golf. Here is a couple of things to think about if this is you. Do you want to know how to fit- 1) Business into the golf day 2) or Golf into their business day.Golf Foursome

For the avid golfers who find it hard to spend the time they want playing golf, this book outlines the P’s and Q’s on how to get golf into your Business Life and make it very prosperous.


What This Book Says It Will Do For You

This book states that it has proven ways on how to play business golf and these are the things to look forward to:How To Play Business Golf

1) Efforts Increase your sales

2) Sky-Rocket your profits

3) Generate leads or prospects

4) Cut-costs and save money

5) Quickly beat your competition

6) Save valuable time

7) Market more efficiently

While you:

1) Build solid relationships

2) Improve marketing to new clients

3) Expand market penetration

4) Improve your business’ image

5) Expand your business networking

6) Develop employee commonality

7) Increase employee morale

8) Get out on the golf course more

9) Improve your golf game

10) Enhance your personal life

and much more….

List Of Strategies You Will Learn

Here is a list of some strategies this book offers:Strategy

* What is business golf? This new strategy to market your business is being used now ( the book will show you how).

* How to harvest more business by knowing how to use Business golf as a tool that will work for you. The secret on how to use Business Golf to expose your business to potential customers.

* How to use Business Golf to secure sales for you. This book will show you, and share knowledge on how golf can be used to secure new sales and keep your sales coming in through the building of solid business relationships.

* Plus provide important links to organizations and business that provide valuable information to enhance your business golf.

Golf As The Modern Business Deal

Golf is the cocktail lunch meeting of the modern workforce today. Golf is not just a leisure sport but a venue where business gets done on a daily basis.

Bill Sorter (22 handicapper-in golf) states that there are 8 simple rules to creating a great Business Golf Plan.Bill Sorter

1) Pick Your Partners Wisely-

This gives you a chance to pick the decision makers in business that you want to work with and have them in your foursome. Don’t worry about winning or losing in the game, but think about opportunities to talk b business.

2) Don’t Sand Bag Or Tank It-

The best thing to do is play to the best of your golf ability and skills. If there is a clear-cut discrepancy in the different golfers abilities and skills. The best thing to do is follow the handicap system, especially if you are playing match play.

3) Patience Is A Virtue-

It is best not to discuss business right out of the gait, but to wait till around the 5th hole and to possible cut off business talk after the 15th hole.

4) Play Ready Golf-

Par golf is less important than the pace of play. There will hopefully be plenty of time after your round ( while having cocktails) of golf to talk shop (business).

5) Know The Partner or Partners

Play to the personalities of the players, but always maintain golf etiquette and golf rules.

6) Don’t Drink-Drunk People

Well don’t drink in excess, this will truly destroy and major business deals that are in the works if you drink to excess and get drunk. Be respectful but still keep focus on the business deal.

7) Focus On Results-

Do not focus on your golf score, but what the plan is to get accomplished during your Business Golf date. Keep your goals in mind and try to complete them, don’t be pushy however.

8) Play For The 20th Hole-

Make sure that you’re playing partners are having fun, don’t worry about signing the deal but always follow up at a later date to get business deals signed and done.

Thriving In Business GolfmONEY

Where else can you spend 4 to 5 hours not only having fun, but talking business besides the golf course.

This is very hard to do with the executive work day, so use your time wisely

The beautiful surroundings of the golf course with the green grass, fresh air, possibly rolling hills and water on the course. Just remember not to plan a golf date when the weather is not perfect and cooperative for best results in the art of Business Golf.

During this 4 to 5 hours you can learn so much more about a person than these small business calls that only last around 5 minutes at the most. Use your time wisely, watch if you see the business partner following the rules or if he or she is fudging their scores, etc. This will tell you a lot about the person or business person they most likely are.


Treat your business golf date as what it is a ” Business Golf Date”. Be Always professional with talk and also how you play, follow the rules of golf even if your partner is not doing so. Follow the strategies of the business golf genius Bill Sorter. Bill has a handicap of 22 but that has never hindered him in making the best deals possible for his business while playing golf.Golf Sweaters of Today

This book is for everyone-no matter what your golf ability and golf skills are like. If you need to make a business deal and also want to get out on the golf course this is the best tool out their to help you get the best results on your Business Golf Dates. Remember the key is How To Play Business Golf and watch your business excel while having fun doing what you also love. GOLF!

Here is a link for you to review the book that will change how you conduct your Business Dealing for life

If you have any questions or just want to leave a comment, please do below and I will get back to you as soon as possible

Keep Golfing,







Golf Swing For Big Men

I was out on the practice range yesterday with my brother who is a bigger guy and he was having a little difficulty with his hip turns and making good contact with the ball. I was thinking that he is probably not the only one with this problem and I thought that I would research on how to get the perfect swing for a bigger man.weight shift

During my research I have come up with a few lessons and drills that hopefully will help my brother and other bigger golfers’ out there.

How To Transfer Your Weight During Your Golf Swing

Here are a couple of drills to help with wait transfer during golf swing. The first thing I want to talk about is how to slide in the downswing. This involves transferring the tailbone forward before contact is made with the ball. It should increase the power and accuracy when contact is made with the ball.

1) Place tubing or something that has the same stretching ability around the golfers’ waist while pulling from behind the golfer while the golfer pushes against when in swing motion. Making his hips and tailbone transfer forward in order to make contact with the ball.elastic band or tubing

2) Increase the pressure when the golfer is on his downswing. This will allow the golfer to fight more against the pressure to make contact with the ball. This will transfer the hips and tailbone forward.

3) Do this exercise without making contact with the ball, practice this drill about ten times or so to get it into the golfers’ muscle memory.

4) After doing the exercise for about ten times, Let’s try without the tubing around the waist, keeping in mind to transfer your wait before impact with the ball.

If a golfer slides too much forward, your want to reverse this process in order to train the hips .

Practicing this drill will definitely will improve your follow through and also your take back on your swing. This of course  increases speed upon impact which will make your power better and also more accurate.


Improve Hip Turn In Your Back Swing

First drill we want to do, we will need a bucket of balls (range balls most likely), which amounts to about 2-3 kilos of weight. Take a golf posture wild holding the bucket of balls. A good golf posture is a slight bending of the knees and the waist. Leaning slightly forward like your are addressing the ball.downward swing

1) Arms hanging down while holding the bucket of balls-lift them up to your chest-turn back (lead shoulder should be facing down) while keeping your back leg very quiet. Pretend there is an electrical fence on the other side of your back leg as to not move it during this exercise. Then at the end of your turn your bucket of balls will be straight out like your are placing them on a table, then repeat. Doing this drill over and over until it is in your muscle memory will help with hip turn during your back swing.

2) Secondly while holding your club in a golf stance, imagine that someone is tugging on your back pocket and pulling your back on the right back pocket turning your hip to the side and back some. This drill also will help create the perfect stance and motion for your back swing. Focus on turning and not swaying your hip, as we all tend to do because it feels comfortable.

Golf Swing For A Broadchested Guy

Craig Stadler is a PGA Championship Golfer, who is on the larger size when speaking of wait and also broad chest and larger, thicker arms. If we evaluate the swing plane of Craig Stadler to Matt Kucher, your will see the difference in the back swing and follow through through. This is not the exact way that we want to learn how to swing, but when your are a bigger guy this is something that Craig feels works for him and m maybe it will work for your as well.Big Guy

1) Craig Stadler has an upright swing and probabley the most upright swing on the golf tour these days. This upright swing creates a steep swing plane ( left arm is bent and his club is mostly straight up-leaning a little forward in his back swing). This is not the ideal swing pattern most of us should follow but it does work for the heavier and thicker guys out there.

2) Now Let’s take a look at Matt Kucher’s swing. His left arm is straight while going back and the club head wraps around his body more with the hands being back more than up as Stadler’s. This allows for Kucher to swing around his smaller chest and body.perfect wedge shot

What I guess I am trying to get to in a round about way is this. The bigger chested guys are unable to wrap the club as would a golfer of Kucher’s body type. This does not mean that their game will suffer from the swing that they have to have. They will have wok on it and make the swing that works into their muscle memory. So keep working on those drills guys.

The most important thing to remember out of these little drills is hip turn and developing swing speed in order to connect with the ball while getting a more powerful swing on the ball.

Coming from a more upright position for the bigger guys, your swing will have to create a hip turn swing pattern in order to get a decent and desired swing for yourself. This will not happen overnight, but by practicing and logging the appropriate hip turns into your muscle memory, your will go on to have a perfect swing plane for your.

Drills For Helping The Bigger Belly Golfer

With the bigger belly golfer because of the ability to physically wrap around the club both in the back swing and follow through. This does not once again that your have to lose power, but your impact on the golf ball in your swing has to be controlled with speed increase for power. This takes work, but Let’s take a look at a drill that might help.

The person who is their with your at the range, take 2 golf clubs and holding them straight out chest high and standing behind the golfer practicing his swing. Letting the golfer swing and when slight contact is made with the club in the back swing, (cock wrists) and this means it is time to go forward in your swing and after contact is made with the ball and follow through through happens, the club should hit the other club on the other side of the golfer ( cock wrists) and let follow through through keep going. Practicing this will help with the up down swing while focusing on speed, body control and letting muscle memory take range

This is a good exercise to do with a buddy before your go out and play a round.


Even though your might be a bigger, broad chested golfer, it does not mean that your have to lose distance in your golf swing or give up golf because of frustration in your golf swing.

I have listed a couple of drills that I know work and obviously Craig Stadler’s swing is where we want to look for our swing to mimmick. The swing seems simple and it works for him so why not work for your. Do the drills and watch your swing start to form and before your know it, your will have the swing and swing plane that your have always wanted and that works for your body shape and type.

If your have any questions or just want to leave a comment, please do below and I will get back with your as soon as possible.

Keep Golfing,






Rory McIlroy’s Coach Reveals The Unique 6 Step Golf Lesson

Rory McIlroy’s coach and mentor reveals 10 minutes-per-day technique to create your perfect golf swing without hitting a ball. These unique online coaching videos easily train your muscle memory for a more powerful, accurate and repeatable swing.Rory McIlroy

What The Videos Can Do For Your Game

More power and accuracy in just 10 minutes a day-does this even sound possible? Well yes if you follow the simple techniques revealed by the coach to the most exciting golfer on the planet earth…

Rory Says: ” I have worked with Michael Bannon for many years. He is without a doubt the best swing coach in the world.”

In a few short weeks, after following Michael Bannon’s (Rory’s Coach and Mentor) advice you will feel like you are truly controlling your shots and why you are hitting your shots straighter and longer than you have ever hit them before.

You will become fearless on the course, going after every shot like you have Super Powers and are not intimidated by any shot on the course.

Michael Bannon is the lifelong coach to Rory McIlroy and is a modern day legend-nuturing and developing beginner golfers, such as Rory, from the age of 8 in Northern Ireland. With swing techniques that create Power and Accuracy and has been revered in the world of golf and has been awarded European PGA Coach of the year.

The Way Most Of Us Learn To Hit-Is Dead WrongSkull and Crossbones

The main reason for this dilemma is that we are thinking too much.

Your brain gets overloaded and has a hard time with all the complex techniques that most of us are taught when we begin golfing and at the same time no matter how hard or how long we try it is scientifically impossible to get the swing down.

This is the reason why we hit hooks, slices and waist vital power and energy are a swing that truly does not work for most of us.

The lessons in these simple to follow videos will help you get your perfect swing out of your conscious mind and into your sub-conscious mind. In other words get out of your head, so that you can repeat your perfect swing, time after time without thinking.

If you are like most people and have developed a swing that is embedded into your sub-conscious mind-and of course this swing does not work and hasn’t worked real well for years, because most likely you have been taught all wrong and are unable and well to sum it up, you need to change that muscle memory to hit the perfect golf swing and to achieve the power and accuracy that we all want in are golf swing. This is done by muscle memory that needs to be automated by your actions and done without thinking. The 6 step lessons is geared to help you achieve the correct muscle memory for a perfect swing, time after time.

Muscle Memory Is Not A Bad Thing-In Fact It Is The Solution

The coach-Michael, has figured out how to get your perfect swing permanently branded deep into your muscle memory, making your naturally swing second nature, giving you metronome like repeatable power and precision.The brain

The 6 step lessons gives you an advantage without hitting a single golf ball.

The golf ball is actually a Distraction when perfecting your golf swing. Michael has figured this out and that is why his 6 step lessons will not have you hitting with any golf balls. This will help you get your swing out of your head and into your muscle memory.

Many of you might be thinking-How does practicing without a golf ball, improve your golf swing, you just have to take a leap of faith and trust in the 6 step lessons for your perfect golf swing. You will not be disappointed.

For years, you would have to hire Michael personally (very expensive and impossible for Michael to meet with everyone) but now that has created the 6 step golf lesson members website this can be done in just 10 minutes a day.

This is an unbelievable exciting package designed so that you don’t risk a penny checking it out for your self before you decide that you can not go on with your old golf swing and need to do something about it.

If you get this amazing 6 step lessons to a perfect swing-you get instant access to high quality live videos, professionally shot with Michael Bannon on the famous Bangor Golf Course in Northern Ireland.

It Is Just Like Having Michael Bannon As Your Coach For Life

Each step is clearly set up for you to give everything that is needed to master your perfect-repeatable golf swing. You will get the same instructional format as if Michael was standing right next to you.

There is an added advantage to having the 6 step lessons from Michael Bannon. You get to go back to the lessons whenever you want them, and as Rory Driveroften as you would like. Nice Ha!

You Will Instantly See….

1) 6 Step Golf Lessons Needs Only 10 Minutes A Day- Produce game changing shots, time after time.

2) Each Step Builds Upon The One Before- This will embed your perfect golf swing deep into your muscle memory. Turning your swing into an automated weapon, which will eliminate slicing, hooking, shanking, topping or just hitting mediocre shots and distance golf shots.

3) Easily Follow The 6 Steps In Your Home- These steps can be practiced almost anywhere so that you don’t have to interrupt your already busy life.

4) Master It Without Serious Practice And Own The Skill Forever- The first 5 steps could actually have you playing great golf shots, but of course you will get all 6 steps with this package.

5) The Invisible Camera Technique- Creates Pinpoint precision every time

6) Exactly Where The 6 Steps Begin And End- You can check your progress and repeat these results no matter where you are and what conditions there are outside.

7) The Truth About Follow Through- and why 99% of all golfers blow it right after they hit the ball



I highly recommend the 6 Step Golf Lesson from Michael Bannon, it shows you in simple easy to follow instructions on how to achieve the perfect golf swing, time and time again.

For a price that would not even cover one green fee at a decent golf course you will be able to get your automated swing and have Rory McIlroy’s personal coach and mentor teach you what he has taught green

This is a bargain of a lifetime and if you truly want to improve your golf swing. This 6 step lesson program is a must have for the golfer who wants to beat his buddy’s and have them in AWE of his driving distance and precise shots through-out the course.

If you have any questions or just want to leave a comment, please do below and I will get back with you as soon as possible.

Keep Golfing,






TaylorMade Golf-Ladies Kalea Putter/ Review

TaylorMade Golf-Ladies Kalea Putter Review, this is a rather new product (putter) from one of the world’s leading brands in golf TaylorMade, so right there is a huge thumbs-up, but Let’s get in to this club and how Kalea has made this especially just for the lady golfers out there.Kalea Putter

I want to give an honest review, so I will be letting you know the good and bad of this putter and I hope it will help you in any decision process that you might make.

My first step here is to tell you a little about what this putter is about and what it can do for your short game (putting).

The listing price is a little high right now, but I think because it is a new product and it will come down most likely, but it is not that far out of reach with the other putters out there. Price $149.99 with Free Shipping from Amazon, this product ships from and sold by GolfDirectNow, very reputable company.

About The Kalea Putter

This putter only made for right-handed golfers with a shaft length of 32.5 inches, perfect for most women golfers. Kalea is the first complete line of ladies clubs from TaylorMade and as far as I am concerned, if TaylorMade is going to back them, the product is Awesome. They do not want to ruin their reputation in the golf world, so they are not going to back anything that is not up to snuff.

The club is light-weight and generates more club head speed, low kick, slim tech. Shafts. This will help with controlling the distance of your putter, which will make for a more accurate putt.

Customer Reviews

Like I had said earlier, this product is new and the bad thing is I could only find one customer review, but the good news is that they rated this putter 5 out of 5 stars and had this to say about the putter. “Great Product-Fast Shipping”. There is not a lot of information out there about this product(putter), but from the one person who took the time to leave a comment it is an amazing one with 5 out of 5 stars and the shipping was fast, usually with in 2 to 3 days from what Amazon is reporting.

My Thoughts/ Conclusion

My thoughts on the TaylorMade Golf-Ladies Putter is that this is a relatively new product from Kalea, but being as they are associated with TaylorMade this gives the product some legs to work with. I know that TaylorMade would not promote any product or product line that is not totally meeting all the high standards that they set for all their other golf products. The most interesting aspect of this Kalea Putter and I am sure more golf items to come is that it is strictly just made for the lady golfers out there. That makes me all warm and fuzzy inside.TaylorMade Golf Banner

If you want to wait until further information is available on this Putter, that is perfectly fine, but from what I can tell by the little of information that I did find on this. It is made with the highest standards and is backed by one of the worlds leaders in golf products, this is most likely going to be the best-seller soon.


1) TaylorMade- Well known and respected golf brand

2) Kalea- just for ladies-love that

3) Length- 32.5, great length for most women

4) Light-weight, which generates more club head speed, makes it easier to control putts.

5) Low kick- slim shafts


1) Might be a little pricey, but still reasonably priced compared to other putters on the market

2) Only made for right-handed golfers.

3) New, not a lot of information out there- not always a bad thing though

I hope you have enjoyed this review and If you have any questions or just want to leave a comment, please do below and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Keep Golfing,



How To Hit Your Golf Irons

Today I thought I would share some tips on how to hit your golf irons-smoother, farther and with more accuracy than you did before. The difference between hitting your Driver and hitting iron shots, is like night and day.

Let’s get right into it. You are gonna want to take your club back nice and low, while keeping your posture in mind, with slightly bent knees, and a slight bend in your waist. On this shot you want to use your whole body turn to SMASH IT. Hitting down slightly on the ball at impact, you will most likely be taking a divot here. This is to be expected when hitting a full iron set up

You do not want to help the ball go up, but a sweeping down motion when hitting with your long irons. Take more club than you think, because when you take a divot (and you should) it will cost you a few yards-so Club Up!

Set your stance a little closer to the ball as the irons are a lot shorter than any of your woods, fairway and Driver.

Take a full sweeping back swing, across and then down on the ball, and then follow through with a great hold finish. Do not try to push up the ball the club, if hit right will do the work for you.

First Drill For Hitting Your Irons

Step up to to ball with your weight dispersed 50/50-Place ball in the middle of your stance. Take the club back with a shorter back swing with your spine angle behind the ball, which will make your back swing shorter. You also want to be shorter on follow through, this should help you keep your head still and no movement, so your eyes are on the ball impact. Keep eyes on the ball until after your follow through which will also be a little shorter. Make sure to feel your weight shift from the middle between your feet, and this will allow for you to shift from one foot to the other during your swing.practice swing stance

This is a good drill for keeping your stance and your feet narrow. Line up 4 or 5 balls on the range (depending on the room you have) and approach the ball with a narrow stance and remembering your slight bends in both your knees and waist. Moving quickly along to each ball hitting the individually, keeping all the mechanics in your head and focusing on just hitting the ball with a full swing and remember it is alright to take a divot. You want to repeat this drill up to five times with 4 or 5 balls in each round. This helps to create the muscle memory that you want when you go to the course to play.

Second Drill For Great Iron Shots

In order to get the concept of hitting downward on the ball when hitting iron shots is key to getting the skin you want on the ball and to create lofty on the ball. During your back swing have the shaft of your club straight in the middle, and during impact with the ball it should lean slightly forward and then come through with a full follow through.

Take a 2×4 and put your club head against it-slowly start to press-up against the 2×4 and you will feel your club slightly leaning forward during this aspect of the drill. This will give you the feeling of where your body needs to be before and during impact with the ball.2x4 When you get the sensation of how it should be-simply slide over to your golf ball on the ground. Hit the ball trying to replicate this lean forward before and on impact. Repeat this drill, first using the 2×4 and then hit the golf ball. The hands need to also be slightly ahead of the club head for this to be a great iron shot. Practice this drill at least 10 times, this will log into your muscle memory for the course.

Third Drill Is Right Hand Off After Impact

This drill is going to be exactly like it says in the header. After setting up and hitting the ball, right after impact let your right-hand go and then follow through with swing and of course if you are left-handed, let your left-hand go. This should give you the feeling of controlling the shaft and also feeling the lean into the impact of the ball before and after you hit the ball. I would perform this drill about 20 times to log it into your muscle memory, always focusing on the mechanics that we have gone through in last 2 drills as well as this one.Releasing right hand

This also a drill that I practice in the garage, with just your golf club, you do not want to hit a golf ball in or around your house. I always focus on leaning in to the swing upon impact and feeling the control; after, by letting go of your right hand and keeping your left-hand as straight as you can. This not only builds muscle memory but MUSCLE.

I do this drill in the off-season (winter) all the time and where ever I have enough room to swing a club. I might be a little of a fanatic when it comes to golf, but it is a huge part of my being.

Look At Some Golf Iron Sets Through Amazon

Now it is time to look at some golf iron sets that are of the highest quality and very reasonably priced through Amazon. The Brand names are very well-known and I have worked and or purchased from all of these companies before and will continue to.

The first set of golf irons I want to talk about is:

(1) TaylorMade Golf AeroBurner HL Iron Steel Regular Flex, 4-PW/AW, Right-HandedTaylorMade AeroBurners Irons

* Price: $299.98 with Free Shipping Iron-AW

* Low CG For Higher Launch and Great Feel

* Set Composition: #4

* Up to the limit Cor Face Design, maximizes ball speed

* Optimized higher lofts and CG placement for consistent powerful shot making throughout the set.

* High MOI head design delivers forgiveness and stability

(2) Callaway Men’s X Series 416 IronsCallaway Mens X series irons

* Price: $344.97 with Free Shipping-only 8 in stock left

* Right and Left-handed

* Configuration #4 iron-PW/AW

* Distance in an iron set- the technology you need to hit long shots with your irons

* Classic Callaway look and feel

* Forgiveness for Consistency-easy to hit straight and get the ball up in the air

* Callaway Steel Uniflex Shaft plays between a regular and a stiff flex

(3) Wilson Golf-Staff D200 Irons (8 iron set), #4 iron-PW/GWWilson irons

* Price: $255.96 with Free Shipping

* Right-handed only-Shaft: Steel, Flex: Uniflex

* Speed Sole Technology creates a thin face-to-sole transition, yielding a Driver like CT of 234. This cut-out allows the iron face to flex especially lower where most impacts occur, for external distances.

* The right light Technology, which uses the limited available mass to create a balanced, solid feeling club, allows distance players to swing faster with same effect.

* Weight Pods, heel and toe weight pods provide a large sweet spot and more forgiveness, a satin finish on the pods, show where the weight is positioned on the exterior of the club head.

* Premium components, recoil technology within the stock, UST Mamiya Elements Chrome Graphite Shaft optimizes the spring effect and promotes the most efficient energy transfer from butt to tip, to maximize ball speed and reduce ball dispersion.

(4) Cobra IR King F7 CL BK Steel Stiff #5 Iron-GW, Golf Iron Set, Right-handed and Left-handed cobra golf irons

* Price: $419.00 with Free shipping

* Shaft: Steel or Graphite, Flex-Stiff, Regular or Senior

* Configuration: #5 Iron-PW/AW

* Power shell face more distance, more forgiving and more precise. A thinner, stronger face and sole structure delivers our large sweet zone ever with higher ball speeds and explosive distance.

* Zone weight-is satirically removed from the center of the club head and redistributed around the perimeter of the face and lower and further back

* One length set-makeup, constant length irons have been re-engineered for 7 iron

* Progressive Spin Technology-V-Grooves on the 3-6 irons, to reduce spin, U-Grooves on the 7-PW to optimize wedge-spaced groups on the GW and SW to produce extra spin for shots around the green

* 100% CNC Milleo Face and Grooves-CNC Milling improves groove structure and created to deliver maximum spin and trajectory throughout the set.


I hope that I have given you a few pointers on some drills that work for me. I have drills that you can do on the range and some that you can do from home. If you haven’t realized by now, I am all about practice, practice and more practice and then get out there and play. This will keep your swing in the best possible shape for when you hit the course.Practice swing

I also have a list of 4 of the best-selling iron golf-sets around, with top ranked brands that we have all heard of and trust. If you would like to purchase any of these sets, just click on the links for the club sets that best fit your style and brand.

If you have any questions or just want to leave a comment, please do below, and I will get back with you as soon as possible.

Keep Golfing,






About The Perfect Golf Swing

This is an article about the perfect golf swing and what we need to do to achieve the swing results that we want. Today I want to go through a couple of different drills and tools that can help you get to that perfect golf swing and keep it through the golf season and into the winter months.gol swing

Swing Plane-What is this?

It is the vertical angle between the plane created by the golf club-heads’s geometric center during the bottom portion of the swing arc. This position is looked at from knee-high on the down swing to knee-high on follow through swing.

Finding Your Correct Swing Plane

Finding the correct swing plane for yourself is going to be different for everyone. You have to judge your height-what club you are using-If it is a Driver, the swing plane will be lower, and if you are using an iron of course the swing plane will be higher.

Poor swing plane will cause you to not only lose ball control, but also will cause you to lose power in your swing. This could cause you to lose10-15 yards off of distance on every club that you hit full swing.finding swing plane

It is very difficult to determine your own swing plane, but back in the day when we had video cameras, you could set them up on the range or what I used to do was get a friend or family member to hold it and video tape my swing. After getting the footage and reviewing it, by taking where the impact of the club-head to the ball and draw an imaginary line up through your torso, this is the way that I used to determine my swing plane.

You also want to watch the video back and look for your arc from your back swing knee to your follow through knee, this will determine your arc angle.

This is old school, it worked but it was a lot of work back in the day. Let’s take a look at a product where you can watch every practice swing that you hit and get the swing plane immediately without rewinding and going back through video.

Live View Golf Camera

What is Live View Golf Camera? It is a specialized camera that allows you to practice your golf plane swing independently, with no one manning the camera, it has digital swing mirror technology.

This camera has live stream video, with a 3-hour battery life, and wireless operation. Real time swing overlays shown from the free downloadable view golf camera

It is compatible with Android, IOS and Amazon Kindle, the price for this amazing camera is a little pricey at $185.00 plus $4.77 shipping, but if you have the financial means to get one, it is definitely worth it.

Golf Impact Ball Mens Swing Plane Training Aid

This swing plane training aid only costs $37.90 with free shipping so it is a great aid that teaches you to use your arms, shoulders and torso in harmony to get the perfect swing plane. This swing trainer also comes in 3 different sizes. Small (juniors) medium (ladies) and large (men’s). This aid not only helps out with your Driver, but every club that you hit down to a chipping wedge, or pitching wedge and even your putter.impact ball

This is a simple and easy golf swing plane aid that works with every aspect of your game and will not break the bank when purchased.

Practice Harder And Smarter

When practicing on the range and working on your swing plane, take a practice swing first just like you would if you were on the course, before you deliberately hit your shot. I have mentioned this before in other articles that I have written, but it is such a huge part of creating and hitting the perfect plane and this will lead to the perfect swing with power and accuracy.

The range is where these practice techniques that you have learned are to practiced time and time again to create the muscle memory that you need for the course.golfer at the range

When practicing at home during the off season-take a bag (duffle bag or something similar and fill it about half full of clothes) and place it in front of your swing impact on your swing plane. You also want to lay another golf club down to where your feet will be right behind the club. This will keep you from moving your feet during your swing. You want to take a full swing making sure to hit the duffle bag in the middle, you will know if you pull a shot, the bag will turn in, and if you hit it good, the bag will go about 1 inch to the right, just because you are unable to follow through to lift the bag up. You want to make sure that you are swinging full watching your feet and keeping those hands still. This drill will increase golf swing speed and accuracy after getting your swing down. This is a great winter drill that I do all the time.duffle bag

You of course do not want to use a golf ball during this drill.

How To Play Well On The Course

First thing before you hit any shot on the course is you want to stand and get that imaginary line or picture of the shot you want and need to hit. The best way to do this is by standing behind the ball and looking at the line and visualizing the shot.visualizing your shot

Next you want to go and set up at your golf ball, with the line or picture you just visualized still in your head and just by thinking about nothing else but the line hit the ball. You don’t want to think too much about all the mechanics and techniques that you have been practicing on the range, you will rely on muscle memory and if you have practiced the shots that you should time after time on the range, you will hit the swing plane and the perfect golf swing. This is what we call playing and practicing harder and smarter.


Let’s see, we went through a couple of things to work on to get the perfect golf swing. We covered the practice trainer aids for your swing plane is a great teaching aid that will truly help you along your way to getting the perfect golf swing. When practicing on the range it is best to work harder and smarter on every practice swing that you take. The range is a place to build on your skills by doing some drills that will help with the technical parts of golf and then when you get to the course your muscle memory will take over if you have done the work.

If you have any questions or just want to leave a comment, please do below and I will get back to you as soon as possible. Have a great day and

Keep Golfing,